Central A&M’s All-CIC guard (‘18) and 3-point shooter Taryn Sams (A&M ‘18) landed a gig at Lincoln Land Junior College in 2018 and played for a team that that went 54-9 (15-5 in conference) in her two years.

Sams was a sophomore on the Central A&M State Runner-up team in 2015-16. She played in 31 games and scored 99 points. She made 42/133 field goals. She connected on 8 of 40 treys. She was 7-of-13 at the line. She grabbed 55 rebounds and dished 21 assists.

As a part of the State Champion team, Sams scored 6 points on 3 buckets with 3 boards and 6 assists in 8 games played.

As a junior, Sams helped lead A&M to a sectional-semi finish and a regional title as an All-Conference 1st Team senior.

Sams freshman year at Lincoln Land, the Loggers were 27-4 (8-2 in conference). They were 14-1 at home, 9-2 away, 4-21 on neutral floor. They averaged 77.3 ppg, 49.9% from the field, 36.3% from the arc, 66.9% at the line. 14.2 assists per game.

Sams played in 7 games for 46 minutes. She scored 11 points, was 2-of-7 from the floor, including 2/4 from the arc (50%). She was 5-of-6 at the line (83.3%). She had 3 rebounds and a steal.

Sophomore year, Lincoln Land (27-5, 7-3). They were 11-1 at home and 10-3 away, 6-1 on a neutral floor. They averaged 79 points per game, 41.2% from the field and 34.4% from the arc, 68.7% from the line. 16.2 assists per game.

Sams played in 27 games for 50 minutes, only 4 more minutes in 20 more games. She scored 30 points. She was 6-of-26 from the arc 23.1%. She was 6-of-9 at the line (66.7%).

Sams dished 18 assists with just 11 turnovers for an assist to turnover ratio of +1.6. She had 3 steals and 13 boards.

Sams scored in 9 games. She had a 5-game scoring streak against Kennedy-King, Morton, Southwetsern Illinois, Lindenwood Belleville, and Missouri Valley College, totaling 17 points (3.4 ppg).

Sams highest scoring game was 6 points. She was 2-of-2 at the arc against Missouri Valley College. She had five points against Rend Lake. She shot 2-of-2 from the field, making a deuce and a trey. She scored 4 points against Lindenwood Belleville on 4-of-4 at the line.

She had a triple against Kennedy-King, a deuce against Morton and against Southwestern Illinois. She had 3 points against Illinois Valley on a trey. She scored against Blackhawk-Moline with a triple. and against Kishwaukee with a deuce.

Sams had 3 assists, 2 boards against Moraine Valley and 3 assists, 2 rebounds and a steal against Kennedy-King. She had 2 assists, a board and a steal against Southwestern Illinois. She had one assist and 2 boards against Lindenwood Belleville.

To help start an 11-game win streak, Sams nailed another 3 in a win against Illinois Valley JV with a board and an assist. In a win over St. Louis she grabbed 2 boards a dished an assist. She had a board and assist over MacMurray College JV.

Sams helped beat Rend Lake with a deuce and a trey and Blackhawk with a triple. She dished two assist and made a two in a win over Kishwaukee. She had a steal against Lewis & Clark and an assist over Danville Area.

In the next to the last game and the final Lincoln Land win, Sams finished with a board and an assist.

Sophomore 2019-20

GP 27, Min 50 (1.9 m/g), Pts 30 (1.9 ppg), FG 9/46 (19.6%), 3-Pt 6/26 (23.1%), FT 6/9 (66.7%), Reb 13 (4 O/9 D)(1.1 r/g), Asst 18, TO 11, A:TO +1.6, Stl 3, P/40 min 24.0

Freshman 2018-19

GP 7, Min 46 (6.6 m/g), Pts 11 (1.6 ppg), FG 2/7 (28.6%), 3-pt 2/4 (50%), FT 5/6 (83.3%), Reb 3 (1 O/2 D)(.4 r/g), A 0, TO 3, A:TO 0, Stl 1, P/40 min 9.6

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