It took a week, due to thunder, lightning and rain, but Central A&M softball finally completed a game at on May 7, that started on April 30 at Shelbyville. The Raiders finished off the Rams in three more innings, 5-0.

Let's play two? Since they were together, the teams played a 7-inning game afterwards and A&M won again, 8-3.

The rain-interrupted game was a bit of a pitcher's duel that A&M's Allie Dunn won. She struck out 17 of the 25 batters she faced, walked one, allowed 3 hits, and shutout the Rams. She threw 17 1st pitch strikes. She threw 104 pitches 72 strikes (69%).

Lewis struck out 9 batters, and walked just one. But she gave up 7 hits and 5 runs (3 earned). She threw 20 1st pitch strikes to 30 batters (66%). She threw threw 103 pitches one less than Dunn and 74 (2 more than Dunn) were strikes (72%). 

A big stat in this game, besides striking out 17 times, was 6 errors by the Rams.

A&M got on the board 1st. Lewis KO'd the first batter of the game and the next popped out. MiKayla Denton singled, stole 2nd and went to 3rd on an error by the shortstop. An error by the 2nd baseman on the same play allowed her to score on a comedy of errors, 1-0.

Allison Schuricht bunt-singled after Dunn rang up the first Ram. She stole 2nd with two outs and stole 3rd. But consecutive K's by Dunn, made it superfluous. Tempe Helton reached on a Ram error in the 2nd, but was left on.

Alexis Rohdeman led off with a single in the Ram 2nd and Mikayla Boehmn singled, as well. A batter bunted in the air for an out and Dunn KO'd the next two. A&M went in order in the 3rd on a K, a fly to Schuricht in center and a ground out to Jaylin McCabe at 3rd.

Schuricht reached base again in the 3rd with a walk. She stole 2nd. She stiole 3rd, again. Two consecutive Ks foiled her efforts again. 

In the 4th, A&M got separation. MiKayla Denton singled again. Channing Reed singled. Snearly ran for Reed. Denton stole 3rd and scored on another error. Snearly went to 2nd. Rylee Dixon singled scoring Snearly and then going to 2nd, 3-0. 

Dixon went to 3rd on a catcher error. A ground out held the runner at 3rd. Reeanna Guy lifted a sac fly to right and Dixon tagged and scored, 4-0. Rohdemann made a play from short to end the rally.

Lightning interrupted the game for a week.

Shelby suffered three Dunn strikeouts. Lewis KO'd two Raiders walked one then Frederick squeezed a pop out at 2nd. Shelby struck out, ground out and flew out in the 5th.

Reed led off the 6th with a single, but Lewis threw a K, McCabe made a play 3rd to 2nd. Lewis rang up a batter to keep it 4-0. Dunn struck out the sides in the Ram 6th. 

The Rams got the first two batters out in the A&M 7th, one a K. But, McKenna denton singled and Dunn doubled her home for the 5-0 lead. Dunn finished strong with three more Ks, striking out the last 6 batters she faced.

Tuesday, April 30/Tuesday, May 7

Central A&M 5, Shelbyville 0

C A&M  100 300 1--5-7-0

Shelby  000 000 0--0-3-6

CAM stats: Mc Denton 1-for-4, SB, run; Dunn 1-for-3, BB, 2B, RBI; MiK Denton 2-for-4, 2 SB, 2 runs; Reed 2-for-3; Dixon 1-for-3, run, RBI; Helton 0-for-3, ROE; Guy 0-for-2, sacf, RBI; Schinzler 0-for-3; Braundmeier 0-for-3 (Snearly run). Pitching (W) Dunn 7 IP, 0 runs, 3 hits, BB, 17 Ks.

Ram stats: McCarter 0-for-3; Schuricht 1-for-2, BB, 4 SB; Lewis 0-for-3; Tucker 0-for-3; Rohdemann 1-for-3; Noehm 1-for-3; Frederick 0-for-3; Reed 0-for-2; McCabe 0-for-2. Pitching (L) Lewis 7 IP, 5 runs, 7 hits, BB, 9 Ks.

In the 2nd game, Morgan Malone pitched for A&M and got the win. A 6-run 3rd tilted the game in A&M's favor.

A&M got the lead in the 1st. After Rohdemann squeezed a pop up at short, Tempe Helton bunted and reached on an error, making it to 3rd. Dunn singled her home, 1-0. Bri Reed caught a fly in center and McCabe a pop up in foul territory off 3rd.

Shelby took the lead in the bottom of the 1st. Ali Mccarter singled and Schuricht bunted reaching on an error. McCarter scored from 1st, 1-1. Schuricht made it to 3rd on the play and scored on a wild pitch, 2-1. Malon threw consecutive Ks.

Lewis KO'd two batters in the 2nd and gave up a walk, but Braundmeier stole 2nd and went to 3rd on an error. She tried for home, but was out. Shelby added to their lead in the 2nd.

McCabe bunted and reached on an error. McCabe went to 2nd on a ground out and stole 3rd. Natalie Frederick grounded out and drove McCabe home, 3-1 Rams.

The Ram wheels came off in the 3rd. Mikayla Boehm came in to pitch. With one out, McKenna Denton was hit by a pitch. Helton singled. Dunn tripled and MiKayla Denton singled for the lead, 4-3.

Dixon doubled. Boehm got a strikeout, but Hannah Schinzler singled and Braundmeier was hit. Dixon scored on a error. Malone singled to load the bases, 6-3. Schinzler stole home and Braundmeier was out again trying for home, 7-3.

Schuricht reached base with a single in the Ram 3rd, but was stranded by 3 pop outs. In the 4th, McKenna Denton led off with a single. She stole 2nd and got to 3rd on a ground out. Dunn lifted a sac fly and Denton tagged and scored, 8-3.

Shelby and A&M went in order in their next at bats. Hannah Hicks singled in the Ram 5th, but was forced out. Braundmeier singled in the A&M 6th, but was stranded. Boehm was hit by a pitch in the Ram 6th and McCabe singled with two outs, but Boehm was out at 3rd.

Both team went in order in the 7th and the day was done.


Central A&M 8, Shelbyville 3

C A&M   106 100 0--8-9-2

Shelby   210 000 0--3-4-4

CAM stats: Mc Denton 1-for-3, HBP, 2 SB, 2 runs; Helton 1-for-4, ROE, 2 runs, RBI; Dunn 2-for-3, 3B, sacf, run, 3 RBIs; Mi Denton 1-for-4, run, RBI; Dixon 1-for-4, 2B, run, RBI; Guy 0-for-3; Schinzler 1-for-3, SB, run; Braundmeier 1-for-1, HBP, BB, SB; Malone 1-for-3, FC. Pitching (W) Malone 7 IP, 3 runs, 4 hits, 0 BBs, 7 Ks

Ram stats: McCarter 1-for-3, FC, run; Schuricht 1-for-3, ROE, SB, run; Lewis 0-for-2 (Geer 0-for-1); Rohdemann 0-for-3; Tucker 0-for-1 (Boehm 0-for-1, HBP); McCabe 1-for-3, ROE, SB, run; Bradbury 0-for-3; Frederick 0-for-1, RBI (Hicks 1-for-2); Reed 0-for-1 (Tichenor 0-for-2). Pitching (L) Boehm 5 IP, 7 runs, 8 hits, 0 BB, 4 Ks; (Starter) Lewis 2 IP, 1 run, 1 hit, 1 BB, 2 Ks.  

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