Freshman Calvin Miller ran the table and claimed the 106-pound Robinson 1A Regional Championship last Saturday. Two others Rams finished in 4th place.

Miller will wrestle at the Vandalia 1A Individual Sectional Meet Friday and Saturday, for the chance to make it to State.

The Shelbyville Rams have a young and or inexperienced team this year. Some 1st-year upperclassmen helped the team this year, but it was three freshman who made the biggest impact at the regional.

Miller (106 lbs) was the #1 seed with a record of 33-7. He received a 1st round bye then wrestled twice and won both matches. In the semifinal match, he faced sophomore Shaina Hyre (#4 seed) of Lawrenceville (29-15). He won by technical fall, 18-2 (4:29).

Miller went to the title match and took on freshman Jordan Wood (#2-seed) of Mt. Carmel (29-10). Miller finished him in 1:20 with a pin for the championship.

Will Fox (#3-seed) came in 22-9 and went 2-2 on the day and finished 4th, as the sectional alternate. He beat sophomore Emily McColpin of Robinson (4-30) with a 2nd period pin (2:30). He had to face senior Jacob Trent (#2 seed) of Monticello (25-17). Trent won on points, 10-6.

Fox went to wrestlbacks and opposed junior Alex Witucki of Fairfield (22-10). Fox worked a pin in the 1st period (1:33). Fox advanced to the 3rd place match against junior Dylan Rittler (#4-seed) of Richland (22-12). Fox was pinned in the 1st period (1:12).

Ty Brachbill (#4-seed) came in with a record of 24-14. He went 2-2 on the day and finished in 4th place, which is a sectional alternate. He started the day against sophomore Shane Ogden of Tolono (13-10). Brachbill ran up a technical fall score of 15-0 (5:22) to advance.

In the semifinal, Brachbill faced the #1 seed, junior Dayton Hall of Mt. Carmel (38-1). Hall won by tech fall, 22-5 (5:22). Brachbill went to wrestlebacks. He defeated senior Cadin Ackman of Richland (13-15) by decision, 7-2.

Brachbill advanced to the 3rd place match against senior Blayne Donsbach (#3-seed) of Cumberland (20-9). Donsbach won by fall (1:00).

Freshman Clayton Patch came in with a record 13-19, but got two wins. He lost to junior Tyler Cousins of Tolono (23-18) by fall (1:26). Patch bounced back with two wins.

He beat Zac Slifer of Effingham (14-13), 7-2, then beat Caden Hess of Olney Richland (14-19), 6-5. As fate would have it, he ran into Cousins of Tolono again, just before the 3rd place match. He lost to Cousins again by fall (3:13).

Freshman Bradley Sanders (138) came in 26-8 and beat sophomore Colin Marschewski of Effingham (24-17), 6-4. Sanders lost to the top seed Rayce Zike of Cumberland (35-2), then lost just shy of the 3rd place match to Hermann of Robinson.

Junior Will Miller (160) came into regional with a record of 19-20. After a loss to the #4 seed, Miller def. sophomore Edgar Castillo of Effingham (8-19) with a pin (4:12).

Miller then beat junior Noah Kunce of Fairfield by the narrowest of margins, 1-0. Miller lost just short of the 3rd place match to senior Orinn Brohm of Mt. Carmel (28-12) by fall (1:49). Miller finished 2-2 on the day.

First year senior Colton Miller (170) came into Saturday with a record of 13-23. In his first postseason match, Miller beat Sawyer Neuman of Fairfield (3-25) with a pin (3:07). He then lost twice.

Freshman Brayden Ruff (182) was 9-21. He lost, then beat sophomore Javier Oxford (3-3) from Carmi by pinning him, in the 2nd period (3:16). He lost one match before the 3rd place match.

Robinson Regional

1. Tolono 253, 2. Mt. Carmel 182.5, 3. Monticello 147, 4. Cumberland 134.5, 5. Robinson 130, 6. Olney Richland 107.5, 7. Lawrenceville 80, 8. Fairfield 68, 9. Shelbyville 67.5, 10. Effingham 47, 11. Carmi 11

Shelby results:

106-Ca Miller 1st; def. Hyre LAW tech fall, 18-2 (4:29); def. Wood MtC fall (1:20)

113-Quick def. Weber CUMB by fall (1:04); lost to Keepes (MtC) by fall (1:47); lost to O’Linc MONT by fall (3:59)


126-Fox 4th; def. McColpin ROB by fall (2:58); lost to Trent MONT, 10-6; def. Eitucki FAIR by fall (1:33); lost to Riter (RICH by fall (1:12)

132-Brachbill 4th; def. Ogden TOLO by tech fall, 15-0 (5:22); lost to Hall MONT by tech fall, 22-5 (5:22); def. Ackman RICH, 7-2; lost to Donsbach (CUMB by fall 1:00

138-Sanders def. Marschewski EFF, 6-4; lost to Zike CUMB by fall 2:34; lost to Hermann ROB, 12-7

145-Rohdemann lost to Warner CUMB by fall (2:20); lost to Perry EFF by fall (2:42)

152-Patch lost to Cousins TOLO by fall (1:26); def. Slifer EFF, 7-2; def. Hess RICH, 6-5; lost to Cousins TOLO by fall (3:13

160- W Miller lost to Seed LAW by maj dec, 14-5; def. Kunce FAIR, 1-0; lost to Brohm MtC by fall (1:49)

170- Co Miller def. Neuman FAIR by fall (3:07); lost to Eastin TOLO by fall (:09); lost to Caballero ROB by fall (2:43)

182- Ruff lost to Eby ROB by fall (:43); def. Oxford CARMI by fall (:57); lost to Seitzinger EFF by fall 5:42


220-Rhodes lost to Carl CUMB by fall (4:44); lost to Wassom MONT by fall (2:49)

285-Lape lost to Laws MtC by fall (1:10; lost to Land ROB by fall (:25)

John Curtis can be reached at

John Curtis can be reached at

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