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A glance at a catalog sparked an idea for 6th graders at Moulton Middle School for a fundraiser to aid villages in underprivileged parts of the world.

Sixth grade teacher Lelia Miller brought in the catalog from World Vision, a food supplier for the United Nations, to peruse while at school. One of her students noticed the catalog and also looked at it.

“The students came up with the idea for this project,” Miller said. The project was to raise funds to buy livestock for villages in other countries.

“Our original goal was $100 which would buy one goat and two chickens. But in one week we raised $175 - enough to buy two goats and two chickens,” Miller said.

According to Miller, she challenged each student to bring in $1 but some of the students wanted to bring in more.

“Some said they did extra chores, gathered change from the sofa, used leftover money from buying Christmas presents, and some took money from their piggy banks,” Miller said. “It’s really added up.”

Miller said that she and her family have been doing this project for many years and was pleased that the students wanted to do this also.

“It is a good thing for the students to remember that a lot of children don’t have those kinds of things and that they are thankful to have food to eat,” Miller said. “A lot of the students feel good about being able to do something practical for someone else.”

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