Cowden-Herrick Beecher City girls (10-8, 1-3 NTC) won their first game of the Dieterich Holiday Tournament last week over Newton, 53-49. They went on to win their nest two games and play for the title. They lost to Brownstown/St. Elmo in a competitive battle of a championship game, 52-47.

CHBC came in with a 7-7 record and went 3-1 to go to 10-8 overall. CHBC had three players in double figures, that had showed up through the whole tournament. Two of them, Jaelyn Robertson and Tabitha Endsley. No surprise they both made the all-tourney team. Carsen Burks also came through in double figures in this game. 

Robertson led CHBC in the tourney with 67 points (16.5 ppg). Endsley scored 49 points, averaging double figures, leading the team in two games, one was a double-double. 

Endsley led the Bobcats with 13 points, scoring a trey hat trick, a two and 2-of-3 free throws. Robertson had a pair of two, a 3, and was 5-of-8 at the line. Burks had 4 buckets (1-3) and 2-of-2 at the line. She shot 50% from the floor. All three players shot 50% from the arc.

Brownstown was led by two players in double figures. Olivia Campbell had 17  and Claire Wilhour 16, including her 1000th point in the championship win. She was named tourney MVP.

Brownstown started off through one with a 5-point lead, 15-10. CHBC took exception to that and put on a run in the 2nd, a 15-6 run. CHBC led by 4 points at the break, 25-21.

The pendulum swung back in the 3rd with a 20-12 Bomber run. To start the 4th, Brownstown led by 4, 41-37. It was a battle to capture the flag. Brownstown edged CHBC in the 4th, 11-10 to secure their 5-point victory and the title.

Free throws were one point difference and CHBC made two more treys than BSE. BSE made 5 more deuces. BSE had 42 points from the floor. CHBC had 38 points from the floor.

CHBC took care of the ball with just 13 turnovers . Their assist to turnovers ration was 7:6.5. They added 5 steals.


Dieterich Tourney 

Brownstown 52, CHBC 47

Btown  15-6-20-11--52

CHBC   10-15-12-10--47

CHBC stats: Endsley 13 (1-2, 3-3 pt FGs, 2/3 FTs), 10 reb, 1 ast, 1 stl; Robertson 12 (2-2s, 1-3 pt FGs, 5/8 FTs), 1 reb, 1 ast, 1 stl; Burks 11 (3-2s, 1-3 pt FGs, 2/2 FTs), 3 reb, 1 ast, 3 stl; Kylee Bertin 7 (2-2s, 1-3 pt FGs), 1 reb, 2 ast; Hailey Persinger 2 (FG), 1 reb, 2 ast; Lauren Wojcik 2 (FG, 0/1 FTs)5 reb, 6 ast; Sydney Lorton 1 reb; Lani Morrison 1 reb; Madison Cherry 1 ast. Team FGs 16. 3-Pointers: 6 (Endsley 3, Robertson, Burks, Bertin). Team FTs 9-of-14. Rebounds 23. Assists 14. Steals 5. Turnovers 13. 

BSE stats: Campbell 17 (4-2s, 3-3 pt FGs, 0/1 FTs), Wilhour 16 (2-2s, 1-3 pt FGs, 9/14 FTs), Johnson 8 (4 FGs), Oberlink 6 (3 FGs), Griggs 5 (2 FGs, 1/2 FTs). Team FGs 19. 3-Pointers: 4 (Campbell 3, Wilhour). Team FTs 10-of-18. Rebounds 27. Assists 7. Steals 9. Turnovers 10.

On Thursday, CHBC beat Casey, handily, 52-32. Later that day, they beat South Central by a huge margin, 60-42. 

Against Casey, CHBC blew the doors off with an opening 16-6 run. They doubled-down in the 2nd with a 17-9 run, to lead by 18 at the half, 33-15. They nailed the coffin shut in the 3rd with a 12-4 run.

They led by 26 heading into the 4th, 45-19. The Casey corpse tried to climb out of the grave in the final minutes with a, 13-7, dying gasp, trimming the final deficit to just 20.   

Jaelyn Robertson led the Bobcats with 23 points, shooting 62% from the field with 8 baskets. She also shot 8-of-11 at the line (73%). Robertson recorded 6 steals to lead the team. 

Burks and Lauren Wojcik followed with 7 and 6 points, respectively. Burks had a 3. Endsley led the team with 6 rebounds, Wojcik had 5 and Lani Morrison led with 3 assists. 

