The #1 seed Shelbyville Rams were on the ropes early in the Pool A title game of the Vandalia Holiday Tourney on Friday night. They got punched in the mouth by #4 seed Cumberland, 17-4. Shelby fought back and tied the game with 25 seconds in the 4th, 53-53, and forced overtime.

The Rams out-scored the Pirates, 17-10, in overtime, with their last 10 points coming at the free throw line. They made 10-for-10. Cumberland shot zero free throws in OT. Cumberland also missed a free throw with 9 seconds left in regulation to allow the OT.

Shelby drew first blood and led 3-0. The Bucs then had an 8-0 run. They pressed and doubled Malcolm Miller. Shelby was missing multiple shots and Zach Wolke couldn''t miss for the Pirates. He made it 10-3. 

Shelby missed and missed ad Wolke scored again. 

Miller made 1-of-2 free throws, but Cumberland came down and drained a Cutts 3. Shelby missed, then was blocked and Wolke scored for the 17-4 lead before Shelby missed two more 3s and the buzzer sounded.

Shelby would get back in the game with a 19-11 run in the 2nd. Wolke scored to make it 19-4. Miller stole a ball and Bradn Nichols scored. Wolke scored after a Ram turnover. 

Miller was fouled down the quart and got no call. He continued and drove for 2. Nichols stole a ball and brought it coast to coast.  The Bucs made 2 free throws, but Nichols came back with a 3. It was a 10-point margin, 23-13.

Shelby would then have a 10-2 run. Miller stole the ball and Payton Bryant made 1 free throw. Cumberland missed and missed and Miller got the board. Shelby got 3 for a quarter at their end and Leo Logue buried a 3.

The Bucs missed, Nichols got the rebound and Miller splashed a 3 at the Ram end fo a 3-point game, 23-20. Wolke scored, but the Rams got 4 tries at their end and the exclamation point was Logue again with a 3 for, 33-26. a 2-point game, 25-23. The Bucs hit a 3 and led by 5 at the half, 28-23.

The 3rd opened with a Cumberland stela and a 3 for an 8-point lead. Shelby missed. Wolke didn't, 33-23. Shelby missed, Miller got a board and was fouled. On the inbound Miller made a runner and the free throw. Wolke scored again with 5:10 of the 3rd. Shelby called time-out.

Wolke was fouled and made two free throws. Bryant countered with a two. The Bucs missed and Miller drove. He was fouled and made both free throws. With 2:00 in the 3rd, the Bucs worked it. They turned it over and Logue made a transition 3, 37-33. Cumberland called time-out.

Wolke scored, Miller answered in the lane. It was a 4-point game after 3 periods, 39-35.

Wolke opened the 4th with a score. Shelby missed two 3s and Cumberland made one for a 9-point lead, 44-35. Shelby called time at 6:48. Out of the pause Miller scored. Wolke scored. Miller missed a 3, Bryant rebounded and Logue cashed in from the arc, 46-40.

Cumberland tried to work clock, but turned it over. Mason Miller got it. Shelby shot, missed, rebound, no foul was called, but they got it out. Miller made a runner and the free throw to make it 46-43.

Wolke made two free throws. Forty seconds later Wolke drove and the whistle blew. It wasn't a foul. It was a tie-up, Rams ball. Freshman Mason Miller stroked a Ram 3 for a 2-point game, 48-46.

Malcolm Miller made a 2 for the tie, but was called for a charge, no basket. Hatfill made a Buc put back. Miller went to the rim for 2. Wolke scored. Miller scored and got the foul and the free throw to make it a 1-point game with 1;18 remaining, 52-51.

Mason Miller got a steal inside a minute to play. The Bucs made one free throw with 37.5 remaining, 53-51. Kull rebounded the miss and was fouled. He wet to his end and drained both foul shots for the tie, 53-53.

Wolke was fouled with 10 seconds left. He missed the front end of the 1-and-1 and Mason Miller got the board. Malcom Miller had the ball at the Ram end for a final shot, saw Kull open in the corner, but the shot bounced long.

The game went to OT. Miller won the tip and made a bucket. Cumberland got a put back 2 and a free throw off the foul for the lead, 56-55. Logue ined up another trey for the first Ram lead since the start of the game, 58-56.

Hatfill made a 3-point play., 59-58 Cumberland. Kull got a ball on defense and went coast to coast for the lead, 60-59. Cumberland missed a 3, got the board and missed again. They got a loose ball and missed another 3. Shelby got the ball out.

The Rams ran the weave at the top of the key. Kull was fuled and made two free throws for a 3-point lead, 62-59. The Bucs missed and Miller got the board. Logue was fouled and made both foul shots for a 5-point lead, 64-59.

The Bucs missed a 3, but Wolke got a two, 64-61. They fouled Logue again. He made both free throws again with 29.3 seconds left, 66-61. Cumberland missed two 3-pointers. Bryant got the board and got it to Kull. He made both free throws for a 7-point lead with 16 second left, 68-61. 

Wolke scored and the Buc called time with 9.5 seconds left, 68-63. Kull was fouled. He made both free throws for the 7-63 lead with 8.2 seconds left. Wolke missed and the rams got the ball and the OT win.

Shelby's last 10 points were on free throws by two sophomores, Kull and Logue. 

Shelbyville will plays Vandalia at 8 p.m. Saturday for the championship. 


Shelbyville 70, Cumberland 63

C'land  17-11-11-14-10--63

Shelby   4-19-12-18-17--70

Ram stats: Mal Miller 27 (8/20-2s, 1/5-3 pt FGs, 8/9 FTs), 11 reb; Logue 19 (5/9-3 pt FGs, 4/4 FTs), 2 reb; Kull 11 (2/5-2s, 0/4-3 pt FGs, 7/7 FTs), 5 reb; Nichols 7 (2/4-2s, 1/5-3 pt FGs), 3 reb; Mas Miller 3 (1/3-3 pt FGs), 1 reb; Bryant 3 (1/1 FGs, 1/2 FTs), 7 reb. Team FGs 21/58 (32.7%). 2s-13/30 (43%). 3-Pointers: 8/28 (28.5%) Logue 5, Mal Miller, Mas Miller, Nichols). Team FTs 20-of-24 (83%). Rebounds 31.   

C'land stats: Wolke 38 (14/22-2s, 0/5-3 pt FGs, 10/12 FTs), 11 reb; Cutts 12 (0/6-2s, 4/8-3 pt FGs), 8 reb; Hatfill 5 (2/4 FGs, 1/1 FTs), 7 reb; Gerhardt 3 (1/6-3 pt FGs), 2 reb; Butler 3 (1/6-3 pt FGs), 2 reb; Figgins 2 (1/1 FGs), 1 reb; Hemmen (0/1-2s, 0/1-3 pt FGs), 5 reb. Team FGs 23/61 (37.7%). 2s-17/34 (50%). 3-Pointers: 6/27 (22%)(Cutts 4, Butler, Gerhardt). Team FTs 11-of-13 (84.6%). Rebounds 37.  

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