With such a wide draw, the Tom Short 5K has the potential to be surprised. On Saturday, they got Scam’d. IHSA Class A State track medalist Ben Scamihorn of Marshall won the Short Run in a time of 16:37. Shelbyville’s Katelyn Duckett became only the second female to repeat as a champion and broke an 11-year old record, finishing in 20:11.

Celebrating its 12th year, the Tom Short 5K run/walk and 1-mile Fun Run, drew nearly 400 participants from 11 states, as far away as Maryland, New Jersey, South Carolina, Colorado, and Texas. It also drew some of the top area prep athletes, including state medalists and state qualifiers. They joined with area college athletes and moms, dads, and kids to make it a record event on Saturday. It was a record number of people starting the event and a new record was set by the female winner.

The winningest Tom Short champion Ron Lavaire did not come home to compete on Saturday and that left the door open for overall contenders. Local state medalists were spoken of as contenders, but it was a dark horse from Marshall that cruised into the chute with a 9-second cushion.

Ben Scamihorn, a 2014 graduate of Marshall High School, is headed to Southern Illinois University to compete for the Salukis in distance running. Scamihorn was not well known to the Tom Short crowd, except to those who had competed against him.

Scamihorn was 4th in his cross country regional last fall, but missed the cut to advance from sectional to state. However, in track this past spring, Scamihorn edged Shelbyville’s Marcus Skinner in the 1600 at the Shelby Open by almost five seconds. Scamihorn also beat Tuscola’s distance star Eric Ponder at the Tuscola Open in the 1600 by over three seconds.

Scamihorn won the 1600 at the Newton Sectional to advance to the IHSA State Class A Track Meet. At State, Ponder got even, nipping Scamihorn for 4th place, but Scamihorn still earned a 5th place state medal. With that resume, the Tom Short win was not a big surprise after all.

Skinner, who will be a junior at SHS, was right behind Scamihorn on Saturday, for overall 2nd place (16:46) and 1st in his age group (15-16 year-olds).

Katelyn Duckett, who made her bones in distance running at Shelbyville High School as an all-stater in cross country has matriculated to Eastern Illinois University and is running for the Panthers.

Early on Saturday, the weather looked to be ideal for a new record. But the humidity and the emerging sun made the hopes of a record fade as the race progressed, except for Duckett performance.

As the female winner, Duckett crossed in a record time of 20:11. She broke the 11 year-old record by the legendary Shelbyville distance runner, Sarah Selby, from inaugural Tom Short Run in 2003 (20:18).

Duckett became the only other female, besides Selby, to win back-to-back Tom Short races in its 12-year history. Selby won the first two years. Jill Crowder and Whitney Maninfior also won the female race twice, but not in consecutive years. Duckett has the opportunity to be the only 3-time female winner next year and the only 3-peat female champ.

This year’s Tom Short Run had some other interesting twists. One local husband and wife won their respective age groups and their son was a Top 10 finisher in the Fun Run. An area father and daughter won their respective age groups, another area family had a strong performance, and a contingent of runners from a Taylorville made a splash.

Jeremy and Amber Logan and their son Kelton Logan had a lot of success. Amber was the 2nd female to cross (43rd overall) in 20:53 and won her age group (30-39). Jeremy Logan was was 69th overall (22:59) and 1st in his age group (30-39). Kelton was one of the aspiring distance runners to take the 1-mile fun run seriously. He finished 8th overall and earned a medal.

Mark Magnussen and Claudia Magnussen of Oconee each won their respective age groups. Mark finished 47th overall (21:03) and won his age group (50-59). Claudia, a state qualifier in the 3200 for Pana, finished 52nd overall and won the 15-16 year-old female age group (21:34).

The Taylorville and Stonington area brought a contingent of 17 runners. Two finished in the Top 10 overall, one, Steve Walters, was the Master Winner and “The Steve’s,” a young group inspired by Walters, won the male team competition. “The Steve’s” were made up of Tommy O’Brien, 8th overall (17:44), Lawrence Curtin, 10th overall (17:52), Nic Wright 16th overall (18:27), Luke Sloan 19th overall (18:55) and Will Walton, 24th overall (19:23).

Lora Sutherland of Toledo (44) came out of retirement to win the Women’s Masters title (22:41). Tye Sutherland (18) was 11th overall (18:01), Keegan Sutherland (19) was 23rd overall (19:21), and Blake Sutherland (12) was 38th overall (20:33) and 2nd in his group.

Shelbyville cross country, which had a 3rd place state finish in 2012 and a 4th place state finish in 2013, was well represented once again. Five of the Top 10 finishers and 9 of the first 18 runners were current and former Shelbyville High School cross country runners. Skinner was 2nd and the winner of the 15-16 year-old group. Kenton Wilson was 3rd (16:51) and the winner of the 17-19 year-old group. Tyler Pasley was 4th overall (17:18) and 2nd in his age group (15-16) to Skinner.

