Shelbyville Moulton 7th grade lost a semifinal by 1-point in OT on Tuesday, but came back in a see-saw 3rd place game on Thursday to beat Maroa, 36-30.

Shelbyville started with a 13-7 run in the 1st quarter. Brody Boehm scored twice in the 1st and Brady Boehm scored twice. Mason Jones sank a triple and Logan Stiner scored from the floor.

Maroa hung on, but still trailed at half. The Rams got just 7 2nd quarter points. Zed Phelps buried a 3, Brady Boehm scored. Jones had a two.

Shelby was up still up by 5 midway through the 3rd, 22-17. Brady Boehm had the only Ram score in the 3rd. Maroa had a 7-0 run to finish the 3rd up, 24-22. 

After scoring just two points in the 3rd period, Shelbyville erupted for a 14-6 run in crunch time to claim 3rd place. Down the stretch, the Rams shot 14 free throws. They made 8. With three baskets that was the push needed to pass up Maroa for the win.

Stiner scored and then was fouled twice, making 2-of-4 free throws. Drew Nohren was fouled and made both free throws. Jones was fouled and made both free throws.

Brody Boehm was fouled again and again. He made 1-of-2 shots. He scored and converted it to a 3-point play at the line. He had a final two.

Shelby scored 13 times from the floor and made 8-of-18 at the line. All their free throws they made were in the 4th quarter with the game on the line.


Shelbyville 36, Maroa 30

Shelby  13-7-2-14--36

Ram stats: Bro Boehm 10 (4 FGs, 2/7 FTs), Bra Boehm 8 (4 FGs), Jones 7 (1-2, 1-3 pt FGs, 2/2 FTs), Stiner 6 (2 FGs, 2/6 FTs), Phelps 3 (FG), Nohren 2 (2/2 FTs). Team FGs 13. 3-Pointers: 2 (Jones, Phelps). Team FTs 8-of-18.

On Tuesday, the Rams got out to a small cushion in the 1st. They led 6-2 early in the 2nd frame. Shelby banked in a two and led 8-2. Monty made a free throw, but Stiner came right back driving for 2, 10-3. Monty kept missing 3s.

However, they were quick and drew fouls. They made both ends of a 1-and-1, 10-5. After a Ram miss, Monty drove for 2, 10-7. Mason Jones made a base line floater, but a Sage fast break kept the game close, 12-9. Stiner made a put-back on a 3-for-a-quarter trip, 14-9.

A quick ;little Sage stole a rebound and brought it on the break for 2 to keep it a 3-point game at the half, 14-11.

Shelby led 15-11 in the 3rd. However, Sage quickness began to get momentum over the taller Rams. They got several 2nd chance points due to quick minions getting to rebounds. A floater made it 15-13. Brody Boehm scored scored on an inbound pic play, 17-13.

Monty got a free throw, but Jones drove and was fouled. He made both shots, 19-14. However, Monty kept coming and scored on a 3-point pinball, 19-17.

Monty stole the ball, but missed time and a again at their end. The next time the Rams got the ball, Monty stole it and drew a foul. They made both shots for a tie, 19-19 with 2:16 in the 3rd.

Brody founr Brady Boehm for two, 21-19. Brady made a spin move and shot. He was fouled and made one free throw. The Sages got the ball with 1:14 in the 3rd down 22-19. They got shot after shot and finally scored, 22-21.

Shelby traveled. Monty missed. The 4th started. Shelby turned it over. Monty carried the ball. Shelby charged. Monty rebounded twice and drew a foul, tying the score, 22-22.

Shelby missed the front end of a 1-and-1. Monty missed and Shelby turned the ball over. Shelby blocked a shot and then turned it over again. The Sages scored for the lead, 24-22. 

Shelby missed the front end of another 1-and-1. Monty's big man was called for a charge and then a technical foul and left the game. Shelby got two free throws. Jones buried them and then took the ball out with 2:37 in regulation, 24-24.

Zed Phelps was tied up, Sage ball. Zed then tied up Monty, Ram ball. Monty stole the ball. They got 3 shots and missed them all. They finally scored, 26-24. Phelp got a lob pass to Brady Boehm and he scored, but missed the free throw with 39 seconds in the 4th, 26-26.

Monty came right back and scored on a drive. After a Ram tome-out, Phelps got the ball to Stiner, who found Brady Boehm for a lob 2 at the buzzer, 28-28. 

Brody Boehm and Monty's big man had fouled out before overtime. Shelby got the tip, but went over the back on a rebound. Monty missed a 3, but got the oard and dished for 2, 30-28. 

Shelby turned it over and Monty traveled. Boehm made 1-of-2 foul shots, 30-29. Monty missed and Jones made a jumper from the free throw line for the lead, 31-30. 

Inside a minute, a Sage guard drove and scored among the trees, 32-31. Jones was fouled but there was no call. He scored anyway on a3 from the free throw line for the lead, 33-32.

Monty almost turned the ball over and called time with 7.2 seconds left. On the inbound a Sage guard drove and the ball fell through with 1.5 seconds left for the win, 34-33.  


Monticello 34, Shelbyville 33 - OT

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