They had 26 rebounds. They were a little sloppy, committing 23 turnovers. Their assist to turnover ration was 7:12.5. However, CHBC had 18 picks. Their assist/steal to turnover ratio was 16:12.5.


CHBC 52, Casey 32

CHBC  16-17-12-7--52

Casey  6-9-4-13--32

CHBC stats: Robertson 23 (8 FGs, 7/10 FTs), Burks 7 (2-2s, 1-3 pt FGs), Wojcik 6 (2 FGs, 2/4 FTs), Bunch 5 (1-2, 1-3 pt FGs), Persinger 4 (2 FGs), Endsley 3 (FG, 1/3 FTs), Cherry 2 (FG), Morrison 2 (2/2 FTs). Team FGs 19. 3-Pointers: 2 (Bunch, Burks). Team FTs 12-of-19. Rebounds 26. Assists 14. Steals 18. Turnovers 23.

Casey stats: Riggleman 17 (6-2s, 1-3 pt FGs, 2/2 FTs), Richardson 5 (1-2, 1-3 pt FGs, 0/5 FTs); Jones FG, 2/2 FTs), Mason 3 (FG, 1/5 FTs), Eckerty 2 (FG), Squires 1 (1/4 FTs), Hall (0/3 FTs). Team FGs 12. 3-Pointers: 2 (Richardson, Riggleman). Team FTs 6-of-22.

Against South Central, the Cougars were a stubborn victim. It wasn't until the 4th quarter that the Bobcats out-clawed the Cougars with a huge run for the 22-point win sending them to the title game.

CHBC held a modest 12-7 lead after the 1st period. The 2nd period was a war with CHBC. 32 points were scored and just two points separated the two team's efforts. CHBC edged SC, 17-15. It was still a modest 7-point CHBC lead at the half, 29-22.  

In the 3rd, the Cougars came out scratching. They took the period with a 12-8 run, cutting the CHBC lead to just 3 points, 37-34. The 4th would be an adventure, but what kind.

The two teams played to start the season and CHBC won by 36 points in a pallandrome, 62-26. 

This time South Central held their own for 3 quarters before they collapsed. CHBC ran rough shod over the Cougars on a 25-6 rampage in the final 8:00.  

Tab Endsley led CHBC with 17 points, making 8 buckets, including a 3, and shooting 80% from the field.  She was too busy scoring to rebound. Wojcik cleaned the boards with 10 rebounds.

Kylee Bertin stepped up with 10 points, including a 3. She zipped around to get 7 boards. Wojcik had 9 points and Robertson just 8.

CHBC shot terrible at the line, just 10-of-34 (30%). They could have won by 40 points. SC also shot poorly at the line, 11-of-24, and could have made it a 10-point game. 

CHBC made twice as many 2s and one more trey than SC to secure the blowout.

CHBC was sloppy again in this game. They made 23 turnovers. They had 13 assists and 13 steals to mitigate the turnovers. They also grabbed 36 boards.


CHBC 62, South Central 40

CHBC  12-17-8-25--62

SCen    7-15-12-6--40

CHBC stats: Endsley 19 (8-2s, 1-3 pt FGs, 0/2 FTs), Bertin 10 (3-2s, 1-3 pt FGs, 1/4 FTs), Robertson 8 (2 FGs, 4/12 FTs), Wojcik 7 (2-3 pt FGs, 1/4 FTs), Cherry 5 (2 FGs, 1/1 FTs), Mackenzie Bunch 4 (FG, 2/2 FTs), Persinger 4 (2 FGs), Burks 2 (FG, 0/2 FTs), Lorton 2 (FG), Morrison 1 (1/7 FTs). Team FGs 24. 3-Pointers: 4 (Wojcik 2, Endsley, Bertin). Team FTs 10-of-34.

SC stats: Webster 18 (6-2s, 2-3 pt FGs, 0/3 FTs), Garrett 8 (FG, 6/8 FTs), Hilmes 4 (1-3 pt FGs, 1/6 FTs), Horton 4 (FG, 2/2 FTs), Swift 3 (FG, 1/3 FTs), Kollman 2 (FG), Landreth 1 (1/2 FTs). Team FGs 13. 3-Pointers: Webster 2, Hilmes). Team FTs 11-of-24. 

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