The spells and chants of witch hunting

Being a fake news journalist, not inclined to believe much of what President Donald Trump says or tweets, I was brought to my senses a few days ago. So, here, dear reader, I admit that Trump is a victim of a “WITCH HUNT!”

How did I come to this conclusion, the discerning reader (you), that the president, in this case, is telling the truth (Praise the Lord)? The witches told me, specifically, the Three Sisters. Those of you inclined to Shakespeare, are familiar with the Sisters: They being the harbinger for some very bad news for Macbeth.

Well the Three Sisters are at it again; those accursed creatures, with their conjuring, chants, stirring of pots, and, of course, cackling.

Like most witches, their noses are sharp, beak-like affairs. Threads of hair adorn their chins. Boney, spiked, ragged, and dirty fingers. Need we say more?

Contrary, however, to the perception of witches wearing black clothes, and pointed, black-brimmed hats, and riding broomsticks, they can be, on occasion, dressed in white. Deception, at times, as much as curses, they use to effect.

Assuming the Three Sisters are part of the diabolical plot to do away the president; they must have a co-collaborator; someone whose skills they can use to undo Trump (alas, the man I so misjudged).

The miscreant, those of you who count yourself among the ranks of the Make America Great Again, must be obvious. Who would be the most foul, malignant, evil, perfidious, reprehensible, conniving, despicable, plotting Puck?

The answer is as obvious as the logical conclusion springing from the Make America Great Again mantra: American is not great. Say that, and apple pie becomes subversive; the American Flag a piece of second-hand merchandise; the Star Spangled Banner, nothing more than fireworks.

Trump unmasked Satan, and it is none other than Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, who has been at work prosecuting familiars of the president; and now, seems on the verge of unleashing a report, which might prove – at least – critical of the president.

Puck, Satan, Beelzebub, Devil, Pan, Pluto, etc., whatever, his name (excluding what my friend, Fred, the mechanic, called Mueller, having partaking of enough beer to sink the proverbial ship), he set the Three Sisters to conjuring a curse.

Following are snippets of the curses the Sisters’ conjured:

“Round about the cauldron go

In the poisones entrails throw.

Toad, that under cold stone

Days and nights has thirty-one

Sweated venom sleeping got,

Boil thou first in the charmed pot.

Double,double toil and trouble;

Fire burn and cauldron bubble.”


"Scale of dragon,tooth of wolf,

Witch's mummy, maw and gulf

Of the ravin'd salt-sea shark,

Root of hemlock digg'd in the dark,

Silver'd in the moon's eclipse;

Nose of Turk, and Tartar's lips;

Finger of birth-strangled babe

Ditch-deliver'd by the drab,-

Make the gruel thick and slab:

Add thereto a tiger's chaudron,

For ingrediants of our cauldron.

Double,double toil and trouble,

Fire burn and couldron bubble.”

Disciples of Trump, feel free to damn the infernal Puck, that malignancy from the depths of Hell.

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