Lloyd Ruff won another straight week at the Shelbyville Horseshoe Club. This week, John Stevens won the duel for 2nd edging Lloyd Allen separating the Lloyds of SHC.

Ruff ran the table once again, going 5-0. He was untouchable and was challenged only once. After rolling head-to-head in the first round, winning 30-5, he was challenged in rotating doubles.

Ruff and Allen teamed up to hold off Jason Hazlet and Brad Phegley, 30-21. From their Ruff and his partners dominated. Round 3, Ruff and Stevens beat Phegley and Dorothy Hack, 30-9.

Round 4 was even more dominant. Ruff and Hazlet knocked off hack and Allen, 30-7. Ruff was back to a 1-on-1 match for the final round. He handled Hack 30-13.

Ruff and his partners out-scored their opponents by 95 points, 150 to 55.

Stevens had a personal victory, taking 2nd.  Stevens and Allen both went 3-2, but Stevens won on points by almost 20. Stevens and Allen were partners in round 1 and lost 30-19. Stevens beat hack in round 2, mano y mana in one of the closest matches of the night, 30-25. That started Stevens' run.

Stevens won round 3, as well. He and Ruff beat Phegley and Hack, 30-9. Stevens won another close tete-a-tete in round 4, beating Phegley, 30-24.  The final round Hack and Allen bested Stevens and Hazlet in a third close match for Stevens, 30-25.

Stevens and Allen were even through round 3, 2 wins each and 19 points. Stevens won round 4 and Allen lost, scoring just 7 points. Starting round 5, Stevens was 3-1 with 19 points and Allen was 2-2 with 26 points.

Allen would have needed to just about skunk Stevens, at least by 30-12, in round 5 to offset the prohibitive lead. Stevens scored 25.

SHC June 13

1. Lloyd Ruff 5-0; 2. John Stevens 3-2, 44 points; 3. Lloyd Allen 3-2, 26 points; 4. Brad Phegley 1-4, 59 points; 5. Dorothy Hack 1-4, 54 points


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