CHBC has been ahead of the curve most of the year, but they dropped their second game out of the last three to another team they had already beaten. CHBC beat Neoga by 5 earlier this season. On Monday, they lost by 10, 52-42.

CHBC started out on track with an 11-7 edge in the 1st period. They bumped their lead up to 7 points at the half with a 12-9 advantage in the 2nd, 23-16. Then he bottom fell out.

They were doubled up in the 3rd period, 19-8 and fell behind by two points heading into crunch time, 35-31. The Bobcats couldn't right the ship in the 4th period, getting stymied once again, 17-11.

Leading scorer Jaelyn Robertson (15.4 ppg) was held to just 4 points and that threw a monkey wrench into the well-oiled machine. Carsen Burks (8.7 ppg) had just 4 points and Mackenzie Bunch (6.7 ppg) had just two.

Lauren Wojcik (8.5 ppg) stepped up with 12 points on 4 buckets with a 3 and making 3-of-4 foul shots. Freshman Gracie Heckert (7.5 ppg) helped out with 10 points all from the floor. Lani Morrison (4.4 ppg) added 6 points. 

The biggest problem was the Bobcats allowed Olivia Titus to score 29 points. No one covered her at the 3-point line and she made 4 triples to go with 5 buckets inside. They also fouled her time and again and she was 7-of-7 at the line. All the other Indians were role players. No one else scored more than 6 points.

CHBC scored 17 buckets, but just one 3 for 35 points from the field. Neoga had 18 baskets, five 3s for 41 points. Neoga was also 11-of-18 (61%) at the line, while CHBC was just 7-of-15 (46.6%).


Neoga 52, CHBC 42

N'oga    7-9-19-17--52

CHBC  11-11-8-11--42

CHBC stats: L Wojcik 12 (3-2s, 1-3 pt FGs, 3/4 FTs), Heckert 10 (5 FGs, 0/1 FTs), L Morrison 6 (3 FGs), Robertson 4 (2 FGs, 0/2 FTs), Burks 4 (FG, 2/4 FTs), Lorton 2 (FG), M Bunch 2 (2/4 FTs), Cherry 2 (FG). Team FGs 17. 3-Pointers: 1 (L Wojcik). Team FTs 7-of-15. 

Neo stats: Titus 29 (5-2s, 4-3 pt FGs, 7/7 FTs), Richards 6 (3 FGs), Phillips 5 (2 FG, 1/6 FTs), Ramert 5 (FG, 3/5 FTs), Partlow 5 (1-2, 1-3 p FGs), Fearday 2 (FG). Team FGs 18. 3-Pointers: 5 (Titus 4, Partlow). Team FTs 11-of-18.   

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