In the Macon County Tournament semifinal, the Central A&M Raiders got stumped by the Storm. The conglomerated weather pattern denied the Raiders a shot at the title, 41-31.

The combined efforts of the Tri-City (Buffalo) Tornadoes and the Sangamon Valley (Niantic) Storm with their star captain, Ashlyn Sturdy, was too much high pressure for A&M. It was like the Raiders had a rock on their head.

Although the Storm only scored 7 points in the defensive 1st, the Raiders only scored 5 points. Study made a deuce and a trey for TCSV. Post player Sarah Finley made two free throws. A&M got just a 3-point play from Channing Reed and a Hannah Schinzler deuce.

The scoring picked up a tad in the 2nd, but still A&M could not get past the Storm, 10-10. Lanie Sams made a three, while McKenna Denton and Mikayla Denton had solo twos. Reed made 3-of-4 foul shots.

Sturdy made four free throws and a deuce. Finley scored twice and TCSV was still up by just two points at the half, 17-15.

Again few points were scored in the 3rd, but the Storm doubled-up the Raiders, 8-4. Sturdy scored twice. Finley scored once. Campbell made two free throws.

A&M got all four of their points from Mikayla Denton. She split a pair at the line and dialed in a 3. After three periods, the Storm was up by six, in this game a solid lead, 25-19.

In the 4th, both teams released the horses. Twenty-eight points were scored in 8:00. Both teams combined for 18 free throws. TCSV made 8-of-11. A&M made 7-of-7.

Study got to the line four times and made 7-of-8 shots. Class made 1-of-2. Finley made two buckets, but missed a foul shot. Moxly had a two for 16 TCSV points in the period.

A&M still couldn’t keep up, scoring 12 points. McKenna Denton scored twice. Mikayla Denton converted a 3-point play, then made two free throws. Reed made two foul shots. Julia Braundmeier split a pair at the line.

A&M made 11-of-16 foul shots and TCSV made 18-of-23. TCSV also made 11 buckets (1-3) for 23 points. A&M made 9 field goals (2-3s) for 20 points. Seven extra free throws and three more buckets gave TCSV the 10-point margin for victory.

The Raiders could not stop Sturdy. She scored 24 points on 5 buckets (1-3) and 13-of-14 foul shooting. Finley followed with 12 points, five buckets and 2-of-3 at the line.

Mikayla Denton was the only Raider in double figures. She had 11 points on 3 buckets (1-3) and 4-of-5 at the line. Reed followed with 8 points, 6-of-7 foul shooting. Thursday

Macon County Tourney

Sangamon Valley 41, Central A&M 31

CA&M 5-10-4-12--31

TCSV 7-10-8-16--41

CAM stats: Mi Denton 11 (2-2s, 1-3 pt FGs, 4/5 FTs), Reed 8 (FG, 6/7 FTs), Mc Denton 6 (3 FGs), Sams 3 (FG), Schinzler 2 (FG), Braundmeier 1 (1/2 FTs). Team FGs 9. 3-Pointers: 2 (Mi Denton, Sams). Team FTs 11-of-16.

TCSV stats: Sturdy 24 (4-2s, 1-3 pt FGs, 13/14 FTs), Finley 12 (5 FGs, 2/3 Fts), Moxly 2 (FG), Campbell 2 (2/4 FTs). Class 1 (1-for-2). Team FGs 11 3-Pointers: 1 (Sturdy). Team FTs 18-of-23.

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