The Rams had a goal to win the Okaw Duals. They came within eleven points, but had to settle for second place with a 4-1 record, losing to Argenta in the final match of the weekend, 39-28.

Shelbyville romped over Clinton, 48-21, blitzed Unity, 53-22, and buried Warrensburg, 58-6. They then came from behind and survived a barn-burner with Monticello, 40-36. In the final match the Rams (4-0) and Argenta (4-0) had a showdown for the title.

The Rams gave up four pins and two forfeits, giving AO 36 of their 39 points, which made it almost impossible to win the match. They gave up a forfeit at 215, then Jarred Fisher came through to win a 1-0 decision at 289 and make it 6-3 AO. Buddy Holmes was unexpectedly pinned, suffering his only loss of the duals. That put the Rams behind by nine, 12-3.

Shelby then went on a run, winning the next five matches. Eric Hightower (112) won an 11-4 decision, 12-6 AO. Brad Holmes (119), who was 5-0 at the duals, won a major decision 17-6, making it 12-10 AO. Cody Logue (125) won by pin and gave the Rams the lead, 16-12.

Dalton Brown (130) won his fifth match of the duals with an 8-3 decision, extending the Ram lead, 19-12. Ryan Brown (135), who went 3-2 with three pins at the duals, won by pin to give the Rams their biggest lead, 25-12.

Clayton Baker (140) was pinned and the match was in the balance from that point on, 25-18 Rams.

The Rams gave up another forfeit and six points at 145 and it was a 1-point match 25-24 Rams. Jeff Gill (152) won a close decision, 8-7, for a 28-24 Ram lead. But that was the last Ram win of the weekend. Zach Jarnagin (160) dropped a 7-5 decision for a 28-27 Ram lead. Two straight pins at 172 and 189 gave Argenta the lead and the win.

The Rams were also pressed at the Okaw Duals by Monticello. But, the Rams got that comeback win. The Rams started out down 18-0 to Monticello on two pins and a forfeit at 189, 215 and 289. From there, the Rams started digging out of the hole, winning six of the next seven matches.

Buddy Holmes (103) got a 2nd period pin (2:54), 18-6 Monty. Eric Hightower (112) won by forfeit, 18-12 Monty. Brad Holmes (119) won by pin (5:00) and just like that the score was tied. 18-18. Cody Logue (125) had a technical fall win, 17-2, for a 23-18 Ram lead. Alex Jones (130) lost a close decision, 3-2, 23-21 Rams.

Dalton Brown responded with a 2nd period pin (3:03) to extend the Ram lead, 29-21. Ryan Brown followed with his own pin in the 1st period (1:29), giving the Rams a 35-3 run over seven weight classes, 35-21 Rams. Baker was pinned, but Jeff Gill came back with a tech fall and a 40-27 Ram lead. The Rams dropped the next two matches by a decision and a pin, yet the Rams held on for the 4-point win, 40-36.

Dalton Brown (130/135), Jeff Gill (152) were each a perfect 5-0 at the Okaw Duals. Brown won four decisions and a pin. Brown won 5-4 v. Clinton, 10-1 v. Unity, 12-1 v. Warrensburg, and the final 8-3 decision v. Argenta. He also had a second period pin in the nip ‘n tuck 4-point Ram victory with Monticello (3:03).

Gill had three decisions and two technical falls. Gill won 12-6 v. Clinton on Friday, then scored his technical fall v. Unity, 16-1. He earned an 8-6 decision against Warrensburg, then his second technical fall against Monticello, 26-11. Gill finished with an 8-7 win over Argenta.

Brad Holmes (119), who has been out with an injury, was also unbeaten (5-0) at the duals. Holmes was able to ease into the competition, picking up three straight forfeits against Clinton, Unity and Warrensburg. When Holmes had his first chance to wrestle at the duals, against Monticello, he stuck his opponent (5:00) to tie the team score. He then finished the duals with a major decision against Argenta, 17-6.

Eric Hightower (112) also was perfect (4-0) with two forfeits, a decision and a pin in his four wins. Hightower did not wrestle against Clinton. He then stepped in against Unity and stuck his foe in the 2nd period (3:54). He won a forfeit against Warrensburg and against Monticello. He finished with a lopsided decision against Argenta, 11-4.

Two more Rams went 4-1 at the duals, Buddy Holmes (103) and Cody Logue (125). Buddy had three pins and a forfeit 24 points. He had a forfeit against Clinton, then a 1st period pin against Unity (1:28). He pinned his Warrensburg foe in just 23 seconds, then stuck his Monty opponent in the 2nd period (2:54).

