The 39th annual Middleton reunion was held June 11 in Cowden Park. After raining most ofthe night and earlier in the morning, a period of cool weather just perfect for a reunion followed.

The picnic table was loaded with all types of delicious dishes to try. Ray Miller honored us by giving the noon prayer.

The lunch was followed by the family’s business meeting. Last year’s minutes were read and the treasurer’s report was given. A collection for postage was taken.

Two deaths were reported: Edith Compton Smith, December 2005, and Annabelle Tucker, March 2006.

Two births were reported: Arwen Lange, July 2005, and Evan Petzing, October 2005.

The oldest in attendance was Zona Rhodes Beck. The youngest was Evan Petzing. Rindy Mills of Laramie, Wyoming, traveled the farthest.

Raymond Leroy Keller had the most family members present. Happy Birthday was sung is his honor.

No one who currently had the Middleton name was present.

Post card and letters from family members who were not able to attend were read.

Everyone held hands as the Lord’s Prayer was said for those family members who were ill or had died.

Everyone enjoyed the annual game of Gimme-Gimme, Take-Take. Group pictures were taken, stories were shared, and picture albums were enjoyed.

Those in attendance were: Cecil and Lois Prosser of Altamont; John and Jeanne Petzing, Earl and Nancy Frailey, Steve, Marsha, Trey and Travis Wright of Beecher City; Gilbert Wright of Brownstown; Diana Nogle of Champaign; Kathy Durbin, Scott, Jennifer, and Aaron Keller of Charleston; Gene and Betty Peer, Butch Tull of Decatur; Perry Price of Dieterich; Charles and Maria Prosser of Effingham; Zona Rhodes Beck of Forsyth; Rick and Julie Ware of Lincoln; Dan, Joanie, and Elizabeth Wheatman, Whitney Turnee of Mahomet; Rindy and Brittney Mills of Laramie, Wyoming; Ethan and Lucas Petzing of Monticello; Ray and Pat Miller, Angela and Preston Kroner of Overland Park, Kansas; Charles and Doris Harper of Rock Falls; Bob and Doug Keller of Statesville, North Carolina; Chris and Evan Petzing of Stewardson; Beverly and Zach Crawford of St. Elmo; Raymond Keller of Urbana; Tim, Connie, Cynthia, Steven, Tracy and Jenny Baker of Westfield.

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