On plains of the Serengeti lions runs down prey. But on Tuesday night the Lions of Decatur LSA couldn't catch up to the Shelbyville Rams. The Rams left the Lions behind with a season-high scoring out-put, 84-58.

LSA didn't play bad, they just couldn't match the Rams. Shelby had one of their best games. They scored 84 points, made 15 treys, shot 57.1% from the field, 65% from 2-point range and 50% from the arc.

They dished out a season-high 24 assists and had just 9 turnovers, a 8:3 assist to turnover ratio, not even figuring in their 7 steals. The Rams garnered 32 rebounds, 12 were offensive boards. 

Shelbyville had 3, almost 4, players in doubled figures led by Malcolm Miller with a 33-point performance. His season-high is 35. He also grabbed 12 rebounds for a double-double. He shot 84% from 2-point range and 42% from the arc, 61% total from the field. He also dished 5 assists.

Sophomore Kade Kull was in the vicinity of his "about 15-point average (14)" and snared 8 rebounds. He shots 60% in 2s and 50% in 3s had a season-high 9 assists.

Junior Colten Reed had a season-high 11 points with s season-high 6 assists, shooting 90% from the floor, 75% from the arc. Sophomore Braden Nichols was in the mix with 9 points making 50% of his 3s (2-for-4). Logue shot 50% from the arc and Mason Miller 75% from the field with a season-high 7 points.

Shelby was prolific from the floor. The made 32 field goals, 17 twos and almost as many 3s (15), a season-high. LSA almost matched the Rams in 2s (15), but was almost doubled up from the arc with 8 triples. Neither team shot many free throws Shelby was 5-of-8 and LSA, perfect, but just 4-for-4.

Grant Karsten of LSa was the leading scorer in the 1st period. He scored 12 points on 3 twos and two 3s. However, his teammates only added one more basket for 14 points.

Shelbyville won the 1st with a 19-14 advantage. Malcolm Miller led the Rams with a trey and a deuce and 2 free throws for 7 points. His teammates came up with 12 points.

Reed got off early with his own deuce and a trey. Leo Logue scored early with a trey. Guard Payton Bryant also had a early two.

In the 2nd period, LSA upped their effort to 16 points, but so did the Rams. Shelby posted a 25-16 run, extending their lead to 14 points, 44-30. Miller exploded for 16 points, out-doing Karsten 1st period boast.

MIller buried back-to-back 3s. He scored a two, then another 3. He made another deuce and his 4th triple in 8:00. Miller had 23 points in the 1st half, including a fistful of 3s.

Kade Kull got going with a deuce and a trey. Logue struck from the arc again and Nichols got on the board with 1-of-2 at the line.

Micahel Fiala, LSA's other scorer, got warmed up. After a solo two in the 1st, Fiala made a deuce and a trey and all four of his foul shots for 9 points in the 2nd. Karsten added another 3 and and Cody Crafton scored twice.

The 3rd period went about the same with a little less scoring. The Rams took the 3rd, as well, 18-11. Reed led the Rams in the 3rd with a pair of 3s. It was his first trey hat trick of the year.  Nichols dialed in from long distance.

Malcolm Miller made two twos. Freshman Mason Miller scored and Bryant had a two, again. Kull was fouled on a 3-attempt and made one free throw. 

Karsten had a pair of 2s for LSA, Fiala another 3. Crafton and Braden Havener added solo twos as LSA fell behind by 21 points heading into the 4th, 62-41. 

The Rams were still stroking it in the 4th and they out-did LSA's final effort, 22-17. Malcolm Miller and Kull each scored 6 points in the quarter. Miller had a troika of treys. Kull converted a 4-point play and a deuce. Nichols also hit from the arc and finished with a two. Mason Miller also had a deuce and a trey down the stretch.

LSA tried to resurrect a comeback, but was too far behind and the Rams were still in control. Karsten asserted himself again with a pair of 3s and a two to be the quarter leader with 8 points. Crafton scored two more times, Fiala had a final 3 and Kaleb Blakeman got on the board with a late 2.  

Shelbyville moved to a perfect 5-0 with the win. They play host to Arthur on Friday and Neoga next Tuesday.


Shelbyville 84, Decatur LSA 58

Shelby  19-25-18-22--84

DeLSA  14-16-11-17--58

Ram stats: Mal Miller 33 (8-2s, 5-3 pt FGs, 2/2 FTs), Kull 14 (3-2s, 2-3 pt FGs, 2/4 FTs), Reed 11 (1-2, 3-3 pt FGs, Nichols 9 (1-2, 2-3 pt FGs, 1/2 FTs), Mason Miller 7 (2-2s, 1-3 pt FGs), Logue 6 (2-3 pt FGs), Bryant 4 (2 FGs). Team FGs 32/56 (57.1%). 2-Pointers: 17/26 (*65%). 3-Pointers: 15/30 (*50%)(Mal Miller 5, Reed 3, Nichols 2, Logue 2, Mas Miller). Team FTs 5-of-8 (63%). Rebounds 32 (*12/20). Assists *24. Steals 7. Turnovers *9.   

LSA stats: Karsten 27 (6-2s, 5-3 pt FGs), Fiala 17 (2-2s, 3-3 pt FGs, 4/4 FTs), Crafton 10 (5 FGs), Havener 2 (FG), Blakeman 2 (FG). Team FGs 23. 3-Pointers: 8 (Karsten 5, Fiala 3). Team FTs 4-of-4.

*Season best.


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