Shelbyville’s Main Street School is preparing for their big night, the Main Event. That celebration will take place on Thursday, May 11th, with the time for this party being 5:00 - 7:00 p.m.

Music teacher Alissa Welch has her students ready to perform some fun circus music. The first, second and third grades will provide the music.

“I have chosen a circus theme so all the songs will be about going to the circus, clowns and things like that,” said Welch.

Welch went on to say the evening is planned for outside if weather permits.

“We will be outside, weather permitting, if it is raining the program will be at the high school and the performance will be in the auditorium and the games will be set up in the high school gym,” continued Welch. “But, if we have good weather we hope to have everything out on the blacktop.”

Principal Denise Bence said this is the big fund raiser for Main Street.

“This is our annual carnival/fundraiser and we usually raise around $2,000,” said Bence. “That money is then used for activities, supplies or whatever is needed that is not in our normal budget.”

Bence went on to say the room mothers for each grade come up with and set up the games for the kids to participate in. The teachers are responsible for the food.

“There will be lots of food available,” continued Bence. “Families can come out and spend the whole two hours or just come for a little while.”

There will also be a book fair going on during the Main Event. Main Street School Library Aide, Susan Miller said Scholastic Book Company will send books that are offered for sale during the book fair.

“Scholastic Book company will send us age appropriate books for the kids and parents to purchase,” said Miller. “Many of the books are newer books such ‘Where’s Waldo’ and they will send sports books, really just a variety for people to choose from.”

Miller went on to say the profit the school receives from that book sale goes into receiving new books for the school library.

“We use our book profit to get free books for our library,” continued Miller.

Bence said the school sells tickets that are used for this event.

“The kids love this event and the parents also enjoy watching the kids, so we encourage the community to attend and have some fun,” Bence said.

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