Shelbyville Moulton girls basketball hosted a tough NTC opponent on Tuesday, CHBC. The Ram 7th bested their counterpart, 31-19. The Ram 8th grade challenged CHBC 8th and came within 8 points of a upset sweep, losing 33-25.

Moulton 7th was expected to beat CHBC 7th (10-9, 3-4 NTC) and they did. CHBC 8th (16-3, 5-2 NTC), the reigning 3rd place in the State was expected to handle a challenge from Shelbyville 8th. CHBC 8th did weather it, but it was more of a challenge than expected.

Shelby 7th emerged from the 1st period with an solid lead of 5 points, 11-6. Caroline White scored twice from the floor Gabby Golding, who played for CHBC last year, split a pair at the line and then made a two. Millie Clark scored and Dru Clark got to the line making both free throws.

Leading CHBC scorer, post player Ruby Stuckemeyer had a solo bucket and Shae Nohren scored twice, falling behind by 5. The Rams extended their lead in the 2nd with an 8-2 run.

Dru Clark hit a jumper, but Marissa Summers matched that with a base line stop and pop, 13-8. Dru played defense and grabbed the board and got it to Musser, who found Jayla Longwell. Longwell buried the shot from the wing, 15-8.

Ruby blocked a Ram shot an turned them away, but then Musser stole a ball at the CHBC end. SHe brought it, stopped and popped for a 9-point lead, 17-8. CHBC turned it over and Longwell banked it home again from the wing for a double-digit lead, 19-8.

Longwell grabbed a CHBC miss, but the Rams didn't score that time. CHBC missed a pair at the line. Kendyl Vaughn stole a ball for CHBC. CHBC was fouled, but missed the front of a 1-and-1,

CHBC trapped and stole the ball and drew another foul, but again could not convert at the line. Shae Nohren stole the ball right back, but was called for a charge. At the end of the half, CHBC defended Shelby and defended Shelby, and blocked a shot. Shelby scooped the loose ball, but missed the final shot.

To start the 3rd, Shelby was still up 11, 19-8. CHBC still had the intensity from the 2nd, despite early Ram scoring, and won the 3rd period, 10-8. 

Dru Clark opened the 2nd half scoring with a bucket. They got the ball back and Musser buried a jumper for the largest lead of the game, 23-8. Marissa Summers answered and stopped the bleeding with a 2-pointer.

Shae Nohren then stole the ball and drew a foul but didn't convert. Shelby traveled and Ruby scored. Shelby called time-out, 23-12. Out of the time out Ruby blocked a shot and then scored at the other end.

Shelby missed a 3 and CHBC brought it back. They missed a 3, but got the ball out. Jade Short scored on the inbound down on the block for an 8-0 run, making it 23-16.

Dru Clark missed at the Rams, but got her own put back. She played Defense at the other end, but the Rams traveled. Short posted up in the block and turned around for a perfect shot, 25-18.

After a no-call collision at the CHBC end, Musser stepped in and sank a jumper with 20 seconds in the 3rd. Dru stopped CHBC with defense and then got the rebound. Shelby missed a 3 at the buzzer as it just rimmed out, leaving Shelby up by 9, 27-18.

The 4th was a snooze with just 5 points scored total. Shelby out-scored CHBC just 4-1. Ruby immediately blocked Dru, but Dru scored on the inbound. CHBC started pressing and play got ragged.

A minute later, Golding found Dru, who missed but scored her own rebound for a 13-point lead with 4:27 to play, 31-18. Two minutes later Ruby Stuckemeyer split a pair at the line and that was all the scoring, 31-19.

Stuckemeyer was held to just 7 points, by Dru Clark and Golding. She had 3 buckets and just 1-of-6 at the line. Short, Nohren, and Summers each scored 2 buckets.

Dru Clark led the Rams with 12 points, followed by Musser with 6, all from the floor. Longwell and White finished with 4 points, on 2 buckets each.



Shelbyville 31, CHBC 19

CH/BC  11-8-8-4--31 

Shelby  6-2-10-1--19

Ram stats: D Clark 12 (5 FGs, 2/4 FTs), Musser 6 (3 FGs), Longwell 4 (2 FGs), White 4 (2 FGs), Golding 3 (FG, 1/2 FTs), M Clark 2 (FG). Team FGs 14. Team FTs 3-of-6.

CHBC stats: Ruby Stuckemeyer 7 (3 FGs, 1/6 FTs), Marissa Summers 4 (2 FGs, 0/2 FTs), Shae Nohren 4 (2 FGs, 0/2 FTs), Jade Short 4 (2 FGs). Team FGs 9. Team FTs 1-of-10.

The nightcap, looked like it would be called an early evening after the 1st period, but Shelby fought back, despite a ton of fouls. CHBC opened with what should have been a devastating 15-2 run.

Defense and turnovers filled the first minute and half. CHBC got the tip and a pitch to the lane, but Shelby turned it away. Shelby picked up their second foul and CHBC missed two foul shots.

But, CHBC's leading scorer and point guard, Gracie Heckert, got the rebound and scored. CHBC pressed Shelby out of the time-out. Shelby fouled again. CHBC missed, Shelby missed and then fouled again. CHBC missed and Shelby missed two free throws.

Macy Owens blocked a shot, but then the 5th Ram foul was called with half the 1st period remaining. Hallye Morrison made both free throws, 4-0.

Harleigh Bunch tied up the ball on the press and kicked it out to Heckert who drained a 3-pointer, 7-0. They quickly pressed again and Shelby had to call their 2nd time-out. CHBC was playing like 3rd in the State.

