The Shelbyville Moulton volleyball squads are on a streak of separation. The Ram 7th (5-4, 3-1 Okaw) is losing and the undefeated Ram 8th (9-0, 4-0 Okaw) is still winning.

On Friday, Ram 7th lost to Mt. Zion, 20-25, 19-25. Ram 8th won, 25-8, 25-23. On Saturday, Ram 7th lost to Warrensburg, 21-25, 23-25. Ram 8th won, 25-16, 25-20.

The Rams 7th couldn’t overcome mistakes to beat Mt. Zion in a close match. They served 15 aces and hit just 4 kills for 19 attack points out of 39 (48.7%).

“We can’t seem to put all the pieces together,” said Ram 7th coach Maggie Keown. “Our passing continued to struggle and we couldn’t side-out quickly. Hopefully we will have a full week of practice and will be able to clean up our serve receive.”

Jaycee Brinkoetter served 10 of the 15 aces, with 2 kills for 12 attack points. Mischa Beals had an ace and a kill and Katie Nohren served 2 aces. Five different Rams dished assists. Shelby scooped 19 digs. Nohren also led the defense with 5 digs.

Friday 7th

Mt. Zion def. Shelbyville, 25-20, 25-19

Ram stats: Jaycee Brinkoetter 15 points, 10 aces, 2 kills, 1 assist, 2 digs; Mischa Beals 4 points, 1 ace, 1 kill, 2 assists, 4 digs; Katie Nohren 6 points, 2 aces, 5 digs; Marley Phelps 5 points, 1 ace, 2 assists, 1 dig; Sophia Lynch 5 points, 1 ace, 1 assist, 1 dig; Briley Schutt 1 kill; Maisie Kull 4 points, 3 assists, 4 digs; Ceccillia Lamb 2 digs.

The 8th grade cruised to victory out-scoring Mt. Zion by 19 points, 50 to 31. They posted a 17-point blowout in the 1st set. They lost their edge in the 2nd set, but still got a 2-point win.

“I am very proud of my girls and how they played, since we haven’t been able to practice for the past couple of days due to the snow,” said Ram 8th coach Meleah Brinkoetter. “They came out strong in the first game, which allowed me to play all the 8th graders.”

The Rams served 5 aces and hit 16 kills with 1 block for 22 attack points out of 50 (44%). They dished 11 assists towards the 16 kills, leaving 5 kills from 1-timers and free balls. They scooped 23 digs.

The 2nd game, we started off good, but slowly started losing our momentum, which allowed Mt. Zion to slowly creep back up. During the last time out our goal was to not go into a 3rd set. We got another win under our belt.”


Shelbyville def. Mt. Zion, 25-8, 25-23

Ram stats: Ella Storm 14 points, 1 ace, 1 kill, 1 assist, 4 digs; Amber Lewis 11 points, 2 aces, 3 kills, 1 block; Millie Clark 8 points, 2 aces, 5 kills, 5 digs; Dru Clark 3 kills, 1 dig; Kinzee Musser 8 points, 1 kill, 11 assists, 1 dig; Caroline White 4 points, 2 kills, 7 digs; Emily Duckett 3 points, 1 kill, 3 digs; Haylee Hunter 1 assist, 1 dig; Elyse Lape 1 dig.

The next morning, the Ram 7th still couldn’t get over the hump, losing to Warrensburg, 21-25, 23-25.

“We were right with this team in both sets,” Coach Keown said. “We just made too many unforced errors and couldn’t finish what we started.”

Ram 7th served 16 aces and hit 7 kills for 23 attack points out of 46 (50%). Brinkoetter led them with 14 points and 7 aces (50%) with 2 kills for 9 attack points. She had a team-high 4 assists and 4 digs.

Marley Phelps served up 5 aces from 11 points (44%). Kylie Gordon served 8 points wit 3 aces and hit two kills for another 5 attack points.

Saturday 7th

Warrensburg def. Shelbyville, 25-21, 25-23

Ram stats: Brinkoetter 14 points, 7 aces, 2 kills, 4 assists, 4 digs; Phelps 11 points, 5 aces, 3 digs; Beals 4 points, 2 kills, 3 assists, 2 digs; Maisie Kull 3 points, 1 kill, 3 digs; Gordon 8 points, 3 aces, 2 kills; Lynch 4 points, 1 ace, 1 dig; Schutt 3 digs; Lamb 2 digs.

On Saturday, Shelby 8th kinda duffed their way through an easy win against Warrensburg, 25-16, 25-20.

“We played mediocre,” Coach Brinkoetter said. “We made a lot of unforced errors. We also had 14 hitting errors, 11 digging errors and 6 service errors. I realize we haven’t had much practice time in recent days, but this team is much better than this performance. In the coming week, we will focus on our offense, cleaning up the defense and giving 100% each and every day they step on the court.”

Despite the many miscues, they still out-scored Warrensburg by 14 points, winning by 9 points and 5 points in the 2-set match.

They served 6 aces and hit 13 kills in a faltering offense, for just 19 attack points out of 50 (38%). They dished just 9 assists towards the 13 kills (68%). They had a balanced defense, scooping 18 digs.

Caroline white ed the offensive attack with 9 points, one ace and 5 kills for 6 attack points. Millie Clark served a team-high 10 points with a team-high 3 aces with 2 kills for 5 attack points. Middle Dru Clark hit 3 kills. Amber Lewis had 2 kills.

Kinzee Musser dished 8 of the 9 assists and served 2 aces and hit a kill to be part of 11 attack points.

Ella Storm, Millie Clark, and Caroline White led the defense with 4 digs, each. Musser had 3.


Shelbyville def. Warrensburg, 25-16, 25-20

Ram stats: White 9 points, 1 ace, 5 kills, 4 digs; M Clark 10 points, 3 aces, 2 kills, 4 digs; Musser 6 points, 2 aces, 1 kill, 8 assists, 3 digs; Dru Clark 3 kills; Lewis 10 points, 2 kills, 1 dig; Storm 6 points, 1 assist, 4 digs; Delaney Keown 4 points, 1 dig; Hunter 3 points, 1 dig; Duckett 1 point.

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