The Shelbyville Rams were going for an upset at Tuscola on Friday to be playoff eligible. They fought back to within 6 points, but lost, 54-48.

Kentrell Beck had over 556 yards of offense and 5 TDs. Rope Hatfield had 10 catches for 157 yards and 2 TDs. The Ram offense scored 7 TDs.

A controversial official’s call late in the first half, may have cost the Rams 14 points and put them in a hole. Still, they almost crawled out of it.

  • The game was an offensive shootout. Both teams combined to score 15 touchdowns and score a total of 102 points. Although that is a lot of points the Top 20 highest scoring games in IHSA history range from 162 points down to 124 points in one game for both teams.
  • Both teams scored three TDs in the first quarter (42 pts), 21-21. In the 2nd quarter, Tuscola scored 3 times and Shelby zero, with special circumstances. Both teams scored twice in the 3rd period. Shelby scored twice in the 4th and came up 6 points short. Tuscola scored 8 times and Shelbyville 7.
  • The special circumstances in the 2nd period was the difference in the game for Tuscola. With the score tied, 21-21, Tuscola scored twice in the 2nd and Shelby missed a chance, 35-21.

Shelby went in for a TD to be down one score. An official called a holding penalty and took away the touchdown. The Rams subsequently took the ball in anyway. But on that TD, the officials said that the ball was fumbled in the end zone instead awarding a TD. Another touchdown was taken away on the same possession right before half.

Tuscola got the ball at the 20 with almost no time on the clock before the half. A missed assignment in the Ram secondary allowed an 80-yard TD at the half. Instead of being down one TD at the half, Shelby stripped of two TDs, was down by three, 42-21.

Brayden Lynch’s miraculous fumble recovery for a TD with 2:00 minute’s left in the game, gave Shelby a 6-point deficit after being down by 21 points, 54-48.

Another official’s call on the TD, a personal foul, pushed the Ram kickoff back to their own 25. The Rams successfully recovered one onside kick in the game. The onside kick this time was covered by Tuscola and time ran out.

Tuscola took the opening kick and drove the distance for a 6-yard TD run with 8:26 gone in the 1st. They kicked for a 7-0 lead. On the ensuing Ram possession, Beck took less than a minute (7:29) to break out on a 64 yard run for a TD. Seppe Vitale kicked the extra point and it was game on, 7-7.

The Rams defense started to hold on the next Tuscola drive. On 3rd and 11 the QB threw a pass and the receiver went up high for the catch and the TD with 5:59 in the 1st, just a minute and a half after the Ram score. The kick was good, 14-7.

On the ensuing Ram possession, Brayden lenych caught a pass for a 1st down. On 3rd and 10 beck threw to Beyers for a 1st down. He hit him again for another 1st down. beck then ran up the middle 13 yard for a touchdown with 4:52 in the 1st, a minute after the Tuscola score. Vitale kick the extra-point for a 14-14 tie.

AJ Stokes almost had an INT on the Tuscola possession. Again, on 3rd and 12, Tuscola passed for a 1st down. Tuscola fumbled, but recovered it. The QB ran for a 1st down. After a 9-yard run, the QB ran for an 11 yard TD with 1:29 in the 1st. The kick was good, 21-14.

The ball was stripped on the Ram kick return, but they recovered it. After a time-out, they had a procedure malfunction. Beck threw to Reed for A 1st down.

After an incomplete pass. A ball was thrown though a receivers hands, but Lynch caught it for 1st down. Hatfield caught the next pass for a 20-yard TD with 44 seconds in the 1st. The kick was good for a 21-21 tie.

On the Tuscola possession they picked up 4 1st downs. They capped the drive with a 6 yard TD run. The kick with 9:49 in the 2nd made it 28-21.

Shelby had to punt after going 3 and out. Tuscola got a 1st down, the missed tackles on a 24 yard run ended in a TD. The kick was good with 8:10 in the half, 35-21.

The next Ram possession started with a shovel pass to hatfield, then a 1st down run by Beck. Beck threw to hatfield for another 1st down. On 3rd and 14 A screen pass to hatfield went 17 yards for a 1st down. A pass to Hatfield made it 2nd and 1. Hatfield ran for a 1st down at the Tuscola 5.

Beck threw a TD pass, but the officials called a holding penalty. The Rams were backed up to the 20. Beck ran for 14 yard, but the Rams had no time outs. On 3rd and 6, Tuscola was called for interference, but it didn’t give the Rams an automatic 1st down.

In what football universe does that make sense?

Beck then ran on 4th down. He stuck the ball out over the goal line. It was touchdown as the ball crossed the plane of the goal line or he was already down at the 1. After the ball crossed the plane of the goal line the ball was dropped. Tuscola picked it up.

If Beck was not down, it was a touchdown, not a fumble. Yet, the officials called it a fumble, negating another Ram TD on the same possession. They awarded Tuscola the ball at the 20. The officials put more time on the clock (1:15), because they let the clock run, while the conferred on the unbelievable call.

