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The death of the Minneapolis Salvation Army security guard George Floyd was unfortunate and has sparked outrage in America. People have been protesting, looting, fighting with police and even set St. John's Episcopal Church on fire in Washington DC. And in Buffalo New York two officers of the law were hit by an SUV during a protest.

I understand that people have a right to be angry and to protest. But we have a pandemic in our country. It's called coronavirus. And it's claiming lives every day. Do these people not value their own lives? Or have they forgotten that the coronavirus is still here? For months restaurants, churches, barber shops, hair salons and other places were not allowed to be open due to the fact that people are not allowed to gather in groups of 10 or more because of the coronavirus. So how can theses protest be allowed to go on?

The officers involved in the death of George Floyd were wrong, I agree. And I'm hopeful that justice will prevail for his family and loved ones. But folks, we are still fighting an invisible enemy. And one never knows who may or may not have the coronavirus. Especially when one is amongst large groups of people like those who are protesting.

Randy Hicks


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