The Lady Ram basketball team took a special trip to Athens on Saturday afternoon, but it didn't turn out so special. Athens assaulted them, 82-40.

Athens didn't care as much about defense as offense, because they would bet on out-scoring Shelby. They did. Grace Schuler battled Athens leading scorer, Epperson. But free throws gave Epperson a 21 to 19 point edge.

Eliminate the top scorer from each team and scoring was not even close. Athens out-scored Shelby 61-21. Athens had two more players in double figures, Tapscott with 15 and Penrod 14. Take them out and Athens still beats Shelby, 32-21.

Athens took no prisoners in the 1st, getting seven scorers to post a 27-11 run. Epperson had a deuce and a trey, two free throws, and a bucket for 9 of her 21 points early.

Costa had a deuce and a trey, Nortdsiek had two twos, Penrod had a two and two free throws, Bohannan had a basket, Reiff made two free throws and Ogden 1-of-2.

Shelby scored in double figures despite starting in the hole. Schuler had a trey and a deuce, Morgan Powers scored twice, and JV starter Madison Everett scored.

The second verse was like the first, a 25-11 Athens run. Schuler had another trey and a deuce, plus another deuce. Autumn Carson scored a triple and Jami Hennings made 1-of-2 foul shots.

Tapscott took over the second. She scored seven times from the floor for 14 of her 15 points. Epperson had another trey and a deuce. Penrod scored twice and Reiff made two more free throws. Athens was up by 30 points at the half, 52-22.

Athens slowed their roll in the 2nd half. They took the 3rd, barely, 13-9. Schuler scored twice in closer, Sadie Goralski got on the board with a 3-pointer and Carson managed a two.

Athens got a deuce and a trey from Nordsiek and two twos from Penrod. Epperson and Ogden had solo twos to up their lead to 34 points, 65-31.

Down the stretch, Athens free throws pumped their final run up to 17-9. Bohannan led with a pair of deuces and two free throws. Epperson had a triple and two free throws. Ogden and Penrod had twos, while Tapscott and Reiff were 1-of-2 at the line, each.

Shelby got a final three from Schuler, while Carson and Everett finished with solo twos and Maleigha Corley got on the board with a bucket.



Athens 82, Shelbyville 40

Shelby   11-11-9-9--40

Athens   27-25-13-17--82

Ram stats: Schuler 19 (5-2s, 3-3 pt FGs), Carson 7 (2-2s, 1-3 pt FGs), Powers 4 (2 FGs), Everett 4 (2 FGs), Goralski 3 (FG), Hennings 1 (1/2 FTs). Team FGs 16. 3-Pointers: 5 (Schuler 3, Carson, Goralski). Team FTs 1-of-2.

Athens stats: Epperson 21 (4-2s, 3-3 pt FGs, 4/4 FTs), Tapscott 15 (7 FGs, 1/2 FTs), Penrod 14 (6 FGs, 2/2 FTs), Bohannan 8 (3 FGs, 2/2 FTs), Nordsiek 7 (3-2s, 1-3 pt FGs), Ogden 5 (2 FGs, 1/2 FTs), Reiff 5 (5/6 FTs), Costa 5 (1-2, 1-3 pt FGs). Team FGs 35. 3-Pointers: 5 (Epperson 3, Nordsiek 1, Costa 1). Team FTs 15-of-18.


Athens 24, Shelbyville 14

Shelby   5-0-7-2--14

Athens  4-3-7-10--24

Ram stats: Everett 6 (2 FGs, 2/2 FTs), Davis 3 (FG, 1/2 FTs), Trainor 3 (FG), Gottfriedt 2 (FG). Team FGs 5. 3-Pointers: 1 (Trainor). Team FTs 3-of-6.

Athens stats: Costa 12 (4-2s, 1-3 pt FGs, 1/2 FTs), Laughlin 4 (FG, 2/4 FTs), Dowell 4 (FG, 2/2 FTs), Long 2 (FG), Reching 2 (FG, 0/3 FTs). Team FGs 9 (1-3). Team FTs 5-of-11.

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