The Lake Land College Laker women's volleyball team just got quicker. Shelbyville High School's Morgan Parsons is not only Rapid Fire, she is quick as lightning. She just signed with Lake Land to play collegiate volleyball next fall.

Watching her play was slightly thrilling, as the set went up and then out of nowhere, like a ninja, she'd rise up and swing in a hurry. Opponents only had time to react out of self-defense. She's maybe even quicker to the block.

Parsons (CIC Honorable Mention) played middle hitter for the Shelbyville Rams and middle hitter/right side for the Rapid Fire Volleyball Club. 

Parson drew the interest of Stefanie Shanks, the Laker assistant volleyball coach who is a former Laker libero and former Shelbyville Ram. 

"I visited the team and the coach asked me if I was interested in playing for them," said Parsons.

Other programs were interested in Parsons, but she chose Lake Land, which had a good season last year.

"I wanted to continue playing and I was going to go where I was offered a scholarship or the best offer. I am getting a scholarship, so I decided Lake Land would be my best option. I like that it is closer to home."

Parson not only wants to play two years, she wants to continue to play as she completes her education.

"I want to play after Lake Land and go anywhere that offers a scholarship.," Parsons said. "I am going to study Pre-Med, then go to Med School for Dermatology."

Parsons is in the Top 10 of her graduating class at Shelbyville and is driven. 

"I love it when I get a good kill," Parsons said. "I love competing against people. I'm a competitive person. It's just my mentality. I want to play on. I want to get a scholarship. That drives me!"

She has played Rapid Fire volleyball for 5 years and began playing varsity volleyball at Shelbyville as a sophomore.

"I want to thank all my coaches at Rapid Fire and also during the school season," Parsons said. "I have some great memories." 

Lake Land was also looking for their best option, hence Parsons. 

"We like her height and her versatility," said Lake Land coach Ashli Wicker, who will be coaching her 5th year at Lake Land. "She has speed and quickness as a blocker. She can play middle hitter and right side, which is essential in our league. Our effort is to get district kids. She is a standout middle hitter in our district and a standout kid in our district."

Lake Land is losing a middle next year, which leaves Maria Gentry and Katie Tarkington from Vandalia at middle. Gentry played on the Windsor/Stew-Stras State Tournament team and she will be a sophomore next year. Expectation is for Parsons to join her at middle and right side.

Veteran Shelbyville coach and Rapid Fire coach, Lisa Peifer appreciates coaching Parsons. 

"She has two things, speed at the net and attacking aggressively," Coach Peifer said. "She brings energy to the court immediately. She makes an impact when she goes in. She so quick, sometimes you have to slow her down."

Parsons is not only quick physically, she is a quick learner.

"In 7th grade, she was till a little raw, but I saw that she is the one who is going to get it," Coach Peifer said. "She developed faster than most do. When I inserted her into the line-up as a sophomore, she matured quickly and played varsity 3 years." 

Parson went from 16 attack points her sophomore year to 141 attack points as a junior, then 197 attack points, a total of 354 attack points. She finished her 3 year career with 249 kills and 82 blocks, increasing every year. The trajectory of her production looks to continue going up at the next level. 

Peifer said that the game is quicker at college, but Parsons will like that.

"She can play middle or go to the right side," Peifer said. "With her ability to block and her arm swing, she can go anywhere."   

Parsons stats 2018 (Team 24-13)

M 37. SP 86, Kills 136, K% 35.1%, Att 546, Err 72, Hit % .155, Aces 23, SA 257, SE 30, Serv% 88.3%, Pts 227, SBlk 38, Dgs 81, Asst 9, BHA 59 (Er 2) 

Parson stats 2017 (22-14)

M 36, SP 72, K 104, K% 34.1%, Att 305, Err 66, Hit% .125, SA 1, Blk 37 (solo 36, ast 1), Dgs 32 , BHA 19 (Er 2) 

Parson stats 2016 (29-10) 

SP 41, Kills 9, Kill% 17%, Att 53, Er 11, Blk 7 (Solo 6, Ast 1), Dgs 20, Asst 1, BHA 10 (Er 2)  

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