The central A&M Raider girls went from taking wasting Maroa on Saturday for 3rd place in the Macon County Tourney to completely routing Pawnee by 50 points on Monday, 59-9.

Pawnee drove a long way for 9 points and a whooping. The Raiders spread the damage among 8 players, but still rolled up the score. After a 23-0 rout in the 1st, A&M pulled it back and still double-up Pawnee. They were up by 31 points at the half, 38-7.

An 18-2 run in the 3rd was overkill. In the final 8:00, the fat lady was losing her voice as just 3 points were scored by A&M.

McKenna Denton lit the match for the Raiders in the 1st period, scoring four times. Lanie sams sank a pair of triples. MiKayla Denton scored twice. Hannah Schinzler got started a solo trey, while Channing Reed had a two. Pawnee didn’t even shoot a free throw in the 1st.

Despite the 23-point lead, A&M kept starters on the floor. Schinzler made a two and a three. Reed scored twice. MiKayla Denton made 1-of-2 foul shots and a two. Emma Beck made a bucket and Victoria Billups made one free throw in a 15-7 run.

Pawnee got on the board with a two from Specht and Olson. Meier made two free throws and Clarke 1-of-2. A&M was up by almost 40 and a running clock by the break.

After the pause, A&M stormed right back out of the locker room for another blitz. Schinzler launched a trey and then scored twice in close. MiKayla Denton. split a pair at the line and converted a 3-point play. She scored again.

McKenna Denton and Reed added solo twos before their bow. Emma Corzine made 1-of-2 foul shots in the 18-2 run. Pawnee’s only score came from Clarke, a two, to trail by 47 points, 56-9.

In the 4th, Billups had all three points on 1-of-2 foul shooting and a final two.

A&M had 3 almost 4 players in balanced double figures. Schinzler led with 14 points with a triply of twos and a trey hat trick. Mikayla Denton had 13 points on 5 buckets and 3-of-5 at the line. McKenna Denton scored 10 all from the floor. Reed finished with 8 from the floor.

A&M made 24 baskets, 5 from the arc for 53 points. Pawnee had 3 baskets for 6 points, no threes and was 3-of-6 at the line.


Central A&M 59, Pawnee 9

P’wnee 0-7-2-0--9

C A&M 23-15-18-3--59

CAM stats: Schinzler 14 (3-2s, 3-3 pt FGs, 0/1 FTs), Mi. Denton 13 (5 FGs, 3/5 FTs), Mc Denton 10 5 FGs), Reed 8 (4 FGs), Sams 6 (2-3 pt FGs), Billups 4 (FG, 2/4 FTs), Beck 2 (FG), Corzine 1 (1/3 FTs). Team FGs 24. 3-Pointers: 5 (Schinzler 3, Sams 2). Team FTs 6-of-13.

P’nee stats: Clarke 3 (FG, 1/2 FTs), Olson 2 (FG), Spechtl 2 (FG), Meier 2 (2/2 FTs), Longheim (0/2 FTs). Team FGs 3. Team FTs 3-of-6.

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