The playoffs eluded Shelbyville this year as they stood on the threshold two weeks in a row only to be denied. On Friday, the Rams were tied with the 2nd best team in the conference 7-7, before the Bulldogs pulled away for a 40-point win, 61-21.

Shelby started their season with a previously unscheduled loss at Seneca rather than a forfeit by Pawnee. The Rams then went 4-2 to be one win shy of playoff eligible. Last week they went to Tuscola and almost pulled off an upset, losing in a high-scoring affair, but just 6 points.

The Rams still had a long shot to make the playoffs if they could pull a major upset of St. Teresa. On paper it was impossible, but on the field they tried to make it happen anyway.

The Rams would have play amazing defense and put up 4 scores, including a field goal. They scored three times on the Bulldogs and just missed a field goal. No other team scored more points on St. T this year, except conference champ Central A&M.

However, the defense couldn’t stop the St. T juggernaut. St. T averaged 45 points per game this season. They were held to 26 points by A&M.

The Rams fell behind on the Bulldogs’ first play from scrimmage, as the pass play went for 67 yards and a touchdown. However, on the Rams’ second possession they answered. They put together a 10 play drive, going 64 yards in 3:56.

Brayden Smith returned the kickoff to the Ram 36. Rope Hatfield caught a pass from kentrell Beck for 2 yards. The next pass went to Colton Miller for 21 yards and a 1st down to the St. 41. Beck passed to Colten Reed for 9 yards. A pass to Hatfield went for 12 yards and another 1st down to the 20.

Beck ran for 10 yards and a 1st down at the 10. Beck ran for no gain then almost threw a pick. On 3rd and 7, he passed to AJ Stokes for the 10 yard TD with 5:38 in the 1st. Seppe Vitale kicked the extra-point to tie the game, 7-7.

Four minutes later, a St. T drive ended with a 1-yard run for a score. the extra-point snap was high and the holder had to scramble. The conversion failed, with 2:50 remaining in the 1st, 13-7.

The Rams responded immediately. Hatfield returned the kick to the 36. After a sack, beck found Max Beyers for 9 yards. On 3rd and 5, Hatfield ran and broke free for 56 yards. However, inside the 5 he was caught from behind and the ball was knocked loose and recovered by St. T in the end zone.

The Rams almost tied the game and could have gone ahead with the conversion. Instead, St. T got the ball on the 20/ Denim Cook ran for 65 yards on the next play. He ran again for 15 yards and a touchdown with 41.6 seconds left in the 1st. A 2-point run was good and St. T was off and running, 21-7.

Shelby punted on their next possession and then got what they wanted on the next St. T possession, a fumble. On 4th down, St. T was going for it and the quarterback was sacked. He fumbled the ball. However, he recovered it. Nevermind, the Rams had the ball on downs at the St. T 31.

The drive stalled and they had 4th and 12 at the St. T 22. Vitale came in to kick a field goal to bring them within 11 points. The kick was short and St. T got the ball back.

On the first play, the QB looked to hand the ball to the left and ran right for 78 yards and a touchdown. The extra-point was blocked, but with 6:36 in the half they were up, 27-7.

After a return, Shelbyville got an interference call and had the ball at the 40. They still had to punt. On the 2nd play a pass play went for 42 yards to the ram 11. Cook ran the ball in on the next play. The kick was good and with 4:05 in the half, St. T was up 34-7.

After the return, Beck ran for a 1st down. Stokes was interfered with on a pass for a 1st down at the St. T 46. A penalty and a sack put them in a hole. Beck was sacked again and he and Nick Nohren were both injured. on 4th and 28. He got a good roll on a 42 yard punt.

Ram defense held.A screen play was called back for holding. Ethan Clark sacked the QB for 9 yards. They ran for 5 yards, but the half ended.

In the 3rd period St. T fumbled the kick-off, but got it back, once again. Grant Mose then got a 4-yard sack. A pass for 51 yards went for a score at the 10:42 mark. The kick was good for a 41-7 lead.

The Rams struck quickly, in a minute and a half. The ensuing kickoff went right to Grant Mose (6-0, 285 lbs) and he reached up and snatched from the air. He ran for 20 yards. Josh Agin ran for 2 yards. Agin then ran for 46 yards for a 1st down at the St. T 15.

Beck then threw to Reed at the goal line. He shielded himself from the defender, caught the ball and pivoted into the end zone for the 14 yard score. Vitale kicked the extra-point and with 9:14 in the 3rd the score was 41-14.

The Rams just couldn’t stop the Bulldogs. They had a 12-play drive that ended with a 5-yard run. The kick was blocked again, but with 4:54 in the 3rd it was 47-14.

Mose caught another kickoff and ran it for 21 yards. After 2 runs, beck threw an interception returned to the ram 19. Three plays later St. T scored. The kick was good and with 1:21 left in the 3rd, it was a 40-point lead for a non-stop clock, 54-14.

Mose returned another kickoff for 9 yards. Shelby moved the ball. Agin picked up a 1st down. A pass to Reed picked up a 1st down at the St. T 35. Two plays later the Rams fumbled the ball to St. T.