Out of the pause Morrison found Mady Wojcik on the block for 2, 9-0. They pressed and stole the ball again with Heckert scoring, 11-0. Shelby finally got a couple of shots, but missed. Heckert was fouled for the 6th Ram foul.

Morrison dished again, this time to Bunch for a 2-pointer just inside a minute to play in the 1st, 13-0. Shelby was trapped and had to call another time-out. 

Ram leading scorer Mia Wade had had enough. She got to the board and made a put back to get the Rams on the board after 5:30, 13-2. Guard Aja Gour got inside for the Bobcats and scored and Shelby missed a long 2 at the buzzer, 15-2.

After the lopsided 1st, the script flipped just not as drastically. Shelby turned up the heat and caught CHBC taking a breath. Wade was everywhere. She scored first with a two.

She defended at the CHBC end. She got the ball on the next CHBC possession and drew a foul. She shot and missed, but was fouled as she was drawing the action. She sank both free throws, 15-6. Shelby forced a double-dribble and play turned helter skelter.

Wade was in heckert's grill, but was called for a foul, putting CHBC in the bonus with 3:26 in the half. Heckert made the first foul shot. CHBC missed a 3 and the front end of a bonus. Bunch blocked a Ram shot, but Wade defense forced a jump ball.

Aja Gour got fouled and made the second free throw, 17-6. At 1:33 Wade banked a shot from the wing and got the lead under 10. CHBC missed on a 3 for a quarter trip to their end. Wade got the ball to end the possession.

CHBC was fouled again and was in the super bonus at 52.1 of the half. They missed. Shelby turned it over and Heckert went coast to coast for a lay-up. Shelby came right back and Carli Canada nailed a long 2. CHBC missed a 3 at the half-time buzzer and was up by 9, 19-10.

Shelby had several fouls, but no one with more than 2, as Coach Misi Jones managed to rough spot.

In the 3rd, Shelby defense stayed frenetic and won the period, 9-8. Canada forced a tie-up right away. Shelby got a couple of shots right away, but missed. Shelby pressed and Sophie Ogden got a steal and scored, cutting the margin to 7, 19-12. CHBC called time-out.

Shelby pressed and drew a foul, then Abigail Kaiser defended to get the ball back. Each team turned the ball over. Wade got the ball and got it to Canada for 2 for a one-time 13-point deficit cut  to 5, 19-14. CHBC missed.

Wade picked up a loose ball and got inside on the inbound and was fouled. She made 1-of-2 free throws with 3:48 in the 3rd, 19-15. However, that would be as close as Shelby would get.

The bronze medalists re-asserted themselves. Two Shelby fouls led to Wojcik making 1-of-2 foul shots. Shelby turned over and fouled again. Wojcik scored a 2 on an inbound play, 22-15. Shelby turned it over again.

Shelby defended but fouled. They defended again and fouled on the loose ball for the 6th foul. Heckert scored on the inbound, 24-15. Shelby turned the ball over and, on a 1/2 court break, Heckert found Wojcik for 2 and a double-digit lead again on a 7-0 run, 26-15.

During up and down play, Jadyn Adams got the ball to Kaiser and she scored to stop the run. Wade blocked a shot, but was called for the foul and Lexie Thompson made 1-of-2 free throws. Canada made jumper with 15 seconds in the 3rd, cutting the lead to 8, 27-19. 

The 4th was a 6-6 draw, leaving CHBC ahead at the buzzer for the win. Heckert drove and dished to Wojcik for the first score of the period, 29-19. Canada answered with a two on the break. After alternating misses Bunch sank a jumper from the wing with 3:35 to play, 31-21.

Ogden had a steal, but Shelby missed. CHBC missed a 1-and-1. After a CHBC time-out, they missed and the ball went out. On the inbound, Wade went the distance, pulling up and spinning at the free throw line, then hitting the "nothing but the bottom of the net" 2-pointer, 31-23.

Wade then forced a tie-up to get the ball back. With a minute left, Wade stole the ball and brought it for 2, making it just a 6-point game, 31-25. Wojcik was fouled with 20 seconds left and made 1-of-2. Wade got the rebound and brought it, but the Rams couldn't score.

Wade fouled Heckert and fouled out with just 5 seconds left in the game, managing her active defense and 5 fouls almost perfectly. Heckert made the first of two super bonus free throws to cap the score at 33-25.  

Shelby had one, almost two players in double figures and CHBC had two players in double digits. 

Both Wade and Heckert scored a game-high 13 points. Wade scored 5 times from the floor and was 3-of-4 at the line. Heckert scored 5 times from the floor, one a triple, and was 2-of-6 at the line. 

Wojcik scored 10 points with 4 buckets and just 2-of-8 at the line. Canada scored 8, all from the floor. Bunch had 4 on 2 buckets.


CHBC 33, Shelbyville 25

CH/BC  15-4-8-6--33

Shelby  2-8-9-6--25

Ram stats: Mia Wade 13 (5 FGs, 3/4 FTs), Carli Canada 8 (4 FGs), Abigail Kaiser 2 (FG), Sophie Ogden 2 (FG, 0/2 FTs). Team FGs 11. Team FTs 3-of-6.  

CHBC stats: Gracie Heckert 13 (4-2s, 1-3 pt FGs, 2/6 FTs), Mady Wojcik 10 (4 FGs, 2/8 FTs), Harleigh Bunch 4 (2 FGs), Aja Gour 3 (FG, 1/2 FTs), Thompson 1 (1/2 FTs). Team FGs 12. 3-Pointer: 1 (Heckert). Team FTs 8-of-21.

CHBC 7th and 8th play at Brownstown/St. Elmo on Thursday, while Shelbyville 7th and 8th plays at Monticello on Friday. 

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