Jaden Stockdale (SHS ‘14), who is headed to Rend Lake College to run distance, was 7th (17:43) and 3rd in his group (17-19). Neil Yockey (SHS ‘13), who runs for Murray State, was 9th (17:47). Former SHS runner and state medalist, Seth Applegate was 13th (18:18) and Ryan Skowronski, an incoming SHS freshman cross country runner and 5th at State as an 8th grader, was 15th (18:22).

Jordan Sieger, a current SHS runner, was 17th overall (18:48) and Preston Henze, state medalist in the 4x800 and cross country, rounded the Shelby runners in the Top 20, finishing 18th (18:54).

Some of these Shelby runners missed out on the team win, because they split the vote. Kramer’s Killer Cobras were 2nd. They were comprised of Kenton Wilson, Tyler Pasley, Jordan Sieger, Drake Manship, and Drew Snider. Team Room Dynamite was 3rd and comprised of Marcus Skinner, Preston Henze, Josh Bernson, Seth Durbin, and Matthew Maynard.

Female Shelbyville prep runners won the female team competition. Chloe Spain, an IESA cross country state qualifier, won the 14&U age group and led the Team Room Best Team to victory. She was joined by state track medalist Morgan Powers (22:33), who was 2nd in her age group (15-16), IESA cross country state qualifier Lauren Bowers (25:26), Jennifer Karraker (26:19), and Cailin Wilson (26:40).

The Mixed Team Competition was also won by a mostly Shelby group. The Warriorsers were made up of SHS grads Katelyn Duckett (20:11), Jaden Stockdale (17:43), Neil Yockey (17:47), and Seth Applegate (18:18), along with Mattoon distance star Cassy Shaffer (21:17).

The current SHS female distance leader Molly Yockey led the 2nd place Mixed Team, the No Names. Yockey was the 3rd female overall (21:09) and won her age group (17-19). Arch Robison, 6th overall, and Johnathon Yockey, 12th overall, joined her. They are both IHSA cross country state qualifiers from Champaign/Urbana. Levi Pruemer, a former SHS state qualifier and EIU athlete who was 45th overall (21:01), ran with them. The most decorated Central A&M (’13) state track star and EIU athlete Kaitlyn Corzine (22:08) rounded out the No Names.

Jason Crowder (Peoria) came home again to run and won his age group (40-49) in 20:16. His wife Jill Crowder, a 2-time Tom Short female winner, finished 2nd in her age group (30-39) in 21:39. Kathy Fulk, Shelbyville, a Tom Short multiple Master Winner, won her age group again (60&O) in a a time of 24:05. Paige Biehler, a former Tom Short Winner (2011), SHS state track medalist and EIU athlete, was the 24-minute pacer in this year’s race and ran with a sign. She still finished in 24:04 and won her age group (20-29).

Tom Short 2014

Overall, Male Winner-Ben Scamihorn (18-Marshall) 16:37; Masters Winner-Steve Walters (48-Taylorville) 19:19

Top 20: 1. Ben Scamihorn (18-Marshall) 16:37, 2. Marcus Skinner (16-Shelbyville) 16:46, 3. Kenton Wilson (17-Shelbyville) 16:51, 4. Tyler Pasley (15-Shelbyville) 17:18, 5. Doug Powers (24-Greenup) 17:22, 6. Arch Robison (18-Champaign) 17:39, 7. Jaden Stockdale (18-Shelbyville) 17:43, 8. Tommy O’Brien (16-Taylorville) 17:44, 9. Neil Yockey (19-Shelbyville) 17:47, 10. Lawrence Curtin (15-Stonington) 17:52, 11. Tye Sutherland (18-Toledo), 12. Jonathon Yockey (18-Urbana) 18:12, 13. Seth Applegate (19-Shelbyville) 18:18, 14. Bill Brown (20-Sullivan) 18:21, 15. Ryan Skowrownski (15-Shelbyville) 18:22, 16. Nic Wright (18-Taylorville) 18:27, 17. Jordan Sieger (15-Shelbyville) 18:48, 18. Preston Henze (16-Shelbyville) 18:54, 19. Luke Sloan (15-Taylorville) 18:55, 20. Chris Short (27-St. Joseph, MO)

Female Winner- Katelyn Duckett (20-Shelbyville) 20:11; Masters Winner- Lora Sutherland (44-Toledo) 22:41

Top 10 Females: 1. Katelyn Duckett (20-Shelbyville) 20:11, 2. Amber Logan (32-Shelbyville) 20:53, 3. Molly Yockey (17-Shelbyville) 21:09, 4. Cassy Shaffer (19-Mattoon) 21:17, 5. Claudia Magnussen (15-Oconee) 21:34, 6. Chloe Spain (14-Shelbyville) 21:37, 7. Jill Crowder (36-Peoria) 21:39, 8. Kaitlyn Corzine (19-Assumption) 22:08, 9. Sydney Davidson (17-Marshall) 22:18, 10. Liz Nohren (37-Shelbyville) 22:25

