Will Clark, former Shelbyville baseball standout and MVP, recently began his first season of college ball as a Laker for Lake Land College.

The Lakers are early in their season, making the rounds down south playing in Georgia, Florida, Tennessee and Kentucky and recently returning from their 13-day road trip at 3-6. The Lakers are back playing home games 3/14-3/28, starting with taking two from St. Louis-Flourissant Valley, 8-7 and 13-5. Clark went 2-4 with 3 RBI’s in game one. Against Daytona Beach, Clark was 2-3 with 1 RBI.

After ten games with Lake Land, Clark has a record of 7 RBI’s, 9 hits, 2 runs in 27 at-bats and a batting average around .300.

The four-time All-Conference Clark signed with the Lakers last fall, noted as an outfielder, pitcher and hitter.

While at Shelbyville, Clark set several IHSA records: 2nd all-time grand slams in a season (4);

2nd all-time home runs in an inning (2); 3rd all-time career grand slams (6); 12th all-time consecutive games with a hit (25); 12th all-time career RBI’s (143); 14th all-time home runs (29); 26th all-time career batting average (4 years-.469); 29th all-time career doubles (39); 49th all-time career hits (152). In his senior year, Clark finished up the season with a .526 batting average. As a pitcher, Clark was spotless at 6-0, allowing only 18 runs on 21 hits.

“I think Will is beginning to settle in at Lake Land,” said his father, Joel Clark. “Things are a lot different at the college level. You don’t see any bad pitchers.”

Also penning with the Lakers was teammate Andy Dragovan who has been under wraps recovering from shoulder surgery. Dragovan was a hot hurler for the Rams as a Junior until his arm started giving trouble. Dragovan pulled his labrum in the front part of his shoulder in his Junior year at SHS. He had surgery in the fallof 2005 and has been recuperating since. Clark said, “Andy hasn’t pitched yet, but his arm is coming around. I talked to him yesterday and his arm strength is getting better.”

Donny Dragovan, Andy’s father, said that Andy had been throwing in the bullpen again and was looking forward to taking to the mound, maybe in late April. “He has been rehabbing that arm and he is making a lot of progress. They don’t want to rush it, until they are sure he is fully recovered.”

Clark said of his season with the Lakersso far, “Things are going pretty good, I’m having a lot of fun.” Clark echoed his father’s comments about the skill level of college pitchers. “The pitchers are a lot different from high school. These are the best from their high schools. They throw a lot more off-beat stuff, not just curves and fastballs. They know how to work it around. I don’t think they are harder to hit, you just have to make an adjustment. You have to get used to it. I think I am getting there. I worked in the fall and my batting is starting to come around now. I need to get more games.” Clark said his best game so far was against Gordon in Barnesville, GA. “It was a double-header and I went 4-7 with 3 RBI’s.”

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