I had the chance to be the Volunteer Treasurer of the Shelby County Salvation Army during the 2019 Thanksgiving to Christmas Kettle Collection. I encountered most of the bell-ringers when I emptied their kettles and accounted for the collected monies. It was an exhilarating experience, the Christmas spirit was alive and well in Shelbyville. Each bell-ringer brought their own sense of excitement and spirit to the scene. Their selfishness, generosity and kindness permeated the air. The ratings for our bell-ringers would have well surpassed the “Hallmark Marathon” for bringing the Christmas spirit to this town.

Thank you and sincere appreciation to the bell-ringers, you were amazing for your authentic enthusiasm and your added accoutrements to the kettle posts.

The Shelby County Salvation Army donations assist all spiritually and materialistically when appropriate, and, in addition is one of the best charities due to its large volunteer staff and low overhead. If you missed the time to participate during the last Christmas season please join the returning bell-ringers for 2020 by calling 217- 690-1028, it will be a memorable experience.

Patty Pilcher, Shelbyville

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