The Shelbyville wrestling team managed a split at Auburn on Thursday, losing to Auburn 69-9, but beating Carlinville, 42-24. On Saturday, the Rams managed just two 4th place finishes, a 5th, and a 6th, as they were 12th out of 18 teams (64 pts).

On Thursday, out of 15 weight classes, Auburn won 12, including two forfeits. The Rams Calvin Miller (106) won a forfeit and Bradley Sanders (138) a decision (8-2). The other match was a double forfeit at 120. Auburn earned 9 pins and a decision.

Shelby took on Carlinville at Auburn and had a 18-point win. Shelbyville won 7 weight classes and Carlinville five. Shelby had 3 pins and Carlinville had 3. Shelby won four forfeits totaling 24 points. They were two double forfeits.

Shelby’s Preston Quick (120) stuck Colin Leonard in the 2nd period ( 3:38). Ty Brachbill (126) stuck Asher Barbre in the 2nd period (3:46). Sanders stuck Bradley Scott in the last minute of the 3rd period (5:12).

Calvin Miller, who is a freshman who gets scant competition, wrestled up at 113 and was out-pointed by Jake Schwartz, 3-0. Ty Walker (195), Connor Rhodes (220) and Anthony Lape (285) earned forfeits.

At LeRoy, freshman Calvin Miller (106) was stuck with a predictably bad draw. The young Ram star had to face Reef Pacot of Oakwood, 6th in the state, in his second match. Miller beat Josh Sexton of LeRoy in the first round, 8-0. Pacot decisioned Miller, 10-0, and sent him to consolation.

Miller beat Charlene Hamilton of El Paso by tech, 19-2. he beat Adam Scalf of Knoxville with a pin (1:38). That put Miller in the best he could get, the 5th place match. He whooped Avery Speck of Illini Bluffs by a tech fall, 21-4. Miller beat everyone he faced, except Pacot, going 4-1, and only could get 5th.

Quick (113) also faced a top seed in his second match. Quick stuck Donavan Gudauskas of Bismark in the 1st period (1:30). He then lost to the eventual champion Gage Reed of Oakwood by major decision, 17-4.

Quick went right to the 3rd place match. He lost to Jaden Cavallo of El Paso in a tight match, 4-2. Quick went 1-2 and earned 4th place.

Ty Brachbill stuck a feather in his cap and called it macaroni at 126 pounds. Brachbill knocked off Kelton Dykes of Bismark with a 1st period pin (1:38). Then he had to face the top seed, Coby Windle of Ridgeview.

He lasted 4:41, before a fall. Brachbill went to the 3rd place match and list a close decision to Seth Stevens of Oregon, 6-4. Brachbill went 1-2 and took 4th place.

Brayden Ruff (182) also won the raffle, taking 6th place. Ruff has been learning under the gun this season. he lost his first match of the day to Drew Harp of Princeton in a quick pin (:26). Ruff went to consolation and had two byes.

He was slated to wrestled Gavin Graack of Eureka and earned a forfeit. Ruff went to the 5th place match and lost to Adam Glendenning of Oregon by a fall in the 1st period (:46). Nevertheless, Ruff went 2-1 and placed 6th.

Will Miller (160) earned a win off the bat, beating Cade Corgell of Pittsfield with a 1st period pin (1:37). Then he faced the top seed, Ty Baxter of LeRoy. He lost in a quick pin (:25). Miller was decisioned in consolation by Ethan Wissmiller of Ridgeview, 7-1.

Colton Miller (170) also had a win right away. he beat Doug Myers of Oakwood with a pin in the 1st period (1:00). He then faced the top seed, Grant Sant Amour of LeRoy and lost in a fall (:40). Miller lost in consolation to Collin Olauson of Judah Christian by fall (1:21).

Ty Walker lost in a fall, and earned a forfeit in consolation against Colby Cornwell of Rantoul, before losing just shy of the 5th place match by fall to Isaiah Franklin of Princeton (:17).

Rhodes lost to the top seed, Adam Maxwell of Warrensburg, in his first match by fall (:27). He went to consolation and lost to Hunter Armstrong of El Paso (1:06).

Lape (285) lost his first two matches by fall to Brandon Lord of Rantoul (1:38) and to Evan Flaherty of Oregon (1:30).

Shelbyville didn’t have a wrestler at five weight classes: 120, 132, 138, 145, 152.


Auburn 69, Shelbyville 9

106-Cal Miller (S) won by FFT; 113-Quick (S) lost to King (A), 7-3; 120-Dbl FFT; 126-Brchbill (S) lost to Grimm (A) by fall (:56); 132- Shelby loss by FFT; 138-Sanders (S) def. Freer (A), 8-2; 145-Rohdemann(S) lost to Nix (SA) by fall (2:27); 152-Shelby loss by FFT; 160-W Miller (S) lost to Patterson (A) by fall (:33); 170-Co Miller (S) lost to Marchizza (A) by fall (:49); 182-Ruff (S) lost to Rhodes (A) by fall (:16); 195-Walker (S) lost to Lewis (A) by fall (:06); 220- Rhodes (S) lost to Trimingham (A) by fall (:06); 285-Dennis (S) lost to Estes (A) by fall (:54)

Shelbyville 42, Carlinville 24

106- Dbl FFT; 113-Ca Miller (S) lost to Schwartz (C), 3-0; 120-Quick (S) def. Leonard (C) by fall (3:38); 126-Brachbill (S) def. Barbre (C) by fall (3:46); 132-Dbl FFT; 138- Sanders (S) def. Scott (C) by fall (5:12); 145-Rohdemann (S) lost to Roberts (C) by fall (:30); 152-Sackett (S) lost to Lewis (C), 9-2; 160-W Miller (S) won by FFT; 170-Co Miller (S) lost to Michaelis (C) by fall (:24); 182-Ruff (S) lost to Bethard (C) by fall (2:19); 195-Walker (S) won by FFT; 220-Rhodes (S) won by FFT; 285-Lape (S) won by FFT

Saturday At LeRoy

1. LeRoy 156...5. Oakwood 119.5, 6. Princeton 115...9. El Paso 91.5, 10. Warrensburg 78, 11. Eureka 76, 12. Shelbyville 64, 13. Bismark 51...15. Rantoul 29, 16. Pittsfield 28...18. Midwest Central 17

Ram results

106-Ca Miller 5th; def. Sexton LER, 8-0; lost to Pacot OAK, 10-0; def. Hamilton EPG T-Fall, 19-2; def. Scalf KNOX by fall (1:38); def. Speck IB by T-Fall, 21-4

113-Quick 4th; def. Gudauskas BIS by fall (1:30); lost to Reed OAK, MDec 17-4; lost to Cavallo EPG, 4-2

126-Brachbill 4th; def. Dykes BIS by fall (1:34); lost to Windle RID by fall (:59); lost to Stevens ORE, 6-4

160-W Miller def. Corgell (PIT by fall (1:37); lost to Baxter LER by fall (:25); lost to Wissmiller RID, 7-1

170-Co Miller def. Myers OAK by fall (1:00); lost to Sant Amour by fall (:40); lost to Olauson JC by fall (1:21)

182-Ruff 6th; lost to Harp PRIN by fall (:26); def. Graack EUR by FFT; lost to Glendenning ORE by fall (:46)

195-Walker lost to Denton ALL by fall (:18); def. Cornwell RAN by FFT; lost to Franklin PRIN by fall (:17)

220-Rhodes lost to Maxwell WL by fall (:27); lost to Armstrong EPG by fall (1:06)

285- Lape lost to Lord RAN by fall (1:38); lost to Flaharty ORE by fall (1:30)

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