Male Teams: 1. The Steve’s (Taylorville/Stonington): Tommy O’Brien, Lawrence Curtin, Nic Wright, Luke Sloan, Will Walton, 2. Kramer’s Kill Cobras (Shelbyville): Kenton Wilson, Tyler Pasley, Jordan Sieger, Drake Manship, Drew Snider, 3. Team Room Dynamite: Marcus Skinner, Preston Henze, Josh Bernson, Seth Durbin, Matthew Maynard (Moweaqua), 4. Young Tornadoes (Taylorville): Steve Walters, Seth Sloan, Ryan Brown, Luc Johnson, Reese Bergschneider, 5. Red Balloons (Shelbyville): Erik Bowers, Luke Foltz, Nick Shaw, Jackson Gambrill, Maclean Enright, 6. Maple 1 (Americorps): Max Efremov (Baltimore), Steven Bakovic (Budd Lake, NJ), Andrew Chavis (Bennettsville, SC), Montell Minor (Richmond, VA), Maria Amill (Lakewood)

Female Teams: 1. Team Room Best Team (Shelbyville): Chloe Spain, Morgan Powers, Lauren Bowers, Jennifer Karraker, Cailin Wilson

Mixed Teams: 1. The Warriorsers: Katelyn Duckett, Jaden Stockdale, Neil Yockey, Seth Applegate, Cassy Shaffer (Mattoon), 2. No Names: Molly Yockey (Shelbyville), Arch Robison (Champaign), Johnathon Yockey (Urbana), Levi Pruemer (Shelbyville), Kaitlyn Corzine (Assumption), 3. Unicorn Zombie Apocalypse(Toledo/Greenup): Olivia Ross, Doug Powers, Keegan Sutherland, Blake Sutherland, Molly Stuntz, 4. The Warriors: Amber Logan, Jeremy Logan, Aaron Bruns, Becky Bruns, Whitney Fox, 5. Shoelaces (Neoga): Maddie Gibson, Ryan Evans, Ethan Walk, Kyndall Andrews, Ashley Dryden, 6. Gandalf’s Army: Erica Siddle (Belleville), Taylor Finks (Shelbyville), Tom Shoaff (Shelbyville), Carisa Sarver (Cowden), Caylee Wheeler (Shelbyville)

Female Groups

14&U: 1. Chloe Spain (Shelbyville) 21:37, 2. Ailey Mitchell (Shelbyville) 22:34, 3. Josie Bond (Lisle) 24:07

15-16: 1. Claudia Magnussen (Oconee) 21:34, 2. Morgan Powers (Shelbyville) 22:33, 3. Katherine Pickerill (Petersburg) 24:15

17-19: 1. Molly Yockey (Shelbyville) 21:09, 2. Cassy Shaffer (Mattoon) 21:17, 3. Kaitlyn Corzine (Assumption) 22:08

20-29: 1. Paige Biehler (Shelbyville) 24:04, 2. Brittany Pierce (Shelbyville) 24:35, 3. Stephanie Short (St. Joseph, MO) 24:52

30-39: 1. Amber Logan (Shelbyville) 20:53, 2. Jill Crowder (Peoria) 21:39, 3. Liz Nohren (Shelbyville) 22:25

40-49: 1. Krista Ledington (Round Rock, TX) 25:25, 2. Beth Meyer (Salem) 28:11, 3. Laura Ellis (Sullivan) 28:19

50-59: 1. Beth Daugherty (Lafayette, IN) 28:46, 2. Chris Aldridge (Taylorville) 30:37, 3. Karla Goodwin (Shelbyville) 31:16

60&O: 1. Kathy Fulk (Shelbyville) 24:05, 2. Barbara Pumm (Manchester, MO) 38:38, 3. Barbara Lindley (Neoga) 38:50

Male Groups

14&U: 1. Logan Pedigo (Sullivan) 19:40, 2. Blake Sutherland (Toledo) 20:33, 3. Seth Sloan (Taylorville) 20:37

15-16: 1. Marcus Skinner (Shelbyville) 16:46, 2. Tyler Pasley (Shelbyville) 17:18, 3. Tommy O’Brien (Taylorville) 17:44

17-19: 1. Kenton Wilson (Shelbyville) 16:51, 2. Arch Robison (Champaign) 17:39, 3. Jaden Stockdale (Shelbyville) 17:43

20-29: 1. Doug Powers (Greenup) 17:22, 2. Bill Brown (Sullivan) 18:21, 3. Chris Short (St. Joseph, MO) 19:11

30-39: 1. Jeremy Logan (Shelbyville) 22:59, 2. Aaron Bruns (Shelbyville) 23:00, 3. Brian Duke (Shelbyville) 23:23

40-49: 1. Jason Crowder (Peoria) 20:16, 2. Jeff Houska (Shelbyville) 23:09, 3. Tim Mueller (Neoga) 23:57

50-59: 1. Mark Magnussen (Oconee) 21:03, 2. Jeff Hadden (Blue Mound) 21:21, 3. Tom Schloz (Pana) 23:06

60&O: 1. Larry Wilson (Mattoon) 24:14, 2. Joe Page (Decatur) 25:23, 3. Jim Short (Mattoon) 25:56



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