For almost twenty years, former Shelbyville Mayor and civic leader Lowell Goleman has put up signs at the three entrances to Shelbyville honoring individuals who have contributed to our community.

Most everyone has seen the “Home of” on the bottom of the Welcome to Shelbyville signs.

“I wanted to recognize people in our community who were volunteers or contributed to the community in some way,” said Goleman.

Greg Reynolds has started teaching a new class at Shelbyville High School . That class is a pilot program called Careers/ Work Ethics.

“What I do is give the kids a chance to explore several careers,” said Reynolds “This class kind of gives the students a focal point for their career outside of high school.”

Reynolds went on to say this class also teaches work ethics, such as teamwork, and attendance. He said Service Learning is a teaching method combining classroom instruction with hands-on experience which translates into meaningful service to the community. It is a form of experiential learning and this form of service will help students create personal awareness in regards to citizenship.

Reynolds thought Goleman’s signs were a good project and wanted to see that recognition continue.

Reynolds talked with Goleman and they decided to let this class take over the “Home of” project from Goleman.

“I thought this would be a good project for my students because not only would they learn something about community members but they would also learn about the vitality of the community.”

Reynolds said this project will help build stronger ties with the community.

“Our school is intent on creating stronger partnerships with the community and we are greatly concerned for its social and economic wellness. This is a perfect opportunity to assist in that relationship building.”

Reynolds said the first order of business for this project is to gather names of folks the class feels should be honored.

“The students will find out a little bit more information about the person to be honored and write a report on that person,” continued Reynolds. “That report will talk about what that person has done and what kind of work ethic they have.”

Reynolds said hopefully another end result of this class will be to encourage the kids to maybe come back after college or the military and settle in Shelbyville.

“Hopefully once the students take a little ownership in the community, they may want to come back and settle here.”

Reynolds said his classes are mostly juniors and seniors who may have already chosen a career but this class kind of solidifies it.

“I have had some students who, after they have taken the course in the first semester, said, ‘Boy I am glad I took it because now, I that I have found out more about it, I know I don’t want to pursue that’ so at least they were able to eliminate a career.”

The students in the class seem to really enjoy the work.

“This class has really helped me so far to get a better understanding for what careers I might pursue in the future,” said Cody Baker.

“I feel this is a good idea to point out all the good things people are doing in our community,” said Ashley Rentfro.

Reynolds said he is now hoping people in the community will supply the class with names of folks they feel should be honored. If you know someone who you believe should be honored by these signs, you can let Reynolds know by calling Shelbyville High School at 774-3926.

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