Duckett 140th win

Senior Lucas Duckett scored his school record 140th win on Senior Night to lead the WRams to three more dual wins.

Shelbyville wrestling gave up five weight classes, but the remnant of WRams stepped up and denied an upset by Olney on Senior Night, Tuesday, 32-30. They also cruised over St. Anthony, 46-0, and Charleston, 47-18.

Shelbyville did more than celebrate six wrestlers, a scorekeeper, and a IHSA swimmer on Senior Night. They celebrated imposing their will on their opponents. 

Senior scorekeeper Hannah Shuff was recognized, as well as senior IHSA swimmer Connor Russell. Senior wrestlers were Noah Applegate (50 wins) and Lucas Duckett, a 2-time state wrestler and holder of a school record 140 wins. 

Senior Jared Finley has 137 wins and is a 2-time state wrestler. Senior Wyatt Fox has 139 wins and is a 2-time state wrestler, taking 5th at state last year.

Senior Adam Hudson has 129 wins and is currently undefeated this year (28-0). He went to state last year and placed 4th. Senior Andrew Mudgette has 79 wins.    

The WRams were in danger of losing their first dual match of the season. But they refused to lose, squeezing out every point they could to get the 2-point win over Olney.

"I didn't think we had a shot, forfeiting five weight classes," said WRam coach Greg Harkins. "But at 220, a 195-pounder, Caleb Cloe, took Shoulders to sudden death overtime. Shoulders is ranked 6th in the state. Instead of giving up a pin (6 pts), it was just three points."

Cloe wasn't the only WRam to save points in a 2-point win.  

Jeremy Starwalt wrestled at 145 against Olney's Smith. 

"We put in a JV wrestler and, instead of losing by a pin, he lost by a close decision, saving three more points," Coach Harkins.

Starwalt was up 4-2 to start the 3rd period and was in the up position. He was given a penalty point by the ref on the set up and then another penalty point by the ref on the same set up, to tie the match, 4-4.

His opponent managed to get an escape with just a few seconds in the match, beating Starwalt, 5-4. The calls by the ref affected the outcome of the match, instead of the wrestlers. It was controversial.

Four other wrestlers made sure to get extra-points, Zack Stirrett, Wyatt Fox, Adam Hudson, and Dylan Turner.

Stirrett wrestled up to 120 pounds. 

"Stirrett got a pin and that was extra points," Harkins said. "Wyatt Fox was up 13-0 and we told him he couldn't tech fall him (5 points). We needed a pin (6 points). He got the pin."

Stirrett was taken down, but he got a reverse and the pin with five seconds left in the 1st period.

Fox had a take downs and three near falls in the 1st, 11-0. he got a take down in the 2nd, 13-0, and, on request, stuck Summitt to the mat.

Undefeated Adam Hudson (170) and 2nd ranked Dylan Turner (285) also maxed out their point production.

"When we told our studs to get a pin, they stepped up, "Harkins said. They got pins."

Hudson pinned his Olney foe in the 1st period. After a scoreless 1st, Turner stuck his Olney opponent in the 2nd period. Hudson and Turner's pins netted a total of team 12 points, as opposed to just a total of six points if they just won by decisions.

Shelby started out the evening with a 28-point win over Charleston, scoring seven pins and a tech fall, while giving up just two decisions and two forfeits.

The first match was a loss at 152 to Charleston's Wells, 7-1. Then Fox (160) worked fast, playing catch and release during the 1st minute of the match to pile up a 6-3 lead. He threw his opponent to go up 8-3, then got a near fall, before sticking his foe with 43 seconds left in the 1st.

Hudson (170) needed a calculator to keep track of his point-total against Charleston. He also played catch and release through the 1st, scoring five take downs and leading 10-4.

He continued casting in the 2nd with four more take downs, extending to an 18-8 lead. He was in the down spot to start the 3rd. He got an escape and a take down, 21-8. He scored his 11th take down of the match, got a near fall with 3 seconds left in the match for the 26-9 tech fall (5:57).

Duckett also played the catch and release game, scoring four take downs in the 1st to lead, 8-3. He got two more take downs in the 2nd and led 12-5, when he ended the match with a pin (2:10).

Cloe got in on the angling at 220. He scored four take downs in the 1st period and led 8-3 when he stuck Grubaugh with 39.4 seconds left (1:41).

