Shelby Moulton 8th grade basketball played like the #1 seed in the Sullivan 8-3A Regional on Tuesday. The Shelbyville crew sailed past Arthur-Lovington-Atwood-Hammond in the semifinal, 43-10.

The Sullivan 8-2A Regional semifinal #1 seed hit the #4 seed like a typhoon in the 1st quarter, 13-0. Brody Boehm scored three times. Brady Boehm split a pair at the line and then made a 2-pointer. Logan Stiner scored and Tucker Foil scored.

The Knights finally got their offense going in the 2nd period, but still were doubled-up by the Rams 12-5. Nettles made a 3 for Arthur and Waldrup added a two.

The Rams got a deuce, Brody Boehm made both his free throws and then scored again. Brady Boehm made 2-of-3 shots from the floor and Stiner scored again. Shelby was up by 20 points at the half, 25-5.

The Rams shot 57.9% from the field in the 1st half. Brody Boehm shot 71% from the floor in the 1st half. Brady Boehm shot 50%. Stiner shot 67% and Foil 100%.

In the 3rd quarter, Shelby posted an 8-2 run. Four Rams (Stiner, Foil, Mason Jones, Brady Boehm) had solo buckets, shooting 57%. Waldrup had the only Kinght score as they shot 16%. Shelby led by 26 points heading into the 4th period, 33-7.

The Rams finished the game with a 10-3 run. Nettles hit from the arc, the final Knight bucket of the season.

Five different Rams scored down the stretch. Stiner, Brody Hancock, Brady Boehm and Zed Phelps made solo baskets. Brody Boehm made both of his free throws. They still shot 44%.

The Rams shot 54.3% from the floor for the game and 83% from the foul line. They made 19 field goals, none from the arc, for 38 points. A-L/A-H made 4 baskets, two from the arc for 10 points. They shot zero free throws.

The test for the Rams will be in the final against Tuscola East Prairie (#2 seed). Paris (#6 seed) just did knock off Sullivan (#3 seed), then almost knocked off Tuscola (#2 seed) by a point, 20-19.


Shelbyville 43, A-L/A-H 10

A-L/A-H 0-5-2-5--10

Shelby 13-12-8-10--43

Ram stats: Bro Boehm 14 (5/7 FGs, 4/4 FTs), Bra Boehm 11 (5/8 FGs, 1/2 FTs), Stiner 8 (4/6 FGs), Jones 2 (1/3 FGs), Brody Hancock 2 (1/1 FG), Foil 4 (2/2 FGs), Phelps 2 (1/1 FG). Team FGs 19. Team FTs 5-of-6 FTs.

A-L/A-H stats: Nettles 6 (0/6-2s, 2-3 pt FGs), Waldrup 4 (2/5 FGs), Parsons (0/2 FGs), Eads (0/2 FTs). Team FGs 4. Team FTs 0.

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