Can you imagine this? My friend is a pyromaniac. He loves a good campfire. Sometimes we have 8 foot chimney logs. Adding copper and rubber to the fire adds so many magnetic colors. Wow, the energy and colored light from the fire is contagious. Can you see the golden, orange flames? What about the deep ocean blues or the sea foam greens? It is like a beautiful rainbow in the flames. The light the fire sheds cast shadows over the wilderness that go on and on.

As I walked out of adoration the full moon sheds a beacon of light over the steeple and the reflection lights up the metal cross. A bright light shines on the flag to show its majestic beauty. The morning’s darkness turns to a beautiful array of oranges and reds and the sky lights up the entire world.

So many times we take light for granted. What about when the electric goes out? What about when you are in a cave or tunnel? As we walk in darkness our eyes are always dilating to try and search for the light.

My handsome husband and I walked into a church in Missouri. A spot light showed on the cross, in such a way to see the shadow of the side view of Jesus hanging on the cross. Mary grieving was the other shadow that showed such intenseness to us.

Sometimes when we are riding horses during a full moon, the silhouettes of animals, plants, trees, hills, houses seem to pop out of the landscape. Sometimes our troubles make us feel we are in darkness, but then we ask the good Lord for help to show us the right path.

He then becomes our beacon of light. The path becomes clearer and clearer as we live the life he wants us to live. Just as the saying goes: “I can see light at the end of the tunnel!”

As you trust in Him you will become that light that everyone will be drawn too. They will want what you have that glowing light of peace and joy. So let God be your light, ask him daily to guide you and transform you and color you with his fire. Do not use worldly values and things to substitute for your search for God’s light. Be the glowing light you were meant to be. Walk to the light at the end of the tunnel by living, loving, giving, and studying his brightness.

Sunlight and moonlight are just a few gifts of light we are given. So take the time today and search the darkness for your light, this might be talents that you have not used to share with others. Your light could be your ability to cook and share with the less fortunate. Search out something you wanted to help with for years but just never did. Take that step and reach the light at the end of the tunnel. Color this world with your talents.

Lisa Rexroat, Dieterich

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