Charges have been filed in Coles County on a Windsor couple involved in a shooting incident in southern Illinois.

John and Janet Cunningham face charges of aggravated robbery after allegedly stealing a truck from an elderly man in Ashmore on earlier this month.

The Cunninghams are suspects in a shooting incident in Johnson County on December 3. They allegedly stole a vehicle and fled, abandoned the vehicle in Ashmore and stole the truck. Following a multi-state manhunt, the couple were taken into custody in Kentucky on December 5.

“The aggravated robbery is a preliminary charge for the warrant (for Coles County),” said  Coles County Assistant State’s Attorney Tom Bucher. “We expect to file additional charges. They both have significant legal issues in their past.”

Bucher said that John Cunningham Class X felonies  that carry with it possible prison time of 30-60 years. Janet Cunningham is being charged with accountability but Bucher said he anticipates that she will be charged with the same charges John faces.

“They are both facing serious prison time,” Bucher said.

The Cunninghams are also facing charges in Johnson County.

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