They ran for 63 yards and a touchdown, but there was a holding call and it came back. They passed for 10 yards, then fumbled, but once again recovered it. Three runs later they were at the Ram 23. The QB ran and broke contain for a TD. The kick was good and with 2:39 in the 4h, St. T was ahead, 61-14.

Mose returned the 4th straight St. T kickoff. He ran for 22 yards. On the first play of the drive, Beck threw a perfect pass to Colton Miller in stride and he ran away from the St. T defense for a 64 yard touchdown. Vitale kicked the extra-point and with 1:26 left in the game, it was 61-21.

Shelby kicked off and St. T took a knee on their first play. The game and Shelby’s effort for a playoff berth ended. They finished with a 4-5 record.

Beck, Hatfield, Lynch and Nohren were all injured in the 1st half and had to come out of the game. In the 2nd half, Beck returned and finished the game.


St. Teresa 61, Shelbyville 21

St. Teresa 21-13-20-7--61

Sh’lbyville 7-0-7-7--21


1st (9:34)-(ST) 67-yd TD pass, kick good, 7-0

1st (5:38)-(SH) Beck 10 yd TD pass to Stokes, Vitale kick, 7-7

1st (2:50)-(ST) 1 yd TD run, pass failed, 13-7

1st (:41.6)-(ST) 15 yd TD run, run good, 21-7

2nd (6:36)- (ST) 80 yd TD run, kick blocked, 27-7

2nd (4:05)-(ST) 11 yd TD run, kick good, 34-7

3rd (10:42)-(ST) 51 yd TD pass, kick good, 41-7

3rd (9:14)-(SH) Beck 14 yd TD pass to Reed, 41-14

3rd (4:54)- (ST) 5 yd TD run, kick blocked, 47-14

3rd (1:21)-(ST) 11 yd TD pass, kick good, 54-14

4th (2:39)-(ST) 23 yd TD run, kick good, 61-14

4th (1:26)-(SH) Beck 64 yd TD pass to Miller, kick good, 61-21

Ram stats: OFFENSE 283 yds, 3 TDs; RUSHING- 23 for 122 yds; Agin 9 for 71 yds; Beck 12 for -7 yds; Hatfield 1 for 54 yds; Winings 1 for 4 yds; PASSING- Beck 12-of-24, 161 yds, 3 TDs, 1 INT; RECEIVING-Miller 2 for 85 yds, TD; Reed 3 for 42 yds, TD; Stokes 2 for 9 yds, TD; Hatfield 4 for 18 yds; Lynch 1 for 7 yds; TACKLES-Agin 10 (10 solo/0 assist); Clark 5 (5/0), 1 for loss -9; Beyers 4 (4/0); Bro Smith 4 (2/2); Stokes 3 (3/0); Lynch 3 (2/1); Johnson 3 (2/1); Mose 2 (1/1), 1 for loss -4; Robertson 2 (2/0); Rhodes 2 (2/0); Bray Smith 2 (2/0), 1 for loss -1; Reed 2 (2/0); Hatfield 1 (1/0); BLOCKED KICK-Reed 1, Mose 1; KICKOFFs-Vitale 4 for 199 yds (49.6 yd avg); KICK RETURNS-Mose 4 for 72 yds (18 yd avg); Bray Smith 2 for 21 yds (10.5 yd vg); Beck 1 for 25 yds; Hatfield 1 for 25 yds; Stokes 2 for 23 yds (11.5 avg); PUNTS- Beck 3 for 119 yds (39.6 yd avg), Beyers 1 for 42 yds; FORCED FUMBLE-Bro Smith 1; FUMBLE-Hatfield 1, Winings 1; 1ST DOWNS-10 (5 run, 2 pass, 3 penalty); PENALTIES-2 for 10 yds

St. T stats: OFFENSE-534 yds, 9 TDs; RUSHING 32 for 300 yds, 6 TDs; Cook 19 for 167 yds, 4 TDs; Miller 3 for 110 yds (2 TDs); Justice 2 for 15 yds; Hogan 5 for -2 yds; Staab 2 for 4 yds; Cherry 1 for 6 yds; PASSING-11 for 12 244 yds, 3 TDs; Hogan 10 for 11 for 234 yds, 3 TDs; Miller 1 for 1 for 10 yds; RECEIVERS- Less 4 for 114 yds, 2 TDs; Staab 3 for 94 yds, TD; Cook 1 for 17 yds; Tapscott 1 for 16 yds; Cherry 1 for 10 yds; Bryles 1 for 3 yds; 1ST DOWNS- 13 (8 run, 4 pass); TACKLES- Cook 6, Lewis 4, Arnold 4, Chapman 4, Hayes 3, Less 3, Mell 3, Jameson 2, Cherry 2, Staab 1, Bryles 1, Baldwin 1, Martini 1, Miller 1, #9 1, Smith 1; KICKOFFS-Sheehan 10 for 453 yds (45.3 avg); KICK RETURNS- Bryles 3 for 113 yds (39.6 avg), Cherry 1 for 37; PUNT RETURN- Staab 1 for 12 yds; INTs-Cherry 1 for 7 yds; FUMBLES-Hogan 1; FUMBLE RETURN-Hayes 1 for 5 yds; PENALTIES-6 for 60 yds;

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