Tuscola passed in the middle of the field and the receiver was wide open. he ran 80 yards for a TD with 1:02 in the half. The kick was good and Tuscola led at the half, 42-21.

On the 1st possession of the 2nd half, Reed caught a pass from Beck for a 1st down. Beyers caught a pass for a 1st down. Hatfield caught a beck pass and ran 31 yards for a touchdown. The kick was good at 9:44 in the 3rd, 42-28.

A kick return answered quickly with 9:31 in the 3rd, Tuscola 48, Rams 28. On the ensuing Ram possession, o 3rd and 9, Lynch caught a pass and got nailed helmet to helmet for a penalty and a 1st down. Beck ran and broke tackles to the Tuscola 18. Beck threw to the end zone and it was picked off, killing the drive.

Tuscola got the ball at the 20 They fumbled, but recovered it. The fumbled again and picked it up. They then threw a TD pass for a 54-28 lead with 1;25 remaining in the 3rd.

After a kickoff, Beck threw to Beyers, then Beck ran 66 yards for a TD with 20 seconds left in the 3rd. Shelby trailed 54-34.

Shelby tried an onside kick and recovered it. The Rams drove the ball. On 3rd and 2, A pass was dropped. On 4th and 3 the Rams called time out. hatfield then ran 29 yards for a TD. The kick was good with 10:59 in the game, 54-41.

The Rams kicked the ball away this time. Tuscola go a 1st down. But on 4th and 5 Tuscola had an incomplete pass deep in Shelbyville territory, Ram ball with 3:33 left in the game.

Beck threw to Hatfield for a 1st down at the Tuscola 30. The Rams had a fumble. Lynch was right there and picked it up and ran 32 yards for a TD. The kick was good and the score was 54-48 with 2:00 remaining.

However, the officials struck again, calling a personal foul on the Rams on the TD. The penalty would be assessed on the kickoff. The Rams tried on onside kick from their own 25 yard line. Tuscola recovered it And ran out the clock for the win.

Now the Rams (4-4) must upset St. Teresa in Shelbyville next Friday on Ram Senior Night in the final regular season game, to be playoff eligible.


Tuscola 54, Shelbyville 48

Shelby 21-0-13-14--48

T’scola 21-21-12-0--54


1st (8:26)-(T) 5 yard run, kick good, 0-7

1st (7:29)-(S) Beck 64 yd run, kick good, 7-7

1st (5:59)-(T) 60 ys pass, kick good, 7-14

1st (4:52)-(S) 13 yd run Beck, kick good, 14-14

1st (1:29) (T) 11 yd run, kick good, 14-21

1st (:44)-(S) Beck 29 yd pass to Hatfield, kick good, 21-21

2nd (9:49)-(T) 6 yd run, kick good, 21-28

2nd (8:10)-(T) 24 yd run, kick good, 21-35

2nd -(S) 2 touchdowns canceled (penalty, fumble in end zone)

2nd (1:02) 80 yd pass, kick good, 21-42

3rd (9;44)-(S) Beck 31 yd pass to Hatfield, kick good, 28-42

3rd (9:31)-(T) 90 yd kick return, kick failed, 28-48

3rd (1:25)- (T) 23 yd pass, run failed, 28-54

3rd (:20)-(S) 66 yd Beck run, kick good, 35-54

4th (10:59) 29 yd Hatfield run, kick good, 42-54

4th (2:00)-(S) 32 yd Lynch fumble return, kick good, 48-54.

Ram stats: 598 yds, 7 TDs, 6 x-pt; RUSHING- 23 for 241 yds; Beck 17 for 199 yds, 3 TDs; Hatfield 5 for 41 yds, TD; Agin 1 for 1 yd; PASSING-Beck 28 of 35 for 357 yds, 2 TDs, INT; RECEIVING-Hatfield 10 for 157 yds, 2 TDs; Reed 4 for 57 yds; Beyers 5 for 54 yds; C Miller 4 for 38 yds; X-PT- Vitale 6 of 7; SCORING-Beck 2 TDs passing, 3 TD rushing; Hatfield 1 TD rushing; Lynch 1 TD fumble; Vitale 6/7 x-pt; TACKLES-Agin 11 (9 solo/2 assists), 1 for loss -2; Beyers 7 (6/1); Lynch 5 (4/1), 1 for loss -5 yds; Matthews 5 (5/0), 1 for loss -2 yds; Mose 5 (4/1); Hatfield 5 (3/2); Bray Smith 5 (4/1); Stokes 5 (5/0); S Robertson 3 (3/0), 1 for loss -4 yds; Bro Smith 3 (3/0); Beck 1 (1/0); Reed 1 (1/0); FUMBLE RETURN-Lynch 32 yd, TD; Clark 1.

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