Someday it will be our call, your work on earth is done, or the rapture comes are you ready to go? We all know it is coming, we don't know when. Some may get sick, and say you've got time to get ready to die. But others die in all kind of ways. The big thing, are you ready to die? Will you see Jesus as a friend and savior or Judge? Will you see the holes in his hands and feet, and his arms open wide to give you a big hug and tell you welcome home.

With a peace and love, that you can't explain, what a great day that will be. Gold streets, joy, peace forever.

But not all is ready. Some money is their god, and there are many other gods. When they die, it will be a lot different. Jesus tells us about the flames of hell that burns forever and many will find it. What a sad day for them. People's souls have been burning over 5,000 years and come judgment day, Jesus will put body and soul back together again, then judgment. Body and soul will return to hell forever, and no way out.

Wake up!

Turn to Jesus now, ask Him to forgive you of your sins, turn from your ways. Get washed in the blood of Jesus and he will wipe away all your sins. What a happy day that will be. lf you die without Jesus there is no hope for you, sorry that is God's rules. God gave us the King James Bible to go by His rule book, and the one we will be judged by someday. The new bibles, they took a lot of laws and rules out to fit their lifestyle. Come judgment day, Jesus will judge by his rule book, not yours. The devil will lead many away from Jesus with there so called bibles. Wake up and see the light. The rapture is coming sooner than we think, be ready to go.

Ronald Cress


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