Turner was a mis-match for a gutsy Charleston girl, Tichenor. He caught and released to a 6-2 led, then stuck her in the 1st minute of the match (:51).

The match went to the lightweights with Shelby already up 35-3 with six pins and a tech fall.

Freshman Hunter Daugherty (106) scored a penalty point in the 1st against Wildman , but Wildman came back with a take down, 2-1. Daugherty was up position in the 2nd, but Wildman escaped for a 3-1 lead. Twenty seconds into the 2nd, Daugherty got a take down. He held on for the pin (3:04). Stirrett lost a 120 decision to Hutton, 7-1.

Shelby gave up two straight forfeits, then there was a double forfeit at 138. Starwalt finished the match with a take down and a quick pin in 45 seconds.

Then came the Olney match. In addition to the already mentioned WRam wins v. Olney, Duckett rolled up a 12-3 major decision. After a modest 2-0 lead in the 1st, Duckett got an early reverse in the 2nd.

He got two more take downs in the period to lead, 8-2. He added two take downs in the 3rd for the 4-point win.

Jared Finley (152) started playing catch and release in the 1st with three take downs and a 6-2 lead against Olney's Brach. 

The WRams lost a decision at 106 and gave up forfeits at 113, 126, and 138. In down position to start the 2nd, Finley escaped and got a take down. He led 9-3 after two. He gave up an escape to start the 3rd. He won a take down then a near fall for the major decision, 13-4.

Shelby wrestled their way to all of their 32 points, Olney got 18 of their 30 points from forfeits from sick WRams.

St. Anthony only wrestled three weight classes against the WRams. Noah Applegate (182) racked up a major decision over Ritz. After a scoreless 1st, Applegate escaped and got a take down, 3-0. In the 3rd, Applegate led 8-0, then allowed an escape. He got two more points then a take down for the 11-1 win.

Cloe (195) wrestled Stevens and played him like a game fish. He scored four take downs and allowed three escapes to lead, 8-3. He escaped to start the 2nd and got a take down, before sticking Stevens with eight second left in the 2nd.

Finley (152) wrestled Harris. He got a take down, allowed an escape and got another take down, up 4-1 he finished with a pin with 18 seconds left in the 1st (1:42).

Shelbyville will host the part of the old Okaw Duals competitors on Friday at 4:30 p.m. with matches against Clinton, Tolono, and Warrensburg.


Shelbyville def. Olney, 32-30

160- Fox (S) def. Summitt by pin (3:06)

170-Hudson (S) def. Flanigan by pin (1:48)

182-Applegate (S) lost to Burkette, 5-2

195-Duckett (S) def. Beasley by maj dec, 12-3

220-Cloe (S) lost to Shoulders in 4th OT, 3-2

285-Turner (S) def Umfleet  by pin (3:02)

106-Daugherty (S) lost to Smith, 7-3

113-Shelby loss by forfeit

120-Stirrett (S) def. Baily by pin (1:55)

126-Shelby loss by forfeit

132-Double forfeit

138-Shelby loss by forfeit

145-Starwalt (S) lost to Smith, 5-4

152-Finley (S) def. Brach by maj dec, 13-4

Shelbyville def. Charleston, 47-18

152-Finley (S) lost to Reddish, 7-1

160-Fox (S) def. Albin by pin (1:17)

172-Hudson (S) def. Smith by tech fall, 26-9 (5:57)

182-Applegate (S) won by forfeit

195-Duckett (S) def. Smallhorn by pin (2:10)

220-Cloe (S) def. Grubaugh by pin (1:40)

285-Turner (S) def. Tichenor by pin (:51)

106-Daugherty (S) def. Wildman by pin (3:04)

113-Double forfeit

120-Stirrett (S) lost to Hutton , 6-1

126-Shelby loss by forfeit

132-Shelby loss by forfeit

138-Double forfeit

145-Starwalt (S) def. Wells by pin (:45)

Shelbyville def. St. Anthony, 46-0

145-Starwalt (S) won by forfeit

152-Finley (S) def. Harris by pin (1:42)

160-Hudson (S) won by forfeit

170-Double forfeit

182-Applegate (S) def. Ritz by maj dec, 11-1

195-Cloe (S) def. Stevens by pin (3:52)

220-Double forfeit

285-Turner (S) won by forfeit

106-Daugherty (S) won by forfeit

113-Double forfeit

120-Stirrett (S) won by forfeit

126-Double forfeit

132-Double forfeit

138-Double forfeit

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