Shelbyville High School (SHS) chooses a word that applies to work ethics and then the faculty looks for a students who demonstrates that key word. When a student is seen demonstrating that word, the student is given a voucher for that month. The students can then redeem that voucher for a coupon for free food at a local restaurant. At the end of the school year all the names of the students who have been chosen throughout the year are put into a hat and names are drawn out for bigger prizes such as an iPod. This time the restaurant was Subway Sandwiches.

Greg Reynolds the instructor for the Work Ethics Class said the key word for November was Communication and for December it was Productivity.

“We are trying to recognize kids who are doing exemplary job with their work ethics in respect to communications and productivity,” said Kevin Ross, principal of SHS. “The kids always appreciate free food and Monical’s and Subway provide those to us and we really appreciate their sponsorship.”

Reynolds said this program runs all year.

“As the staff we observe the students to see which ones stand out and promote work ethics,” said Reynolds. “This is an ongoing program here at SHS.”

Becky Frederick of Subway said that restaurant participates in this program to help out the students

“We do this to give the kids an incentive to do their best and to give back to the community,” said Frederick.

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