The Shelbyville Ram girls basketball team challenged Central A&M last week on the same floor in the CIC Tourney, losing, 80-70. On Monday, the Raiders ruined the Ram Sr. Night, crushing them by almost 50 points, 67-20.

The A&M defense was brutal, cowing the Rams and allowing 50 less points against the same team that scored 70. A&M still scored 67 points in this game and Channing Reed still had another big night.

The last meeting Reed scored 27 points and scored her 1000th career point. In the last meeting the game was competitive.

In the last meeting Ram leading scorer Trinity Wade scored 24 points and Freshman standout Mia Wade scored 17. They combined to score just 5 points on Monday. The Rams couldn’t buy a shot, when they had one.

The Rams were led in this effort by senior Carson Beyers, who scored 6 points on 3 baskets. The Rams made 8 buckets, total in 32:00. They no 3-pointers and were just 4-of-12 at the line (33%).

This was the lowest scoring game of the season by the Rams. The only team the Rams beat by a lower score was Brussels (19). The next lowest score was 33 points in a loss to Camp Point Central.

The raiders put it on the Rams in the 1st quarter, a 25-2 run. Reed started with a deuce and a trey. She scored again and then converted a 3-point play for 10 points.

McKenna Denton scored, was fouled and made two free throws, then scored again. Mikayla Denton scored twice. Hannah Schinzler made her first triple and Julia Braundmeier scored.

Carson Beyers had a bucket for Shelby, while Mia Wade and Sophie Ogden each missed a pair of free throws.

With A&M prohibitively ahead, A&M backed off and Shelby competed for a quarter. Beyers scored twice, Abigail Kaiser scored, Ogden scored and Trinity Wade scored.

A&M still out-scored them in the 2nd. Reed scored three times, then was fouled and made two free throws for another 8 points, 18 points in the 1st half. Victoria Billups scored and both Denton’s scored a bucket,. extending the A&M led to 27 points at the break, 39-12.

With A&M even more prohibitively ahead, they poured it on the Rams in the 3rd, 20-4. Shelby couldn’t make a basket. Trinity wade made two free throws. Ogden made 1-of-2 free throws and Mia Wade made 1-of-2 free throws for just 4 Ram points in 8:00.

The Raider starters ransacked their victims. Reed scored four more times. Schinzler hit a 3, then was fouled on a 3. She made all three foul shots. She added a two for 8 points. Mikayla Denton scored a two and McKenna Denton made two free throws to put A&M up by 43 points, 59-16.

A&M finally pulled the starters in the 4th quarter. Billups scored again, Julia Corzine scored, Peyten Dial scored and Rainey Mitsdarfer scored. Ram reserve Jadyn Adams scored all four Shelbyville points on two buckets.

Central A&M (20-8) will host Warrensburg on Thursday. They beat Warrenburg last week, 37-35. Shelbyville (12-16) will go to St. Teresa on Thursday. St. T won the CIC Tourney title last week.


Central A&M 67, Shelbyville 20

C A&M 25-14-20-8--67

Shelby 2-10-4-4--20

Ram stats: Beyers 6 (3 FGs), T Wade 4 (FG, 2/2 FTs), J Adams 4 (2 FGs), Ogden 3 (FG, 1/4 FTs), Kaiser 2 (FG), M Wade 1 (1/4 FTs), Hicks (0/2 FTs). Team FGs 8. Team FTs 4-of-12.

CAM stats: Reed 26 (10-2s, 1-3 pt Fgs, 3/3 FTs), Schinzler 11 (1-2, 2-3 pt FGs, 3/3 FTs), Mc Denton 10 (3 FGs, 4/4 FTs), Mi Denton 8 (4 FGs, 0/1 FTs), Billups 4 (2 FGs, 0/1 FTs), Braundmeier 2 (FG), Mitsdarfer 2 (FG), J Corzine 2 (FG, 0/2 FTs), Dial 2 (FG). Team FGs 27. 3-Pointers: 3 (Schinzler 2, Reed). Team FTs 10-of-14.

John Curtis can be reached at

John Curtis can be reached at

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