Ace pitchers from outside of the Shelby area came to the Big Mac tournament and were throwing some iron to the tune of 50 percent ringers and more recently.

The courts were full to overflowing at Shelbyville Horseshoe Club with over 30 pitchers, including some out of town aces, in five different divisions.

SHC held the annual Big Mac tournament, a sanctioned event that can help qualify a pitcher for the state tournament.

The Big Mac tournament is named after a former member of the Shelbyville Horseshoe Club, Rick McAnelly.

Each of the five divisions played singles competition with 40 shoes thrown in each game per pitcher.

Local pitcher Bill Koons won just one game in the top class, but had a 41.6 ringer percentage and played competitively, scoring the most points in a loss of anyone in the class (32).

The competition was stiff in Class A and even the winner took a loss, while the second and third place finishers took two losses. Wayne Davis won the top class with a 6-1 record, counting his bye game, had 14 points in his one loss and had a 50.8 ringer percentage.

Don Cassidy placed second and had the highest ringer percentage of the tournament (52.0), with a 5-2 record and 37 points in his two losses.

Bob Vandivier, an out-of-town regular at the Shelby Autumn every year, took third place in Class A with a 5-2 record and 31 points in his two losses. His ringer percentage was second best (51.2) and also higher than the tournament winner. Vandivier beat Davis the class champion in head-to-head competition, giving Davis his only loss of the tourney.

Class B had five local pitchers of the seven, with George Mose (Pana) and SHC member, taking third place behind Charlie Marit and Mike Wood. Mose had a 5-2 record with 40 points in his two losses and a 33.7 ringer percentage.

Marit won class B with a 6-1 record and 18 points in his one loss. His ringer percentage was 37.0. Wood placed second with a 5-2 record and 36 points in his two loses. His ringer percentage was 35.0.

Craig Daugherty (SHC) finished a close fourth, going 5-2 and having 42 points in his two losses, with a 28.3 ringer percentage.

Dorothy Hack (3-4) with a ringer percentage of 25.0, Gage Elder (3-4) with a ringer percentage of 30.4 and Dennis Allsop (1-6) with a ringer percentage of 12.9, were three other SHC pitchers in Class B.

SHC had a second place finisher in Class C, Lloyd Ruff. Ruff was forced into play-off with Gerald Bilski for the title and took second place with a 6-2 record, 42 points in his two losses and a ringer percentage of 32.1. Bilski finished 7-1 with 13 points in his one loss and a ringer percentage (29.2) under Ruff’s.

Ruff was a perfect 6-0 until meeting Bilski in the final game. Ruff lost and the two were sent to a play-off where Bilski beat Ruff again.

Third place went to Jim Wolfe, who was 5-2 with 34 points in his two losses and a ringer percentage of 27.9.

Three SHC pitchers were in Class D and Kevin Elder took second place. Elder also lost a play-off to settle for second. Elder won his last three games to force the play-off, although he didn’t win int. Elder finished 3-3 with a ringer percentage of 21.6, the top percentage in the class.

Robert Newsome beat Elder for the title with a 5-2 record, 25 points in two losses and a ringer percentage of 20.0. Dick Burdell was third with a 4-3 record and a percentage of just 15.7.

SHC’s Pete Rankin played in Class E and took the title with a 7-1 record, after winning a play-off. Rankin has 15 points in his one loss and a 9.5 ringer percentage.

Vern Albert got beat by Rankin even though Albert had the highest ringer percentage of the Class 16.6. Albert was 6-2, winning his first six matches then fading into a tie with Rankin, then a loss to Rankin in the play-off. Everett Water took third with a 4-3 record and 56 points in his three losses. His percentage was 11.2.

The Shelbyville Hoseshoe Club throws every Thursday night at 7 p.m. at their courts, across the tracks on North 12 St. and Morgan in Shelbyville. Guests and visitors to the lake are welcome, but bring your own shoes.

Big Mac Results

Class A-1. Davis 6-1, 14 points in loss, 50.8 RP; 2. Cassidy 5-2, 37 points in loss, 52.0 RP; 3. Vandivier 5-2, 31 points in loss, 51.2 RP; 4. Leon Johnson 4-3, 54 points in loss, 48.3 RP, 5. Patty Bailey 3-4, 76 points in loss, 37.9 RP; 6. Carol Martin 3-4, 60 points in loss, 33.7 RP; 7. Bill Koons (SHC) 2-5, 99 points in loss, 41.6 RP

Class B-1. Marit 6-1, 18 points in loss, 37.0 RP; 2. Wood 5-2, 36 points in loss, 35.0 RP; 3. George Mose (SHC) 5-2, 40 points in loss, 33.7 RP; 4. Craig Daugherty (SHC) 5-2, 41 points in loss, 28.3 RP; 5. Gage Elder (SHC) 3-4, 73 points in loss, 30.4 RP; 6. Dorothy Hack (SHC) 3-4, 71 points in loss, 25.0 RP; 7. Dennis Allsop (SHC) 1-6, 108 points in loss, 12.9 RP.

Class C-1. Bilski 7-1, 13 points in loss, 29.2 RP; 2. Ruff 6-2, 42 points in loss, 32.1 RP; 3. Wolfe 5-2, 34 points in loss, 27.9 RP; 4. Jesse Starwalt 4-3, 50 points in loss, 23.7 RP; 5. Don Jones (SHC) 3-4, 78 points in loss, 20.4 RP; 6. Frank Roedner (SHC) 2-5, 91 points in loss, 18.7 RP; 7. Carl Preston 2-5, 82 points in loss, 21.6 RP.

Class D-1. Newsome 5-2, 25 points in loss, 20.0 RP; 2. Kevin Elder (SHC) 3-3, 40 points in loss, 21.6 RP; 3. Burdell 4-3, 48 points in loss, 15.7 RP; 4. Adrienne Koonce 3-3, 58 points in loss, 20.0 RP; 5. Harold Gill (SHC) 2-3, 58 points in loss, 14.5 RP; 6. Matt Pittman (SHC) 1-4, 66 points in loss, 13.5 RP.

Class E-1. Pete Rankin 7-1, 15 points in loss, 9.5 RP; 2. Albert 6-2, 32 points in loss, 16.6 RP; 3. Waters 4-3, 56 points in loss, 11.2 RP; 4. Kristin Koonce 4-3, 28 points in loss, 7.9 RP; 5. Don Wheatley 4-3, 35 points in loss, 7.5 RP; 6. Brody Elder (SHC) 3-4, 50 points in loss, 8.3 RP; 7. Shon Allsop 1-6, 39 points in loss, 2.0 RP.

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