After finishing 2nd in the Silver Flight of the NTC Tourney last weekend,. Cowden-Herrick/Beecher City volleyball split in the EIC Tourney on Monday night. They got upset by Ramsey, 25-19, 25-15, but came back to beat Mulberry Grove 25-15, 25-6.

CHBC previously beat Ramsey like a drum in the first week of the season, 25-14, 25-10. On Monday the Rams were lying in wait to charge over the Bobcats. The Ram-pede was a 42-point turnaround from their first meeting.

CHBC out-scored Ramsey 50 to 24 in straight sets in the first meeting. Ramsey out-scored CHBC 50 to 34 in straight sets on Monday. It was a complete flip of fate.

Defense let CHBC down this time, while the Ramsey attack found holes. In the first meeting they dug 40 balls, but this time just 24. Zaryah Smith and Jacque Witteborg had 27 digs combined the last time. They combined with 15 this time. Witteborg scooped 10 digs.

Another chink in the armor for CHBC was that they had just 6 aces this match. Last time, they had 10. Last time they had 12 kills, this time just 15 an improvement, and one block.

CHBC had 22 attack points in this match (22 of 34. It was a higher percentage, noly because they had to earn every point against Ramsey’s inmproved onslaught, fewer freebies. Last time, they had 23 (46%).

Last time, they dished 8 assists to 12 kills. This time they dished 12 assists to 15 kills.

Lauren Wojcik and Tatyana Duckwitz led the CHBC attack with 6 attack points each. Wojcik had 5 kills, 1 ace, Duckwitz, a 4 kills, an ace and a block. Kylee Bertin dished a team-high 6 assists.

Monday EIC Tourney

Ramsey def. CHBC, 25-19, 25-15

CHBC stats: Lauren Wojcik 5 kills, 1 ace; Tatyana Duckwitz 4 kills, 1 ace, 1 block, 1 dig; Zaryah Smith 3 kills, 1 ace, 5 digs; Kylee Bertin 1 kill, 1 ace, 6 assists, 3 digs; Jacque Witteborg 10 digs; Abby Sloan 1 kill, 4 assists, 1 dig; Carsen Burks 1 kill, 2 aces,3 digs; Paeton Underwood 2 assists, 1 dig.

CHBC had also previously beat Mulberry Grove by 29 points, 50 to 21, 25-9, 25-12. Nothing was different this time.

CHBC beat the Aces, 25-15, 25-6, again by 29 points, 50 to 21. Mulberry Grove had a complete collapse in the 2nd set.

CHBC served up 13 aces and hit 14 kills for 27 attack points out of 50 (54%).

Abby Sloan led the attack from the service line with 5 aces. Zaryah Smith had 2 kills and 3 aces for 5 attack points, as well. Kylee Bertin had 3 kills and 2 aces for 5 attack points. Wojcik ( 2 kills, 1 ace) and Duckwitz (2 kills) took a back seat in this match.

Sloan also led CHBC in assists with 4 and had 2 digs. They dished 10 assists to the 13 kills (77%). They only needed 13 digs to dissuade the Aces.

Smith led the defense with 3 digs. The team effort across the board was not outstanding, but a sufficient enough consistency to deny the Aces much momentum.

Monday EIC Tourney

CHBC def. Mulberry Grove, 25-15, 25-6

CHBC stats: Abby Sloan 5 aces, 4 assists, 2 digs; Zaryah Smith 2 kills, 3 aces, 3 digs; Kylee Bertin 3 kills, 2 aces, 2 assists, 2 digs; Kirsten Schick 3 kills; Lauren Wojcik 2 kills, 1 ace, 1 dig; Carsen Burks 1 kill, 2 aces, 1 assist, 1 dig; Tatyana Duckwitz 2 kill; Paeton Underwood 3 assists, 2 digs; Ashlyn Dunaway 1 kill, 1 dig; Jacque Witteborg 1 dig

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