Shelbyville Ram and Central A&M (CAM) 7th and 8th grade volleyball teams were involved in consecutive marathons on Monday night. Ram 7th beat CAM 7th in the 1st marathon, 25-21, 19-25, 25-19. Ram 8th beat CAM 8th in the 2nd marathon, 25-16, 25-27, 25-13.

Shelby 7th edged A&M by 4 points in game one, but the pendulum swung back in the 2nd set and A&M earned a 6-point win. The Rams got momentum back and took the 3rd set by 6.

"We did a fairly good job controlling the service line," said Ram 7th coach Maggie Keown. "I was super proud of Marley's (Phelps) consistency with her serve.

Marley Phelps served 24 points, double that of the next server. She had four aces. Jaycee Brinkoetter served 12 points and half of them (6) were aces. Maisie Kull served 11 points and had 2 aces. Sophia Lynch served 9 points with 3 aces. Mischa Beals served 8 points with 2 aces. Katie Nohren served 5 points with one ace. The Rams served 18 aces in the 3 sets. 

"We have to do a better job taking advantage when we have the serve," Coach Keown said. "The girls did a nice job staying calm even though we were missing some girls due to sickness."     

The Rams also swung for 12 kills, giving them 30 attack points out of 69 total (43%). Kull led at the net with 4 kills, plus 2 aces for 6 attack points, while Brinkoetter had 3 kills plus 6 aces for a team-high 9 attack points. Lynch hit 2 kills with 3 aces for 5 attack points. Phelps hit one kill, plus 4 aces for 5 attack points. 

Shelby 7th had 18 aces and 11 kills for 

The offensive attack of 12 kills was set by 9 assists (75%). Brinkoetter and Beals dished 5 and 3 assists, respectively. Lynch had an assist. The defense only scooped 9 digs in 3 sets. Phelps led the defense with 4 digs. 



Shelbyville def. Central A&M, 25-21, 19-25, 25-19

Ram stats: Marley Phelps 24 points, 4 aces, 1 kill, 4 digs; Jaycee Brinkoetter 12 points, 6 aces, 3 kills, 5 assists, 2 digs; Maisie Kull 11 points, 1 aces, 4 kills, 1 dig; Sophia Lynch 9 points, 3 aces, 2 kills, 1 assist, 1 dig; Mischa Beals 8 points, 2 aces, 3 assists, 1 dig; Katie Nohren 5 points, 1 ace; Kylie Gordon 1 kill.  

The 8th grade Rams came within an eyelash of taking A&M out in 2 sets, but the Raiders fought to keep that from happening. Shelby won easily in the 1st set by 9 points.

However, A&M forced a marathon, by winning set 2 by 2 in OT. The 3rd set A&M crashed as the Rams came on strong, earning a 12-point runaway win. 

"We played against a very talented 8th grade CAM team that brought out our competitiveness," said Ram 8th coach Meleah Brinkoetter. "The 1st game Millie Clark did a great job serving and served 12 out of the 25 points."

Like Phelps for the 7th grade, Clark led the 8th grade, serving a total of 23 points with 9 aces. Ella Storm served 14 points with 2 aces, Kinzee Musser served 13 points. Caroline White served 11 points with one ace.

"The 2nd game, we made a lot more mistakes and gave them points," Coach Brinkoetter said. "We lacked our communication skills, where we had balls dropping and girls running into each other."

A&M effort, and those mistakes, gave A&M a chance to stay alive.

"The 3rd game, we knew we were going to have to come out determined and make them earn their points instead of just giving points to them. We didn't give up and battled to the end and got the win. Overall, I'm very proud of their performance."

The 8th grade served 13 aces and hit 19 kills with 2 blocks for 34 attack points out of 75 total (45%). Millie Clark led the team with 9 aces and 3 kills for 12 attack points. White had an ace with a team-high 7 kills and a block for 9 attack points. Musser had 4 kills.

Musser also led the offense with 12 assists. The Ram 8th had 17 assists towards their 19 kills (89%). The defense did yeomen's work, scooping 32 digs to dissuade A&M. White led with 12 digs and Ella Storm scooped 10. Millie Clark got down for 7 digs. 

Shelby 7th (3-1, 2-0 Okaw) and Shelby 8th (4-0, 2-0 Okaw) host Argenta on Thursday. 


Shelbyville def. Central A&M, 25-16, 25-27, 25-13

Ram stats; Millie Clark 23 points, 9 aces, 3 kills, 1 assist, 7 digs; Caroline White 11 points, 1 ace, 7 kills, 1 block, 12 digs; Ella Storm 14 points, 2 aces, 1 kill, 10 digs; Kinzee Musser 13 points, 4 kills, 12 assists, 2 digs; Delaney Keown 6 points, 3 assists; Amber Lewis 4 points, 1 ace, 2 kills; Dru Clark 1 block, 1 dig; Emily Duckett 2 kills, 1 block; Haylee Hunter 1 point.

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