In spite of storm damage Thusday, the Windsor Harvest Picnic celebration will go on as planned Friday evening and Saturday.

The storm Thursday evening brought straight line winds that brought down tree branches and uprooted others throughout the town and cancelled Thursday evening’s event at the park. Power was also knocked out for about 8 hours for most of the town.

Students were supposed to have had their first half day of school Friday, but school had to be cancelled for the day.

Crews worked throughout the day to clean up the park so the celebration can go on.

Other than the downed trees, there was only minor damage to property, according to Windsor Police Chief Sean McQueen.

“The National Weather Service called it straight line winds registering at 80-90 knots,” McQueen said.

That is a wind speed of 92 to 103 miles per hour.

“There were tree branches that had fallen onto houses and some garages and shed were damaged, but no major damage to houses,” McQueen said.

City Clerk Linda Voris noted that the subdivision in the northern part of town had a lot of downed trees and some minor house damage, including front porches and patio doors.

“I thought I was okay in my house, and then I heard glass break,” Voris said. A tree branch had come through her patio door.

In the park, some people sought refuge under the big tent that was set up for the Harvest Picnic. McQueen said the tent collapsed on them but no one was seriously hurt.

“One girl had a cut on her arm. That was the extent of injuries,” McQueen said.

“We had a call from a parent who was not able to find his two children. Fortunately they were at a neighbor’s house and were safe,” McQueen said.

Crews from Shelby County Highway Department, Strasburg, and Sullivan aided Windsor in the clean up efforts with trucks, wood chippers, and chain saws.

“We had a lot of responders and volunteers. It was neighbors helping neighbors,” McQueen said.


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