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Kris’ Power Tumbling, Dance and Cheer Center members participated in the USTA National competition in June. Pictured front row from left: Macy Owens, Isabella Bradem Payton Creamer, Isabelle Kelly, Garrett Martz; 2nd row: Adelyne Deere, Reagan Morrison, Holly Metzger, Carson Cole, Aubrey Beyers; 3rd row: Grayson Beyers, Sydney Miller, Molly Boehm, Kelcie Darnell, Sarah Bogart, Jade Gee; 4th row: Nicole Owens, Morgan Braden, Jansyn Howe, Shayla Darnell, Brenna Dameris, Savannah Jent-Martz, Sara Carmen. Also participating but not pictured were Blair Rodman, Taylor Rich, Caylee Wheeler, Jessica Howse, Sophie Ogden, Graycee Gottfriedt, Laurel Forrester, and Lily Bunton. Submitted photo Photo by Valorie Eversole

Kris' Power Tumbling, Dance and Cheer Center recently completed another successful trip to the USTA National Championships. 

This year, the national meet was held in Springfield, IL  June 15-19 and included many athletes from across the nation. 

The KPTC team brought home several team awards and finished 5th place overall out of 138 USTA clubs.  Other team awards include 1st in Intermediate Double-Mini, 2nd in Intermediate Tumbling, 2nd in Sub-Advance Tramp, 2nd in Advance Trampoline, 2nd in Advance Double-Mini, 3rd in Sub-Advance Double Mini, 3rd in Advance Tumbling.

Individual team members also brought home nine 1st place trophies.  National Champions include Kelcie Darnell, Graycee Gottfriedt, Reagan Morrison with  Grayson Beyers, Aubrey Beyers and Carson Cole  bringing home two 1st place trophies.

Molly Boehm has been in tumbling with Kris Power Tumbling for the last 14 years.  She was a member of the USTA National Team from 2006-2009.  Molly was nominated for the athlete of the year and the N.T.J.C scholarship for the 2009-2010 competition season.  Molly was awarded the N.T.J.C scholarship for the amount of $500.

“It has been a great year for the studio.  As a coach, I am very impressed with the dedication all of the athletes have shown through out the entire year.  These athletes work many hours each week in the gym and their hard efforts have really paid off during the National Competition,” said Kris Metzger, owner of KPTC. “Great job, KPTC athletes….keep it up.  We are so proud of you.”

Results from the competition are as follows:

Molly Boehm - 2nd in Advanced double-mini; 2nd in Elite double-mini; 2nd in Advanced tumbling; 5th in Elite trampoline; 7th in Elite tumbling; 9th in Advanced trampoline

Aubrey Beyers - 1st in double-mini; 1st in trampoline; 2nd in tumbling

Grayson Beyers - 1st in trampoline; 1st in double-mini; 2nd in Advanced tumbling; 13th in Elite Tumbling

Sarah Bogart - 14th in tumbling; 17th in double-mini

Isabella Braden-5th in trampoline; 5th in double-mini

Morgan Braden - 6th in tumbling, 16th in trampoline, 24th in double mini

Lily Bunton-10th in tumbling

Sara Carman-10th trampoline

Carson Cole - 1st in double mini; 1st in tumbling; 4th in trampoline

Payton Creamer-2nd in tumbling

Brenna Dameris -4th in tumbling; 4th in trampoline; 2nd in double mini

Kelcie Darnell -1st in trampoline; 4th in double-mini

Shayla Darnell - 2nd in double mini; 4th in tumbling; 8th in trampoline

Addie Deere-11th in tumbling; 11th in trampoline

Laurel Forrester-16th in trampoline; 25th in tumbling

Jade Gee -17th in double mini

Graycee Gottfriedt-1st in double mini; 2nd trampoline; 9th in tumbling

Jansyn Howe-18th in trampoline; 21st in double mini;

Jessica Howse-21st in trampoline; 21st in double mini; 24th in tumbling

Isabelle Kelly-5th in tumbling; 5th in trampoline; 6th double mini

Garet Martz- 5th in tumbling

Savannah Martz - 4th in trampoline; 8th in double mini; 10th in tumbling

Holly Metzger-14th in double mini; 16th in trampoline

Sydney Miller - 6th in tumbling; 7th in double mini; 7th in trampoline

Reagan Morrison-1st in double mini; 2nd in tumbling; 6th in trampoline

Sophie Ogden-10th in tumbling

Macy Owens-3rd in tumbling

Nicole Owens-15th in tumbling

Taylor Rich - 9th in tumbling; 14th in double mini

Blair Rodman - 30th in tumbling

Caylee Wheeler - 2nd in trampoline; 5th in double mini; 6th in tumbling

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