Shelbyville 8th grade boys basketball ran through the JHOC Conference tournament week like a knife through hot butter. They ran the table, beating Maroa on Thursday for the championship, 25-21.

After losing to Maroa earlier in the season by 10 points, the Rams got a leg up and that helped them stay close in the first half.

Three Rams scored in the defensive 1st. Broady Boehm and Brady Boehm had solo twos and, leading scorer in the game, Logan Stiner had a 3-pointer. Maroa was held to just two baskets.

In the 2nd period, Maroa struck back with a 7-3 run. One player had a trey and a deuce and another had a 2-pointer. Shelby only got a two from Mason Jones and 1-of-2 free throws from Brody Boehm. That gave Maroa a 1-point lead at the half, 11-10.

In the 3rd period, the momentum swung back to Shelbyville. It was their turn for another 7-3 run. Stiner drained a 3 and then a deuce. Brady Boehm added a bucket. Maroa got a solo two and 1-of-2 at the line, to trail again, 17-14.

In crunch time, every point was huge. Maroa scored 7. They got two solo buckets and then a 3-point play. The Rams did them one better scoring 8 points.

Jones solo 3 was a killer. Then the Boehms went to the line to ice the game. Brody Boehm made 4-of-5 foul shots and Brady Boehm made 1-of-2 free throws with the game on the line.

Maroa finished with 9 buckets, one from the arc for 19 points. Shelby finished with 8 buckets, 3 from the arc for 19 points. The game came down to free throws. Shelby shot 9 and made 6. Maroa shot 5 and made 2.

Shelby 7-3-7-8--25

Maroa 4-7-3-7--21

Ram stats: Stiner 8 (1-2, 2-3 pt FGs, Bro Boehm 7 (FG, 5.7 FTs), Bra Boehm 5 (2 FGs, 1/2 FTs), Jones 5 (1-2, 1-3 pt FGs). Team FGs 8. 3-Pointers: 3 (Stiner 2, Jones). Team FTs 6-of-9.

Maroa stats: Maurer 8 (2-2s, 1-3 pt FGs, 1/1 FTs), Kelley 4 (2 FGs), Flagg 4 (2 FGs), Giles 3 (FG, 1/2 FTs), Mitchell 2 (FG, 0/2 FTs). Team FGs 9. 3-Pointers: 1 (Maurer). Team FTs 2-of-5.

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