The IHSA Boys Class A Sectional came to Shelbyville and opening night was a bust, with Nokomis and Edinburg sending the fans for popcorn early and the for some no-doze, as Nokomis defaulted into the Sectional final game on Friday with a 49-27 win over the not-so-Wildcats.

Tonight’s match-up was the really the only sure-fire game to see, Neoga vs. Pawnee. Neoga dispatched with a very good Stew-Stras team at regional and looks to be the only Shelby area team to carry the banner further into the postseason.

With Neoga the only remotely Shelby area team in the quartet of participants, the reason to root at Sectional is about as low as last night’s entertainment rating.

The Nokomis/Edinburg was about as exciting as watching a pro boxer straight arm his opponent in the ring, hitting him at will, then coasting, then hitting him at will, then coasting, a monotonous hour and a half of entertainment only a Nokomis mother could love.

The score after the first quarter was a scintillating 9-2. Nokomis (29-2) put on another dominant run in the second quarter, 16-4, to lead by 19 at the break, 25-9. In the second half the Indian players had to slap themselves to stay awake, winning the third 11-6 and losing the non-furious fourth.

The “contest” last night was like watching a bad rerun from the dollar bin at the video store. Nokomis and Edinburg had played before at the Mohawk Classic and Nokomis won that game just as boringly, 54-27. That’s why they play the games? Not last night. Second verse, same as the first. The IHSA needs to refund the ticket price.

Nokomis, the Pana Regional champs had less than 20 baskets (only two treys) and shot just 52 percent from the free throw line, 9-of-17. Edinburg only shot six free throws and made but one. Edinburg, which averaged 60 points per game, scored less than half that. They should have just mailed that in, took the change and gone to the movies.

Nokomis and Edinburg should’ even play each other in a shoot-out let alone a sectional semifinal. But, tonight’s game, Neoga vs. Pawnee is what sectionals are all about.

Nokomis 9-16-11-13—49

Edinburg 2-4-6-15—27

Nokomis stats: Keller 11 (3-2’s, 1-3 FG’s, 2/2 FT’s), D. Johnson 11 (3-2’s, 1-3 FG, 2/2 FT’s), B. Johnson 10 ( 5 FG’s, 0/1 FT’s), Bauman 9 (3 FG’s, 3/6 FT’s), Kimbro 5 (2 FG’s, 1/4 FT’s), Henry 2 (FG), Jachino 1 ( 1/2 FT’s). Team free throws 9-of-17. 3-pointers: Keller 1, D. Johnson 1.

Edinburg stats: Linton 14 (2-2’s, 3-3 FG’s, 1/4 FT’s), Seaton 5 ( 1-2, 1-3 FG’s), Boyer 4 (2 G’s, 0/2 FT’s), Casad 2 (FG). Team free throws 1-of-6. 3-pointers: Linton 3, Seaton 1.

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