Logue had two forfeits, a technical fall and a pin in his 4-1 weekend. Logue started with a loss by decision v. Clinton, but bounced back with four straight wins. Logue had forfeit wins against Unity and Warrensburg. He then had a technical against Monticello in the 4-point Ram win, 17-2. He finished with a 1st period pin against Argenta (1:27), despite the Ram loss.

Shelbyville wrestling is in preparation for the Robinson Regional on Saturday at 9 a.m. and a possibly historic postseason run.

Okaw Duals: 1. Argenta 5-0, 2. Shelbyville 4-1, 3. Monticello 3-2, 4. Unity 2-3, 5. Clinton 1-4

Shelby results (Friday)

Shelbyville 48, Clinton 21

103 Holmes (S) fft; 112 Sherman (C) dec. Fandrich (S) 14-7; 119 Holmes (S) fft; 125 Karcz (C) dec. Logue (S) 5-2; 130 Jones (S) pinned Murphy (C) 1:42; 135 D. Brown (S) dec. Bateson 5-4; 140 R. Brown (S) pinned Powers 3:13; 145 Willis (C) pinned Baker 1:24; 152 Gill (S) dec. Bryant 12-6; 160 Jarnagin (S) fft; 172 Langan (S) fft; 189 Gill (S) fft; 215 Wheat (C) dec. Fisher 6-2 OT; 285 Zogg (C) fft

Shelbyville 53, Unity 22

103 Holmes (S) pinned Welch 1:25; 112 Hightower (S) pinned Young 3:54; 119 Holmes (S) fft; 125 Logue (S) fft; 130 Jones (S) fft; 135 D. Brown (S) maj. dec. Fitzgerald 11-1; 140 Daly (U) pinned R. Brown :51; 145 LeCrone (U) maj. dec. Baker 15-2; 152 Gill (S) tfall Reveal 16-1; 160 Jaragin (S) dec. Pittman 8-7; 171 Langan (S) fft; 189 Kleiss (U) pinned Gill 1:56; 215 Fisher (S) pinned Henson 3:02; 285 M. Curry (U) fft

Shelbyville 58 Warrensburg 6

103 Holmes (S) pinned Ryder :23; 112 Hightower (S) fft; 119 Holmes (S) fft; 125 Logue (S) fft; 130 Jones (S) tfall Brewer 16-1; 135 D. Brown (S) maj.dec. Pallone 12-1; 140 Batchelder (W) dec. R. Brown 13-6; 145 Gundy (W) dec. Baker 6-3; 152 Gill (S) dec. Quick 8-6; 160 Janagin (S) pinned Kent 2:38; 171 Langan (S) maj. dec. Harsh 10-2; 189 Gill (S) pinned Smith :26; 215 Fisher (S) pinned Behrends 2:17; 285 double fft

Shelbyville 40 Monticello 36

103 Holmes (S) pinned Tankersly 2:54; 112 Hightower (S) fft; 119 Holmes (S) pinned Dunn 5:00; 125 Logue (S) tfall; Hoss 17-2; 130 Hunt (M) dec. Jones 4-3; 135 D. Brown (S) pinned Wright 3:02; 140 R. Brown (S) pinned Stevenson 1:29; 145 Lieb (M) pinned Baker :51; 152 Gill (S) tfall Thomas 26-11; 160 Davison (M) dec. Jarnagin 3-1; 171 Milton (M) pinned Langan :43; 189 Mitsdaffer (M) pinned Gill 1:53; 215 Thilmony (M) pinned Fisher 5:27; 285 Stoddard (M) fft

Shelbyville 28 Argenta 39

103 Memar (A) pinned Holmes 3:23; 112 Hightower (S) dec. Lyons 11-4; 119 Holmes (S) maj dec. Hollis 17-6; 125 Logue (S) pinned Butler 1:27; 130 D. Brown (S) dec. Powars 8-3; 135 R. Brown (S) pinned Ball 1:56; 140 Carnahan (A) pinned Baker 2:25; 145 Woolard (A) fft; 152 Gill (S) dec. Ortman 8-7; 160 J. Carnahan (A) dec. Jarnagin 7-5; 171 Ford (A) pinned Langan 1:04; 189 atterson (A) pinned Gill 1:50; 215 Force (A) fft; 285 Fisher (S) dec. Trudeau 1-0

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