Brad Halbrook

Brad Halbrook

State Rep. Brad Halbrook (R-Shelbyville) is issuing the following statement on Clay County Circuit Court Judge Michael McHaney’s ruling for State Rep. Darren Bailey, a Clay County resident, against Gov. JB Pritzker’s extended stay at home orders:

“My colleague Rep. Darren Bailey filed a lawsuit against Gov. JB Pritzker for his extended stay at home order claiming that the Emergency Mandate Act only gives the Governor the ability to make an emergency declaration for 30 days. Bailey contends that after the 30 days, the Governor needs legislative action to extend the emergency declaration.

“So far, the Governor has had the ability to do whatever he wants with no input from the other branches of government. My colleagues and I have been pleading with the Governor’s office to take a bipartisan approach to this situation and to be more transparent and more willing to share information. If the Governor had been more inclusive and more transparent, there likely would not have been a need for this lawsuit, but since he has chosen to ignore these modest requests, he has left no choice but court action.

“This decision is the beginning of the court process – not the end but the Governor’s arrogance and his unwillingness to work with the Legislature may ultimately be the undoing of his over the top executive orders.

“The whole point of shutting down our economy was to flatten the curve. According to an article from the Hill, flattening the curve was necessary because the “nation’s health care system has a fixed capacity of the number of people it can treat per day, which is marked by a straight line on the graph. A higher curve would likely exceed that capacity, meaning that people would be left waiting for days to be seen and treated by medical professionals. The flatter the curve, the more likely it is to fall under that maximum capacity, allowing each patient access to the resources they need.”

“We shut down to prevent our hospitals from being overwhelmed and we have accomplished that goal. It is time to reopen Illinois and it is time for our governor to stop demeaning the office by making outrageous statements implying that people who dare to disagree with him and his lack of leadership somehow want people to die.

“No one wants people to die. The Governor shut down our economy and assumed tremendous powers on the pretense of flattening the curve and making sure our hospitals were not overrun. They are not overrun. It is time for him to give up those power and return them to where they belong – the people of the State of Illinois. I support what my colleague is doing, and it is my hope that the Circuit Court decision will stand.”

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