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Griffin Andricks made nine 3-pointers en route to 31 points on Saturday as Central A&M beat Sullivan in the CIC Tourney, 66-33.

The #1 seed in the Central Illinois Conference Tourney, the Central A&M Raiders (19-2), rolled over the #8-seeded Sullivan Redskins (3-17) on Saturday in the first round, 66-33. The Raider’s Griffin Andricks made an incredible, nine 3-pointers.

The Redskins scored in double-digits in the 1st quarter against the Raiders, but the Raiders still ran away with the quarter, scoring 25 points.

Ian Plank made a free throw, then a trey, then a 4-point play. Leyton Ellis scored, but that paled into comparison to the A&M tirade.

A&M scored with bells on. Andricks got started chunkin’ the punkin’. He dropped a sortie of 4 missiles on the ‘Skins for 12 points. It was like a night over Baghdad.

CAM catalyst Connor Heaton scored, scored two more times, then launched his own triple, and scored again for 11 points.Connor Hutchins primed the pump with a two.

Already up by 15 points, the Raiders reloaded and turned the volume down in the 2nd quarter to a 16-7 run. Plank made two fouls hots and then a deuce. Holy Cow Ryan Batman notched a 3.

However, Andricks emptied another 4-round clip of 3s on the ‘Skins in the 2nd. Heaton and Hutchins added solo buckets for the 24-point, half-time lead, 41-17.

A&M has a little mercy again in the 3rd period, just out-scoring Sullivan, 16-11. Ellis scored three times and Plank once. Plank added a free throw and Luke Harlin was fouled and made both free throws.

Andricks went inside the arc and scored in the Raider 3rd, then stepped outside and drained his 9th and final trey. Heaton scored, made two free throws, and scored again. Hutchins counted coup on the ‘Skins with another solo two. Jacob Paradee hit from distance, for a 29-point lead, 57-28.

In the final period, A&M still had the edge as things wound down, 9-5. Sullivan’s Stewart connected from downtown once in the 4th and Plank finished with a deuce.

Hutchins scored twice for A&M, Heaton made a two and 1-of-3 foul shots. Andricks finished his big night with two foul shots for the 34-point drubbing, engineered by seeding.

Andricks, no surprise, led all scorers with 31 points on nine 3’s and a 2, with 2-of-2 foul shooting. Heaton followed with 22 points on 9 buckets (1-3) and just 3-of-6 at the line. Hutchins was the third Raider in double figures, scoring 10 points all from the 2-pointers.

Plank led Sullivan with 17 points. he scored five times and twice they were threes. he also made 5-of-7 foul shots. Ellis came close to double figures, scoring eight points from the floor.

Central A&M made 26 baskets with 11 triples for 61 points from the floor. Sullivan made 11 buckets with 4 treys for 26 points from the field. They were 7-of-10 from the line. A&M was 5-of-8 at the stripe.

Central A&M (19-2) will play (#4-seed) Meridian (16-9) on Tuesday in the semifinal. Meridian beat (#5-seed) Warrensburg, 59-57. Sullivan (3-17) will play Warrensburg on Monday.

Saturday CIC Tourney

Central A&M 63, Sullivan 33

Sul’van 10-7-11-5--33

Central 25-16-16-9--63

CAM stats: Andricks 31 (1-2, 9-3s, 2/2 FTs), Heaton 22 (8-2s, 1-3 pt FGs, 3/6 FTs), Hutchins 10 (5 FGs), Jac Paradee 3 (FG). Team FGs 25. 3-Pointers: 11 (Andricks 9, Heaton, Jac Paradee). Team FTs 5-of-8.

Sully stats:Plank 17 (3-2s, 2-3 pt FGs, 5/7 FTs), Ellis 8 (4 FGs), Batman 3 (FG), Stewart 3 (FG), Harlin 2 (2/2 FTs). Team FGs 11. 3-Pointers: 4 (Plank 2, Batman, Stewart). Team FTs 7-of-10.

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