The Fox was on the run at Fox Prairie on Tuesday and Shelbyville golf came in 2nd to St. Anthony, but ahead of Okaw Valley and Meridian.

St. Anthony shot a sizzling 150. “Can’t touch this.” But in the battle for 2nd, the Rams carded a 194 to finish ahead of Okaw Valley (219), which edged Meridian by 4 strokes (223).

Luke Flaig of St. Anthony was the medalist, shooting a 36. The runner-up was from St. Anthony, Thomas Chojnicki (37). The runner-up’s runner-up was from St. Anthony, Ryan Schultz (38). The runner-up to the runner-up’s runner-up was from St. Anthony, Jayden Rios (39). Yes, St. Anthony had the top 4 scores.

Shelbyville’s #1 Will Leach also shot a 39, to out-pace everyone, but the top 4 Bulldogs. St, Anthony had the next two players in at 40 and 41. Every other player on the course had plus 50 except two.

Miles Harlin and Addison Webner of Okaw Valley shot sub-50, in fact they shot 45 or better. Harlin shot 44 and Webner 45. The Meridian #1 shot a 51. but not better than the Rams #2 and #3. Cole Evans and Gabe Dove both shot 51s.

The top two Timberwolves out-shot the top two Rams, 89 to 90. but from there Shelby had an advantage. Chance Billingsley was the #4 Ram scorer with a 53, capping their total at 194. Okaw’s #3 was Caleb Hildebrandt at 64 and the #4 was Seth Webner at 66, capping their score at 219.

Okaw got past Meridian thanks to their top two.Meriidan bundkled their scores closer together than Okaw Valley. Meridian’s 5 players shot between 51 and 60. Their group almost got past Okaw, but Harlin and Webner ‘s lead was to great.

Shelbyville (10-4) was to play at Sullivan Country Club on Thursday and at Ironhorse in Tuscola on Monday. Regionals begin October 8.

Tuesday Fox Prairie

St. Anthony 150, Shelbyville 194, Okaw Valley 219, Meridian 223

Shelbyville scores: Will Leach 39, Cole Evans 51, Gabe Dove 51, Chance Billingsley 53, Luke Jesgarz 56, Will Miller 60

Okaw Valley scores: Miles harlin 44, Addison Webner 45, ,Caleb Hildebrandt 64, Seth Webner 66, Trey Hall 67, Dalton Milligan 68

St. Anthony scores: Luke Flaig 36, Thomas Chojnicki 37, Ryan Schultz 38, Jayden Rios 39, Michael Martelli 40, Jonathon Willenborg 41

Meridian scores: Jacob Hutton 51, Dylan Peterson 56, Trevor Wingard 56, Ryan lippolt 60, Mitch Ripple 60

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