Cowden-Herrick launched an attack against St. Elmo on Tuesday night and came away empty-handed but not without a fight. The Lady Hawk eighth took St. Elmo to three games, 14-21, 21-19, 10-21. The sevenths pulled close but also could not rally the win at 14-21, 16-21.

Molly Wakeland and Chandelar Reid tied with high point honors for the Hawks with three each. Samantha Ford and Megan Kessinger had two apiece.

Brittany Schlanser and Christina Long each had a solo point.

Head coach Angela Jefferies said, “They had a rough couple of games and couldn’t pull together. They struggled to play as a team.”

Cowden-Herrick Seventh vs. St. Elmo

14-21, 16-21.

Scoring Stats: Schlanser 1 pts; Wakeland 3 pts; Long 1 pt; Reid 3 pts; Ford 2 pts; Kessinger 2 pts.

In the eighth grade game, Alyssa Rauch was the heavy-hitter with seven points. Sarah Thompson came in with five and Kelsey Barnes hit for four. Hillary Buchanan and Aaron Mahaffey had two ech and Kelli Thompson had one. Jefferies commented, “The eighth graders really worked hard and as a team. They were outplayed by a team with excellent skills and discipline.”

Cowden-Herrick Eighth vs. St. Elmo

14-21, 21-19, 10-21

Against Neoga on 1/30, Jefferies commented on the seventh grade game. “The girls had some service problems and gave points away. However, they kept with it and didn’t get discouraged. We had a good rally in game two and showed how well we could play when we came together as a team.”

Rauch 7 pts, Barnes 4 pts; Buchanan 2 pts; Thompson 5 pts; Mahaffey 2 pts; Thompson 1 pt.

Additional Stats from 1-30-06:Cowden-Herrick Seventh vs. Neoga: Schlanser 6 pts; Wakeland 8 pts; Long 1 pt; Reid 11 pts; Casner 5 pts; Ford 4 pts. Cowden-Herrick Eighth vs. Neoga-Rauch 4 pts, 2 kills; Barnes 2 pts; Sarah Thompson 3 pts, 3 kills; Mahaffey 12 pts; Reid 3 pts, 1 assist; Kelli Thompson 4 pts, 1 assist.

“In our eighth grade game, we struggled at first and then the team pulled together and started working like a unit. Sarah Thompson found her timing and had some great blocks.”

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