As a child, I loved nursery rhymes. I would beg my mother to read and sing them, especially "Rock-a-bye Baby in the Treetop." My grandmother was the one who rocked us and hummed the song, the soothing melody was perfect for naptimes. Later, grandma rocked the next generation.

Now I am the grandmother and carry on this tradition by rocking and singing this tender love song. This morning I reflected on the lullaby's words. I had been praying about our country's lack of respect for life. I was disturbed by the states voting against life. Parents and doctors determining the child's fate by choosing to end its life at birth, is not ok.

It is so baffling to me that one could vote YES to infanticide. I am so disappointed in politicians who don't consider the sanctity of life. Many of them profess to be Christians but vote for "the death penalty" for an innocent baby.

My father was a WWII veteran. He witnessed unspeakable atrocities that bear remembrance. Only when the secrets of concentration camps' activities were uncovered, did the reality of the horrific deeds of evil become unmasked to the world.

The holocaust of today is the extermination of unwanted babies. Do we bear the guilt of the unnamed and unmarked graves? Evil still prowls about the world seeking to sidetrack us from being good people.

"When the bough (respect for life) breaks. . . the cradle will fall; and down will come baby, cradle and all."

Valerie Probst


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