Daugherty Horseshoes

Craig Daugherty took fifth in the SHC free-for-all last Thursday at the SHC courts.

Shelbyville Horseshoe Club kicked off their shoes last Thursday night with some spirited rotating doubles competition and George Huntington was strong out of the blocks, taking first with a 6-2 record, while the rest of the places were up for grabs.

Three pitchers were tied with 5-3 records and three more were tied with 4-4 records. Don Jones, George Mose and Dorothy Hack were all tied with 5-3 records. Jones and Mose were separated by just one point in their three losses. Jones took second place with 60 points and Mose took third with 59 points, it was that close. Hack followed in fourth with 43 points in her three losses.

Craig Daugherty, Pete Rankin and John Stevens tie with 4-4 records, but Daugherty took fifth with 66 points in his four losses, Rankin was sixth with 52 points and Stevens placed seventh with 30 points.

Huntington (1st) and Mose (3rd) were stellar against Hack (4th) and Stevens (6th) in game one, winning 30-4. However, Jones (2nd) and Mose (3rd) teamed up to ruin Huntington’s shot at perfect record in the very next game. Huntington and partner Jack Peveler, lost to Jones and Mose, 30-20, in the second game of the night. Huntington’s only other loss came teamed up with Jesse Gill at the hands of Daugherty (5th) and Stevens (6th) in game five, 30-6.

Jones and Mose each had 30-28 losses and 30-23 losses going into the final game of the night. Jones had already lost 30-9, to Huntington and Daugherty, but he won his last match.

It was up to Mose to score more than nine points in his final game of the night to take second. But, Mose was up against Huntington and Stevens. He and teammate Jack Peveler lost the match, 30-8, and Mose had to settle for third.

The Shelbyville Horseshoe Club will throw again, tonight, Thursday (weather permitting), at 7 p.m. at another of their weekly tournaments at the SHC courts, across the tracks on E. North 12th Street in Shelbyville.

Anyone is welcome to join them.

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