All we hear now days is a cry for gun control and more gun laws from all our liberal citizens. We believe the real reason for all the horrible loss of life in so many of our schools and across America isn't the guns that cause it, its’s what's in people's hearts and minds today that cause the senseless destruction and loss of precious lives. Guns are just tools like knives and bombs and other things that can be used to kill.

How many school shootings do you recall before we stripped our schools of two simple things – God and the old fashion paddle! If you put those two things back, there wouldn't be a need for armed guards and locked doors in our schools. When we push God out we allow evil to fill the void and that's exactly what is happening, not just with the senseless shooting of children and teachers, but in so many other aspects of life we have witnessed in the span of our lifetime.

For instance, what our children and grandchildren see in most movies they go to and even on prime time TV now days – unspeakable violence, unbridled sin, and nothing short of pornography! Gay rights trump Christian rights and belief, in spite of what the Bible has to say about homosexuality and marriage. It has become OK to break any biblical law you don't happen to agree with because they just aren't relevant anymore!

Innocent babies by the millions are being killed by abortion because it's a woman's right to choose if she wants it to live or die rather than God's right. Slowly but surely the next generation has been brain washed right before our blind eyes to believe all this! What good is it to just say we believe God's word if we aren't willing to stand up, speak out, and fight for the souls of our children and grandchildren!

Wake up America!

Dick and Nancy Wheeler


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