The Shelbyville Lady Rams went to Argenta on Saturday and almost came home with a sweep by riding the free throw line. But a 2nd half turnaround by Argenta gave them a 7-point win, 57-50.

Shelbyville scored 50 points, the most since their last win during the Christmas tourney. They still didn't have sophomore leader Cinna Martin. But, the Katelyn's combined for 31 points and almost got them the win.

Katelyn Coleman score 16 points, with just three field goals, but 10-of-14 at the line. Katelyn Duckett had a deuce and a trey and also lived at the line, making 10-of-16. Brooke Eisenbarth (7 points) was 5-of-8 at the line and Courtney Schultz (Stew-Stras) was 2-of-3. The Rams as a team were 27-of-41 at the line (65%), scoring more points at the line than from the floor (23 points).

The counter-punch to that was Argenta's star Kandie Bloch, who scored 29 points by herself, including 11-of-14 at the line. Her scoring was a trade off for the Katelyns. The scales would tip based on the compliment of Rams and Bombers. The other Bombers score 28 and the other Rams scored 19, an improvement, but not enough.

Shelby started out with a 2-point lead after one. Freshman centers Brandy Smith and Lindsay Burton (Stew-Stras) each scored from the floor and Coleman scored. Eisenbarth was 2-of-4 at the line. Bloch had just two free throws and Gibson and Heiges solo twos to trail 8-6.

The free throw line came into play in the 2nd. Shelby was 10-of-12 and Argenta was 5-of-13. Duckett nailed a 3-pointer, then was fouled on a 3-pointer and made 2-of-3 shots. She was fouled again and went 2-for-2. Schultz had a bucket and made 2-of-3 free throws. Coleman got to the line twice and made all four shots. Smith added a deuce for a 17-point period.

Bloch scored four times from the floor beside her 2-of-4 foul shooting. Millington had a deuce and made 3-of-7 at the line. Burchane missed a pair and AO was down four at the break, 25-21.

Argenta had the momentum in the 3rd and went on a 15-8 run to claim a 3-point lead. Mullins and Heiges scored twicem Millington was 1-of-2 at the line and had a deuce.Bloch had one bucket and made 2-of-2 free throws.

Shelby got just a solo bucket from Duckett and 1-of-3 at the line, a solo bucket from Smith and a solo bucket from Coleman and 1-of-2 at the line, to trail 36-33 heading into the 4th.

Down 3 to start the 4th, Shelby broke loose for another 17-point quarter. Duckett was 5-of-8 at the line. Coleman had a field goal and was 5-of-8 at the line. Eisenbarth had a deuce and was 3-of-4 at the line.

However, Argenta stayed a pace ahead with a 21-point quarter. Bloch scored four more times from the floor and had 5-of-6 foul shooting for 13 points by herself.Heiges, Milloington, anad Jones had solo twos and Gibson and Burchane were both 1-of-2 at the line to help post the 7-point win.


Argenta 57, Shelbyville 50

Shelby 8-17-8-17--50

AO 6-15-15-21--57

Ram stats: Katelyn Coleman 16 (3 FG, 10/14 FTs), 3 rebounds, 2 steals; Katelyn Duckett 15 (1-2, 1-3 pt FGs, 10/16 FTs), 1 rebound, 2 assists, 1 steal; Brooke Eisenbarth 7 (FG, 5/8 FTs), 2 rebounds, 1 assist, 3 steals; Brandy Smith 6 (3 FGs), 3 rebounds, 1 assist, 2 steals; Courtney Schultz 4 (FG, 2/3 FTs), 1 assist, 1 steal; Lindsay Burton 2 (FG), 3 rebounds; Lindsay Floyd 2 rebounds, 1 steal; Morgan Voyles 2 rebounds, 1 assist, 3 steals. Team FGs 11. 3-Pointers: 1 (Duckett). Team FTs 27-of-41. Rebounds 16. Assists 6. Steals 13. Turnovers 15.

AO stats: Bloch 29 (9 FGs, 11/14 FTs), Millington 10 (3 FGs, 4/10 Fts), Heiges 8 (4 FGs), Gibson 7 (3 FGs, 1/2 FTs), Jones 2 (FG), Burchane 1 (1/4 FTs). Team FGs 20. Team FTs 17-of-20.


Shelbyville 27, Argenta 16

Shelby 4-4-14-5--27

AO 0-4-10-2--16

Ram stats: Bailey Ambrose 6 (3 FGs, 0/1 FTs), Lindsay Floyd 6 (3 FGs, 0/1 FTs), Laura Jesse 6 (4 FGs, 2/43 FTs), Tiffany Heselton 4 (2 FGs), Kelsi Frederick 2 (FGs), Brianna Ruff 2 (FG), Jensen Cloe 1 (1/3 FTs). Team FGs 12. Team FTs 3-of-7.

AO stats: Mullins 4 (2 FGs), Reed 4 (2 FGs), Ulrey 4 (2 FGs, 0/1 FTs), THomas 2 (FG), Smith 2 (FG), Harbin (0/2 FTs). Team FGs 8. Team FTs 0-for-5 .



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